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3 tips for taking on CAPE YORK in a 4WD

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19 Jan With the promise of monsoonal wet seasons, piping hot summers and offroading nirvana, Cape York Peninsula is like a red rag to any intrepid traveller's bull. It's a destination that's as enticing as it is elusive; because one does not simply point their bonnet north and make it to the tip, you have to work for it. Answer 1 of Hi! So we have decided to hit Cairns this summer Do we need to hire a 4x4 or will a normal car be appropriate to drive from Cairns to Cape York ? Cheers!. This Cape York Australia Travel Guide is based on real experiences written by a local - not a tourism organisation or a travel agency (we live on the peninsula and are out here, on the tracks, not in an office in Cairns or Brisbane:) It means I don' t only write about places - I have made this website to help you with planning.

High range, low range, traction control, huh? Two spare tyres for the journey should keep you out of trouble, but only if you know how to change them.

Suggested Cape York Self-Drive Itinerary

Water treatment may be required in some spots non-potable water will be signedso pack something to treat water according to your preferred method. Save the stress and fill two jerry cans with spare fuel before you hit the road.

How To Get To Cape York

Imagine ALL the floor stock of the caravan and camping show in one place and you get the Punsand Bay-picture. Did I mention everyone likes talking about their modifications, too? Learn to talk the torque before travel next time.

The family operated Merluna cattle station is located off the Weipa road and also offers accommodation and camping. Western Cape Eco Tours. Thursday Island Queensland, Australia. The drive from the Jardine ferry to Bamaga is about 42 km and Seisia is 6km north of Bamaga.

A satellite phone is advisable too in case you need to make an emergency phone call. Of course, a hard copy map is just as handy if you want to kick it old-school and have a backup for when technology fails.

Getting Here — Explore Cooktown and Cape York

In between bursts of data, relish the fact you can wake up to the sound of chirping birds and fall asleep to the hum of frogs, not the buzzing of a mobile phone. Food for insurance thought….

Food for insurance thought…. Their sister boat the Silverswift operates from Cairns. Seven dishes you should try in LA Contains: You can easily get to New Guinea in source small boat. Soon, the person had led every single one in queue outdoors peering up at the tree kangaroo and snapping pictures.

You packed that satellite phone for something! What Cape York lacks in amenities, it makes up for in trees and modesty termite mounds, so pack your loo paper, hand sanitiser and sense of adventure.

4x4 Adventure Club - Cape York Australia Trip of a Life Time (2014)

Click here is a road trip with very few loos. Food in Cape York comes in a few formats: Have your own Mario Testino moment and get a photo of yourself with the sign — pack a camera and enjoy the moment. Previous Article 7 must-do experiences in the Torres Strait. Next Article How to spend a long weekend on Heron Island. Grab your keys and follow this trip to th.

How to camp from Brisbane to Cairns on the cheap Start your engines! How to tackle the Great Inland Way in 9 days Swap coastline for bushland and discover what lies beyond the Great Dividin. The best waterfalls and swimming holes near How To Get To Cape York.

How To Get To Cape York