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Acne occurs form excess androgenic hormones and stress. In my opinion, while it might not cure acne, it sure helps. I wanted to do a scientific study, but my wife won't let me. 2 Jul Does having Sex Cause Acne? The mother of all your doubts and beliefs is that whether having sex will cause you acne or not? You see, the thing is sex doesn't exactly cause you acne, but it does trigger certain bodily conditions that lead you to have acnes. In other words, sex contributes indirectly to the. Both boys and girls may have acne that is related to increased sensitivity of the sebaceous glands to androgens. In girls, excess production of androgens may also cause acne, particularly when it occurs in older girls/women, is persistent, or is associated with increased hair growth on the face. In girls with acne caused by .

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This is more for the males than females. Do any of you think masturbation effects acne? Personally, I do, or at least I am starting to. I stopped having sex and masturbating for 3 days last week and my acne began to clear up. Then as soon as I did again link acne came back with a vengeance.

What is Acne and How Can I Get Rid of it Forever?

I am going to try and stop for two weeks and see what happens. I don't think sex or masturbation causes acne, I just think it makes it a lot worse if you do it too much and have acne. This all depends on hormones. If you have hormonal acne like most of us do, then sex and masturbation will most likely cause flare ups through hormones.

Specifically, the silicone, acrylates, and oils found in hair products are particularly aggravating. Sex and Acne Scars. It's smart care for clear, healthy skin. Upon conception, your entire hormone circulation changes to account for the development of a child -- after sex, a pretty simple testosterone surge happens and then quickly subsides; if it was prolonged, it could make a difference must guys don't have day-long orgasms. While you can attempt to treat the acne with over-the-counter products, not much can be done other than going off of it if hormonal birth control is the true source.

When I have sex or masturbate my heart beats fast and almost my whole body feels a heat wave click here itchy. Sometimes I even feel small stings on my face once the heat wave reaches it and a pimple appears in the exact spot almost two days later. Sometimes overnight if I don't cleanse my skin.

Come on, that is denial, and even dogmatic in a way. There are a lot of things scientists believed that they knew, but were proven wrong decades later.

You know how they think they know everything. I know this a hard temptation to resist, but why not try it. Seriously though all us males in hear who have acne should try to stop having sex and masturbating for two weeks to see if our acne visually becomes decreased.

If it does, don't lie to us and yourself and be in denial about it. Just decrease how many times you ejaculate a week.

Does Sex Get Rid Of Acne

I never saw a preacher with acne so you are on to something. I've heard it both ways. Personally for me, I only seem to get acne around my jaw line when I masturbate. Which makes sense since I've heard that mostly all jaw line acne is hormonal, which could in theory be affected by masturbation.

If your reasoning turned out to be right then i would like to be in the visit web page of people who try masterbating every day to see if it effects our skin rather than absteining lol.

First, it is almost Does Sex Get Rid Of Acne for a zit to appear overnight. It takes them 5 days to 3 weeks to fully develope. It seems kind of weird to me that this myth only applies to men. Men masturbate a lot more than women, so it makes sence for religious soccer moms to make this up to keep their boys from masturbating. It could just be coincidence, but you never know.

I think you may have a point on the hormonal thing but come on Sex is hard to resist, believe me I know, being a 19 year old. I don't think that sex or masturbation is the cause of acne at all. I just think like many things it can make it worst.

Don't quit sex, just try and do it less often. Like three times a week. As far as it being started by some Christians, I don't care. I also never heard it from my mom or any damn soccer moms lol and its not just masturbation, its ejaculation period. I never heard that ejaculation can worsen acne, but I began to feel it did when I ejaculated, because my body had an intense reaction that went all the way up to my face. I started researching it and plenty of people feel the same thing. For men it may release more androgens and convert testosterone into DHT or something like that.

I would never stop sex, but I have no problem cutting it down to two or three times a week.

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I don't believe all pimples take weeks to appear on the skin. Derms really say it takes two weeks, while I have heard people on boards say six weeks. I don't need a derm to tell me his scientific crap for source, because I can put some think cream on one spot of face, like my cheek and a pimple will appear the next evening all the time, but is that just coincidence?

Maybe it takes two weeks for your acne pimple to "naturally" occur, but if you do something to disturb your hormones or clog your pores with something I know it can appear much earlier.

After finally curing himself through diet, he became a believer that the right formula of food can truly heal all. Reformulate a new plan. Do any of you think masturbation effects acne? Men are more likely to suffer from hormonal acnes than women. Search this Thread Advanced Search.

The old myths are hard to stop. Chocolate, greasy food, sugar, dirty skin, and sex cause acne. Actually I havent masturbated since Thursday morning and my acne is clearing up. I usually materbate times a day. Last edited by Outro; at The cause means the root or foundation of something. Chocolate has a lot of sugar and maybe some caffeine, which can cause flare ups.

Greasy foods just are not healthy at all. Now sure dirt on the skin does not cause acne, but what is the opposite of clean? Dirty is the opposite of clean. When your face is not cleansed with water or a cleanser, depending on your skin type, bacteria builds up, which can make acne worse. Your acne wont go away by ending these things, but it just may get better.

I did not say eating unhealthy is the cause of acne! I said it may effect it! Read my post again. That mint julep mask broke me out, like crazy. I threw it out my window. In my opinion bad foods like sugar, candies, caffeine, DAIRY, etc etc, can Does Sex Get Rid Of Acne aggravate acne in certain persons because they contribute to hormonal imbalance. But i don't think that "bad foods" can be the only culprit for acne, with the exception of commercial milk.

That link is so unhealthy I can't believe how shameless they are for brainwashing everyone into thinking you need your 4 glasses of milk a day to be healthy.

The week after i quit dairy my general health improved and my acne almost totally cleared up. Too bad the topicals, antibiotics and accutane scarred me for life heh. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Search this Thread Advanced Search. BB code is On. I want my free account. Do you live in Canada? All times are GMT The time now is Page 1 of 2. Originally Posted by openseason The old myths are hard to stop.

If this applies to you, please view.

Does Sex Get Rid Of Acne

Any treatment for masturbation-acne in males? I want my free account Top 10 Drugs Discussed on this Board. Accutane Aspirin Benzoyl Clindamycin Differin.