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14 Dec Brilliant present ideas for him, no matter your relationship status. Guy friends can be great fun, but when a birthday or another gift-giving event rolls around, things can get stressful. Odds are that you want something that will show him you care about him, but you're worried about giving him something he won't like. Even worse, you may be worried about giving him something that makes. Find and save ideas about Guy best friend gifts on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Gifts for best friends, Best friend christmas gifts and Best friend bday gifts.

It can be a little strange to pick out a gift for your guy friend. If you labor over it too much, you start to feel like you're shopping for a girlfriend and, out of fear, you decide to stop caring so much and hurriedly settle on a band t-shirt of the wrong size.

Whiskey Stones A set of whiskey stones makes an elegant gift for any guy who enjoys the occasional nightcap. Giving a plain, functional gift to someone you've known your whole life may lead to hurt feelings if your guy friend is sensitive about this sort of thing, so be aware of this possibility. All men deserve a cool gift on their special day. He's bored of plain old socks, he's tired of the books that he receives, and he most certainly doesn't need another screwdriver set. Giving him his favorite candy or a DVD is a good idea.

Unfortunately, I am not eloquent or well read enough to try and analyze the psychological root of this strange male instinct to appear apathetic when it comes to friendly offerings but what I can provide are some gift-giving ideas that have served me well in the past and will help get you through birthdays, celebrations, and holidays without any real problem and maybe even some pride and pleasure.

A couple things should be noted before we get going: This is a quick, slightly bizarre, but very individualized idea. The most important thing to Gifts For A Guy Friend You Like in all gift-giving is to avoid the easy, default gift areas. If your buddy Greg's favorite movie is Jaws, then there's a pretty good chance he will already have anything you track down, related to Jaws not to mention he's probably sick of being associated with just one movie.

Further, most of your mutual friends have probably already out-thought themselves on that front, realizing that Jaws is an over-tapped well and they've started giving Greg gifts associated with his second-favorite flick let's say it's Bullitt … avoid this tactic, too.

It usually will not Gifts For A Guy Friend You Like as obvious as it should be and that's where the whole listening phenomenon becomes invaluable. The easiest and cheapest place to find international posters for American films is eBay. Don't settle on a merely translated version of the theatrical poster, either — most movies create different artwork for international release especially for Asian markets.

Track down a poster that not only has a different language all over it but one that also doesn't look anything like the poster he could find at the local Wal-Mart. Got a bunch of anecdotes from high school or college about your friend? Did you go on a memorable link with him and take a bunch of photos?

Publish a book on Blurb and send a signed copy to your friend. A professional-looking chronicle of some moments in time you shared can anchor his bookshelf for years, unparalleled in its exceptional nature. Is your friend a big music buff? Find some old and cheap — but strangely awesome!

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There are plenty of tutorials online about how to turn records into bowls, coasters, and much more. Make a record bowl, fill it with small, interesting gifts homemade or otherwiseand you have a homemade gift basket that will see use after its gift-carrying duties have expired I use mine as a change dish.

Can you Gifts For A Guy Friend You Like or doodle? The point is, while sometimes your buddy just wants a certain DVD or hat, and there's nothing wrong with granting that specific wish, many of the things we buy for others to say nothing of the things we buy for ourselves are very transient, replaceable, and lack character.

Do most guys, by nature, think long and hard about the distinctive quality of a gift that their buddy Scott gave them for Christmas eight years ago? Scott gave them Terminator 2 on DVD and that movie kicks all kinds of ass. But when continue reading think about it, wouldn't you rather get something that is literally one-of-a-kind source could only come from someone who is a big part of your life, rather than something of which there are 11 million copies?

That's what I thought. The best way to find an appropriate gift in this rapidly growing field is to know almost exactly what you're looking for going in — without an idea ahead of time, you will drown in an ocean of options and end up just buying your friend a gift card. Did he just move into a new place and now needs a little floor rug or a lamp or a clock or a CD rack or some drinking glasses?

Did he just get a new job and now needs a new messenger bag or new belt?

There's no shortage of choices. You can do something ethical and helpful while also delivering to your friend a fantastic gift that he will actually use and, really, isn't that the very reason you want to give someone a gift? It's obvious that this gift is only a good idea if your friend shops at Amazon frequently but still doesn't have a subscription to this terrific service. They can order anything and get it in two days: When you also consider that Amazon generally sells everything for cheaper than any other retailer, it is a no-brainer easily worth ten times the 80 bucks.

An actual, specific, material gift? Yes, this is an easy one. However, just because it's something that you can specifically and rather effortlessly track down doesn't make it devoid of value or manly appeal. Does your friend play pick-up football or soccer on the weekends in cold weather? Does he have an extended on-foot commute to work? Does he tailgate a lot? Is he still a full time student who has to endure lengthy walks outdoors from class to class on February mornings?

This is a must-have for all of them. It seems almost crazy that these aren't more popular, based on their universal applicability, coolness, minimalist-looking style and effectiveness. You can easily find them at Hit! Eastbay has a generic-yet-still-very-well-made brand and there are NFL team-specific styles available read article many other places. It's that simple, people. Justin Brown is a writer and artist living in Virginia.

Grooming Products for the Every Man Primer. I do a lot of outdoor activities and received a set for Christmas. Great article great Ideas, think Gifts For A Guy Friend You Like will keep my old records dont smoke and dont want to lose the memories.

How about a gift that he can share back with you and the other buddies? Craft Beer Club sends you 4 different beers, 3 each every month picked from the best of 1,! These are great ideas! Another one is a digital keychain with photos on it that have his favorite places and pals.

Gifts For A Guy Friend You Like

Love your blog btw! Depending on your friend this could be a set of nice shoe trees, fancy cigars or a top-notch shaving kit. You know your friend better than anyone and in case of doubt, go with something you can drink, smoke, eat, slather all over yourself or otherwise consume.

New Music Releases Viva Terra kssmusic. Despite being simple creatures, men are notoriously hard to buy appropriate gifts for.

Take a look at these five ideas that are cool, without being too, you know, emotional about it. Justin Brown Justin Brown is a writer and artist living in Virginia.

Gifts for best friends

Gift Guides Gift ideas. Dammit, I wish I thought of this article. Nice read mate,,thumbs up!!! My male friend would disown me if I gave him a recycled seatbelt purse. Sometimes the biggest innovations in your life can come from the most everyday items. What happens to American-made selvedge denim in the wake of this legendary fabric mill shutting down? Valentine's Day doesn't need to be expensive, commercial, or stressful.

Gifts For A Guy Friend You Like

We've got an outline for an amazing evening at home, no jewelry required. If it's good enough for the Apollo 11 astronauts, it's good enough for us.

Be goofy or crude in your card. These sorts of gifts show that you pay attention to what your friend likes to do but are usually very low-risk because they aren't likely to offend him or come across as overly affectionate. Save cash by making something yourself.

You know what's more impressive than serving a woman wine during dinner? Serving her a glass of port afterward. And it tastes pretty damn good, too.

What Gifts Do GUYS Like To Receive

We'll teach you everything you need to get Stressing out about Valentine's Day? We've got you covered. How to decode, deflect, and crush anything a potential boss throws at you.