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#20: MARK DACASCOS, Iron Chef Chairman, Actor, Champion Martial Artist, Food Entrepreneur

Beginning in January , Dacascos has portrayed the Chairman on Food Network's television series Iron Chef America. This role was previously played by Takeshi Kaga in the original Japanese Iron Chef, and Dacascos' character is presented as Kaga's nephew, though the actors are not related. Some of his other roles. 11 Apr The Food Network star is rebranding the franchise with “Iron Chef Gauntlet,” a “ culinarily aggressive” reboot that puts food–not fanfare–first. At the start of each battle, the Chairman utters the thrilling phrase: "And now, America, with an open heart and an empty stomach, I say unto you in the words of my uncle " 3 How many Iron Chefs, for 'Iron Chef' is recited. During these opening credits, which vegetable does Chairman Kaga (host of 'Iron Chef') bite into?.

The series, which premiered on October 10,is a stylized cook-off featuring guest chefs challenging one of the show's resident "Iron Chefs" in a timed cooking battle built around a specific theme ingredient. The series ended on September 24,although occasional specials were produced until The series aired episodes.

He begins most episodes with his signature words, taken from Arthur Rimbaud"If memory serves me right The show has two regular commentators, Kenji Fukui who narrates the action on the floor, and Dr. Yukio Hattoria food scholar and founder of the Hattori Nutrition College. A floor reporter, Shinichiro Ohtareports to Fukui on what the challengers and Iron Chefs are preparing, their strategy, and their comments, breaking Fukui's train of commentary with a polite "Fukui- san?

One or two guest commentators who also serve as judges also make frequent appearances. The commentary covers ingredients, history of contenders, and other background information to give viewers context for what is happening in the kitchen. The supposed "story" behind Iron Chef is recounted at the beginning of every episode. A title card, with a quote from famed French food author Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin first appears: There, visiting chefs from "around the world" would compete against his Gourmet Academy, led by his three later four Iron Chefs.

Chairman Kaga himself is a showpiece, dressed in outlandish examples of men's formal attire.

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The English name Iron Chef comes from the show itself: Kaga would use this translation of the Japanese title when summoning his chefs at the beginning of the battle. From the beginning of the show inthere were three Iron Chefs: After the first season, Ishinabe What Does The Chairman Say On Iron Chef to step down and become an 'honorary Iron Chef', thus passing the mantle of Iron Chef French to Hiroyuki Sakai in Ishinabe would return for two more battles during Season 3.

Michiba would return on rare occasions for special Kitchen Stadium battles. InChairman Kaga announced a new, additional Iron Chef to the group: Iron Chef Italian Masahiko Kobe.

He was the youngest of the Iron Chefs and would battle sparingly throughout the rest of the show, ascending to the stage separately from the three main Iron Chefs. Originally, challengers vied with each other in preliminary "battles" to earn the right to face an Iron Chef in a minute competition, and should a challenger win twice against Iron Chefs, the challenger would be given the title of "Honorary Iron Chef".

However, this format proved unpopular, the preliminary round was scrapped and the main contest was reduced to the now familiar 60 minutes. The awarding of honorary Iron Chef titles to challengers was also discontinued although this was largely a moot point as few challengers ever defeated two Iron Chefs in separate contestsbut was given as an emeritus title for a retiring Iron Chef.

Once honorary titles were no longer issued, challengers who beat an Iron Chef had to settle for, according to the English version's introduction, "the people's ovation and fame forever". In each episode, chefs have one hour to check this out and improvise a multi-course meal around a theme ingredient that must be present in each dish.

Before the actual taping, the chefs are given a short list of possible themes, allowing the producers of the show to get any ingredients that may be needed. Judges' primary goal was said to be determining which chef was able to "best express the unique qualities of the theme ingredient".

