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Am My Boyfriend Abusive To I

Emotional Abuse Test. Take this test to see if you are in an abusive relationship

10 Scary Signs Your Boyfriend Is An Emotionally Abusive Loser

16 Jun Admit that you are emotionally abusive. Recognizing the problem and admitting that you are emotionally abusing others is the first step toward being able to change your behavior. Taking time to try and see the effects your abuse has on others will help you realize the extent to which you are being abusive. 12 Mar Most likely when a guy first comes a-wooing, he won't be carrying his, “I'm an emotionally abusive man” placard. . I had a few narcissistic emotional vampires that messed with my head real good. they used me for an ego boost withheld affection after coming on super strong, said she loved me only a week. Am I abusive? Are you worried that your behaviour towards your partner or family member might be abusive? Below are explanations of some behaviours that ar.

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But if I can stop before the next person gets hurt I am ashamed of how I am and the only way i am able to get help, is to admit that i am crazy. It was really starting to do my head in, as I couldn't understand why all of a sudden I was so offensive to another human being, when I behaved no differently in my past relationships and didn't have these problems.

My bf is mentally and verbally abusive. We always break up n get back together because I'm depressive and depend on him for many reasons, and as for him, I might be something like a prized possession to him. Leaving him never works. I always end up going back to him and try to make things work. We try and it usually is good for a period of time then fails again, unfortunately. Anyway, if I were to suddenly leave forever somehow I wouldn't feel good about doing so after knowing what a huge douche I was.

I can't just leave more info like this. They need to be fixed. When he rants or says mean things or keeps provoking me the worst case scenarios are in the car where I cannot walk away and will not stop I tend to snap and either nearly kill myself by throwing myself out of a moving vehicle, or I'll snap, go blank, and start wailing on him.

I'll slap him or punch his arm. I'm in tears now, because this is getting out of hand I destroyed my cellphone because I was so angry. I guess I go the idea from him, because a couple years back he destroyed his cellphone out of anger, too. Read more tried talking with him about it over the phone just now but that obviously went no where.

He just kept saying things that were getting my blood boiling. I don't want to be this monster anymore he's made me a monster, but it's my fault for letting it happen.

Sure, people think it's funny because I am tiny, but it's really not a joke. My bf calls me a mini Hitler. In turn I compare him to bad people, as well. I am apparently an abuser, from a long line of abusers, and I need to stop, but how? Its good to see a female admitting abuse on this forum. Usually I Am Abusive To My Boyfriend a male.

10 Scary Signs Your Boyfriend Is An Emotionally Abusive Loser | Thought Catalog

I am on the other end though just leaving an abusive man. I was so proud of u until I saw the "he turned me into a monster". No sister this is all u when it comes physical its u! You have severe anger issues. Now what hes doing is pushing buttons. Still no excuse to hit anyone! And continue to reach out so u can continue to grow! This is a very toxic relationship for you. You have to think beyond "I would feel bad if I left. Do you have a GOOD positive and healthy friend who can encourage and remind you to resist the urge to go back or call him?

If not, join a good support group where you can get some good accountability partners. You will not heal if you learn more here with someone who is mentally abusive to you. Once you have removed yourself from the situation and STAY removed, counseling, support groups, and just being by yourself and catching your destructive thoughts before they turn into reactions will come more easily to you.

You ARE responsible for your own actions, but being with someone else who is abusive is not helping you. I think you feel out of control and I Am Abusive To My Boyfriend makes your hitting worse more so than "him making you into a monster.

First of all it sounds like your boyfriend is the main abuser in this situation. Stop putting all the blame on yourself. I put up with a mentally abusive boyfriend for many years, always being belittled and feeling like i 'needed him'.

I felt that i was nothign without him and would never meet anyone else and would always go back. Until one day i finally had enough. As hard as it was to leave, i did and now i am times stronger and wishing i did it alot earlier. There is no way of changing this situation unless you leave. You will find that when you are with someone that actually loves you and appreciates you, you will not feel the urge to punch him or throw things.

I love him, but i wish he would understand to leave me alone when i am seething. Are you often jealous and want to know where he is at all times? So he told me to leave. This is not what this is saying. I recently lost my family because I'd been mentally and physically abusing my wife who was on a third pregnancy.

Whilst you stay with him this will continue and it will get worse. We can all sit here and tell you to leave him but at the end of the day, its your decision - i just hope for your sake, you get the courage and make the right one! Now im back to the Proud of u part. U did the right thing admitting this. U are making a huge step just coming here being honest.

I Am Abusive To My Boyfriend

Anyone here will agree that u will never heal if u wont dive into responsibility. Start back from the beginning. If hes "provoking" to argue not hit what is it hes saying? What is it thats making u both continue this cycle? Have u reached out to anyone else? Originally Posted by miracle29 [ Register to see the link ]. Maybe I've always been a monster I honestly just want to go hug him right now and beg forgiveness.

I've been hit and no one deserves that. I'm just so angry! At everything right now. I think about you asking me if I have a good friend. He's the only thing that's continue reading constant in my life.

Are You Emotionally Abusive?

Originally Posted by lost girl [ Register to see the link ]. Also how long has this been going on? Have u ever been physical with anyone else?

Emotional Abuse Test. Take this test to see if you are in an abusive relationship

Who told u this? If this was a man saying "i punch her cause she triggers me" everyone would jump all over him. Cant say I never hit my ex once over a cat, and it was wrong Im not backing away from that standpoint.

Physically jumping out a car, guns weapons? If this was a male these responses would be much less "understanding".

I Am Abusive To My Boyfriend

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