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10 STRANGE Requirements To Work As A Flight Attendant

Delta Employee Reviews for Flight Attendant

23 Jul A flight attendant for a major airline, "Carrie A. Trey" explains that flight attendants don't have guaranteed routes — bidding and seniority come into play. 2 Apr In my four years working as a flight attendant for different airlines, including British Airways, I've been inundated with questions about what it's really like to Any passengers who do get 'hot under the collar' at high altitudes get busy in the toilets, but cabin crew can open doors from the outside, so beware. Generally speaking, how many countries a FA will get to visit depends on: 1. Their airline. Both of my parents work for two major U.S. airlines which offer flights . There were times at which I would have 5 days in LA, 2 days in Abu Dhabi or Milan, Rome, Munich, Osaka, New York etc etc so yes, we do get to see the world!.

Log in Register Your Wanderlust 0. There are thousands of cabin crew working from the UK — British Airways alone employs 13, air stewards and stewardesses. To the casual observer it may seem that cabin crew do little more than hand out food and clear it up again.

Hiring process

To this end, flights are bracketed by briefings and reports, and staff are trained to deal go here all sorts of emergencies, and drilled in giving those infamous safety procedure demonstrations.

On short-haul flights there is a huge number of tasks that have to be completed within a tight timescale from pre-flight preparations to serving meals and duty free. On long-haul flights, jetlag sufferers or hyperactive children will test your patience. If you have no previous experience, training will be followed by a probationary period of up to six months. Then you can start moving up the ranks to cabin crew, purser with responsibility for a specific cabin and then cabin service director.

Get paid to travel - become a flight attendant

The perks go a long way towards explaining the stiff competition. Not only will you spend time abroad as part of your job accommodation is paid for while on dutyyou will also qualify for free flights. EasyJet, for example, offers unlimited travel on its network for the crew member, their dependents and three nominated companions, while Virgin Atlantic gives cabin crew up to seven free flights a year partners and friends are likely to get hefty discounts.

Having a foreign language — or being able to sign for the deaf — will be seen as a clear advantage more info may boost your salary.

It's important to have patience and be a good listener when you're a flight attendant. Thank you for your support. We were leaving Caracas, Venezuela, for Atlanta and just about to make our takeoff roll. Fun and Ever changing work environment.

Learn to swim - most airlines ask that you can swim 25m quite happily. Source not to be put off by the reasons behind this requirement. Smarten up - a well-groomed appearance is essential.

Visible tattoos or body piercings other than a simple pair of earrings for women are a no-no.

Do Flight Attendants Get To See The World

Do your research - chat rooms on cabin crew websites are good places to get the lowdown on issues affecting cabin crew from the people themselves. This might sound vague but means that at the least you can walk comfortably down the aisle facing forwards, and fit into a jump seat harness without a seatbelt extension.

Do Flight Attendants Get To See The World

Personality is key so you have to make sure that yours comes out in your interview. I am currently working towards becoming a cabin service supervisor. Be adventurous and, above all, flexible. British Airways' careers section offers lots of information on current vacancies, role requirements and general advice.

You also have plenty of flexibility on your schedule and can normally drop or trade trips around. Flying can be tasking at times, so I do whatever I can to make their travel fun and easy. Lots of hours to work and flights to cover work on weekends and holidays.

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