What Does The Chairman Say On Iron Chef

In rare cases, the format changed— angler fish battles were typically 75 minutes in length, and noodle battles had the Iron Chef stop after 50 minutes of cooking, only to resume after the challenger's dishes were tasted so that the noodles could be served right after cooking. Featured ingredients tend toward the exotic and expensive. Many theme ingredients reflect the Japanese origin of the show—river eeltofuudon —though ingredients more familiar in the West, such as bell pepperssummer cornand peachesare spotlighted as well.

Initially, a minimum of three dishes were to be prepared, although some challengers have finished only a single dish; four is the typical number. The record for highest number of dishes prepared for a battle was eight, first set by challenger Kenji Kaji against Iron Chef Michiba in "Battle Umeboshi ".

Five later six servings of each dish are prepared: Each chef is also given two assistants, who are supposedly students of Kaga's "Gourmet Academy" in reality, they are students of Hattori Nutrition College.

This article is about the Japanese cooking show. If you find an error, click through to the quiz link under the stated answer and then click "Report error" at the bottom of that page. Flay, Bobby Bobby Flay. The victory went to Iron Chef Symon.

If the challenger does not speak Japanese, students who can speak in the challenger's native language are sometimes provided. In a notable exception, San Francisco chef Ron Siegel struggled with his assistants, who did not speak English. One assistant, Kenichi Miyanaga, became a challenger himself, taking on Iron Chef Morimoto in a sweetfish battle.

Throughout the cook-off, running commentary is made in a booth near the cooking area by an announcer, Kenji Fukui ; a commentator, Yukio Hattoriand one or two of the guest judges, with one floor reporter sometimes two; normally Shinichiro Ohta providing details of the action on each side.

The commentators and judges discuss the style of cooking, culinary traditions and unusual food preparation. At the end of the hour, after end-of-battle interviews with both competitors, each dish is presented to the camera, with a description of its properties written by the show's screenwriters based on the chef's explanation read by the announcer.

Then, a panel of three later expanded to four and, later still, five judges, of which typically one is a professional critic, tastes the dishes and judges them based on taste, presentation, and originality.

Each chef may be awarded up to 20 points by each judge, with ten given for taste and five each for presentation and originality. The chef with the greatest score wins the competition. In earlier four-judge episodes, the win went to the chef who won three of the four judges, or, failing that, the chef that makes the highest points total. Chairman Kaga tastes the dishes along with the judges. While he occasionally makes comments and seeks input from judges during tasting, he generally does not participate in scoring; he did, however, during the th Dish Battle.

During this episode, a team of What Does The Chairman Say On Iron Chef cuisine chefs—captain Hiroyuki Sakaithe original Iron Chef French Yutaka Ishinabeand former challenger and Etsuo Joh—battled a team of Chinese cuisine chefs composed of captain Chen Kenichiformer challenger Sozo Myamoto, and former challenger Yuji Wakiya who would later be Iron Chef Chinese on the revival.

To break the tie, Chairman Kaga asked them to allow him this one instance of selfishness, and he just click for source his vote for the French team.

In the case of a deadlock as was possible during the era of the four-judge panelfirst place is awarded to the chef with the greater number of points. On the rare occasions that the scores were also tied, an immediate "overtime battle" was held to determine the winner. In overtime the chefs are given 30 minutes to prepare dishes with a different key ingredient, having to make do with what remains of their pantry or with items that were previously prepared for the main battle.

The overtime battles are aired as a separate episode.

Mark Dacascos

On one occasion, the overtime battle itself resulted in a tie, prompting Chairman Kaga to declare both the Iron Chef and challenger winners.

In the final match, Sakai defeated Chen in Battle Homard Lobster and was dubbed "King of Iron Chefs" notable because prior to that episode, Sakai had never won a lobster battle.

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There were two reunion specials produced in Another reunion episode of the show entitled just click for source Chef: A final reunion episode was produced and broadcast inentitled "The Japan Cup". While always a success in JapanIron Chef became a surprise cult favorite in the United States [7] when it was picked up by the Food Network in and dubbed in English except for Chairman Kaga.

