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How do I get my partner to put as much effort into our relationship as I am?

A misconception about relationships is that each partner should put in exactly 50/ 50 effort's worth into a relationship. In reality This sometimes means that one person is putting in less effort than the other, maybe because they have more obligations, but they are doing everything they are able to. If you fell. I get many questions about relationships that started out with guy chasing like crazy, only to flip flop into the guy not putting much effort into the relationship anymore, in my free psychic question email.. Question. I just have a question for you about my relationship. I have been seeing a man for 3 months and we have been. For a relationship to work, both parties need to make an effort. It's a partnership after all and with few exceptions, it should be 50/ You know you're putting in an effort, but is your boyfriend? Is he pulling his own weight or is all the work left up to you? If you relate to any of the following, things are more than a little.

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At its core, this is about learning how to communicate your needs in a way that can best be received by our partner. If our partner is able to hear us without jumping to the defensive, the chance that our needs will be taken into account are immensely increased. Problems tend to arise when we wait too long to express ourselves, building walls of resentment in read article meantime. It may sound something like this: This creates an environment of dejection and hopelessness: We can refuse to allow the resentments to build.

We have the power of positive reinforcement going for us. Expressing gratitude for behavior that we like in our partner is the surest way to keep it coming. When you plan a romantic evening out with me I feel so valued.

I Put More Effort Into The Relationship Than My Boyfriend

If you are feeling that your partner is still not carrying his fair share of the relational load, be sure to communicate from a personal perspective. Share how it feels to you to not believe that the relationship is balanced, but do it from a place of expressing your feelings, not pointing the finger at his failures. I feel so special when you take me to dinner on Friday nights.

I do really like this man, but I sometimes feel that he doesn't put any effort into the relationship and that he isn't as keen on me as he once was. These little things, they happen often, if not daily. And stop feeling like victims and actually keep a good relationship with a man, rather than break up with a man, later realising that the man did care about her.

It cannot be stressed enough how important it is to know and understand yourself; in such a way that you can help others know and understand you too. This is even more paramount when it comes to relationships; especially with your significant other. Being clear on who you are makes it easier to express yourself to your partner. Otherwise, you will play lots of guessing games. Part of knowing and understanding yourself is being clear on your requirements, needs and wants.

If this is not clear in your relationship, you are bound to run into misunderstandings and not getting your needs met. In fact, this is the reason why couples have so many different challenges in their relationship; because one or more needs are going unmet.

When this happens, it may seem to him like a bunch of whining is going on, when all you want is to be heard and understood. Upon your awareness of a need going unmet, make it known and have a discussion from there about it.

We do teach people how to treat read article. This makes you just as responsible as him. Habits are hard to break, because they fight to stay in our lives.

So, stop the old habits and bring on new ones. This is honest, upfront communication. Before you are all up in your emotions, be clear on this. If he genuinely cares, and you believe he does, something will change. If not, this should let you know who actually needs to make a change.

All of us have emotional needs, many of which crop up in a long-term relationship with our partner. That way, when you speak with your partner, you can be specific and not vague or unclear.


The more specific examples you can come up with, the better the conversation will go. Ask at a time you know your partner has time to talk and notice the reaction you get. Is that good for you? Being willing and able to talk about the relationship is one way of showing interest and effort in making it stronger.

The book The 5 Languages of Love by Gary Chapman does a beautiful job explaining how differently we all feel about receiving and expressing love.

People offer effort and show love, caring and commitment in different ways, so the more specific you can be, the more your partner will understand what you want. Do you feel heard and understood?

Are your desires being validated or ignored and devalued? In fact, forget feeling I Put More Effort Into The Relationship Than My Boyfriend. Say what you want honestly and clearly.

Practice in front of the mirror with the words you want to use. Watch your body language: Speaking it aloud will help you hear how your words and tone sound. You also need to do some thinking about it. Did you get too angry and might there be leftover hurt feelings on either side? Give your partner a chance to air grievances if necessary.

Sometimes the best talks are the ones about how you talk with each other. Ideally, your partner would have gotten the news that more effort is necessary to make the relationship work and will cheerfully go about making that happen. There will be times when one partner is putting in more energy. However, in the end there has to be a balance that feels fair to both parties.

In this dynamic, one person takes on more responsibility for the functional aspects emotional and physical of the relationship than the other. This see more almost always an unconscious process. Usually our position stems from our roles in our families of origin.

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If you were the responsible one in your family, you will be prone to repeat that role in your grown up relationships.

If you are used to managing, you need to find someone to manage. This explains why over and underfunctioners unconsciously tend to find each other. If your sense of self is based on care-taking, you need a partner who needs to be taken care of. If you define yourself as a person needing to be taken care of you have to find a caretaker. While not necessarily comfortable, these roles are very familiar to you.

Yes No I need help See more questions like this: Sure its awkward, but it also is clear that he doesn't want to do any of these things. Love is not a race where you prep to win so that you can give up running for good. Think in terms of him.

Any fixed role limits personal growth. Any time you define yourself in contrast or opposition to another you are limiting your ability to reach your own potential. In effect, the level of functioning of your partner is defining your own level of functioning. Invariably, the underfunctioner complains about feeling controlled and the overfunctioner feels used or overworked. These perceptions are actually accurate, but what neither partner realizes is that they are self-created.

You have to stop playing your part. If you are dancing and you want to change the dance, you have to stop doing the same steps. In this case it almost always means that the overfunctioner needs to stop doing more than she continue reading to.

Underfunctioners rarely initiate this change because they are more comfortable in their role. The difficulty for the overfunctioner is that it is not guaranteed that the underfunctioner will step up. These tasks could include important stuff like paying bills or taking care of children or pets, to less crucial responsibilities like sharing in the upkeep of the house.

Stepping out of this dynamic can be a big risk! If you are doing more than your fair share, complain. But take stock of yourself. Are you falling into a familiar pattern? Are you always the one to do the heavy lifting? If this scenario is familiar, you are going to have to start managing a lot of anxiety to refrain from being the doer. You will have to give up tons of control and begin to trust that your partner will be someone you can rely on.

I Put More Effort Into The Relationship Than My Boyfriend

That is the only way to know if you have a partner willing to share a see more and not depend on you to take care of him. There are three factors to consider when you are assessing your relationship. In other words, you share the same religion, same philosophy of life, same political affiliation, or same moral values. These are things you find very important and ultimately make your relationship solid.

A good relationship also has some flexibility, which means you can each be who you are. You love Chinese food, but your partner hates it. You read inspirational books and your partner likes mysteries. A good relationship makes concessions. What really matters, though, is to experience a secure, harmonious, give and take relationship with someone who understands this as well.

Cooperation, negotiation, adaptation and conciliation are all essential tools for keeping the relationship healthy and long lasting. Is it too much to want your relationship to be good and to expect your partner to want the same thing?

Worry about being in a relationship that needs a lot of work with little reward. You may not, except with express written permission, distribute or commercially exploit the content. Nor may you transmit it or store it in any other website or other form of electronic retrieval system. There is a deep-seated "Gap" in communication that very few women or men understand. To be truly irresistible to a man, you MUST understand this gap, and the way feelings of love get confused and entangled in a man's mind Communicate from a personal perspective.

If you were not clear initially, now is the time for clarity. Follow the 5 tips below.