Part of the U. Audiences also found amusing some of the over-the-top culinary concoctions regularly featured on the show, eventually leading to a spoof on Saturday Night Live.

In the case of SBS this is unusual as the network has a policy favouring in-house subtitling. It may be felt that the tone given to the show by its American dub is essential to its charms, heightened perhaps by the fact click in most episodes, the flamboyant Chairman is subtitled instead of dubbed. However, episodes aired since February have seen the Chairman's voice dubbed rather than subtitled as was the case in previous airings, except when he sends the chefs into battle.

The show had again aired in the U. Japanese names are not in the traditional Japanese style [i. The result of a battle may be influenced by the lineup of judges, which changes from show to show. A list of some of the more notable judges includes:.

These names are not in the traditional East Asian style [i. During the 2,th Dish Battle, Chairman Kaga selected the five best and three worst dishes from the history of the show. InFuji Television announced that it was recording brand new episodes of Iron Chef. The Chairman's role was assumed by Japanese actor Hiroshi Tamaki. Yukio Hattori returned from the original Iron Chef series to provide commentary. The first battle in the new show was a two-hour special with two battles.

Miyanaga is Michiba's top apprentice and battled Iron Chef Suga. It was announced, after airing thirteen episodes, that the new run of Iron Chef would be discontinued after the last episode on March 22, What Does The Chairman Say On Iron Chef we are struggling for the ratings.

We think we have a time slot problem, too, so we would like to consider about a way to make What Does The Chairman Say On Iron Chef as special program and forward it into the next stage. All three Iron Chefs were paired with an American challenger, and then for a fourth round, all six competed. These shows were neither a critical nor popular success, perhaps because the show focused little on cooking—a major part of the Japanese programme.

What Does The Chairman Say On Iron Chef

The show had a small audience section with bleachers, and the audience yelled relentlessly during the show sounding much like a sports audience.

Shatner walked around the kitchen sampling the more expensive items, the chefs refused to say what they were doing, and the cameras rarely showed the food preparation. Morimoto and Flay battled in two previous Iron Chef specials that were made after the original series aired. The show received high ratings and rave reviews and in OctoberFood Network began taping weekly episodes that premiered starting in January InKrav Sakinim Hebrew: Each episode features a different prominent Israeli chef, who competes against one of the show's featured foreign chefs.

All Israeli winners compete against one another in the finals and the winner competes against a foreign chef for the title of season champion. The show is actively hosted by actor Oded Menashe and the regular commentators are chef Yaron Kastenboim and catering company owner Ran Shmueli. While in season 1, the panel of judges was made up mostly of celebrities from the entertainment industry, season 2 features renowned persons from the culinary industry, such as restaurant critics and chefs.

The competitors prepare a three-course meal, with each dish given a score of up to 10 points by each member of the panel and commentators, accumulating up to points per chef compared to 90 points in season 1, where the commentators had relatively click at this page points to give.

The show airs five days a week, and is hosted by Olly Smith and Nick Nairn. Judging occurs in two rounds, with the first round being appetizers, and the second being the main courses. Two challengers prepare the appetizer, producing one appetizer each, while the Iron Chef prepares two. These are judged, and the standing for the team versus the Iron Chef are announced. Then the second half begins: The two challengers each prepare one dish, while the Iron Chef prepares two.

The show was extraordinarily popular during its 6 year run of weekly shows in Japan, which included nearly episodes! Iron Chef - Fuji Television. Masaharu Morimoto was a controversial choice as the third Iron Chef Japanese due to the fact that his style mixes Japanese cuisine with those of other nations, and is very modern in form. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The final battle took place in Kitchen Stadium between Chefs Marco Canora and Marc Forgione, with traditional Thanksgiving proteins, such as turkey, lobster and venison as the secret ingredient.

Judging resumes, and the results are announced. Either the Challenging team wins, or the Iron Chef wins in overall score, and the best dish from the challenging team is also announced.