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Her house, her rules. I would argue that grounding a 21 year old is pretty ridiculous, but if you still live and home and she feels the need to ground you, either you're being unreasonable and need to change, or she's being controlling and you need to move out. Of course, like with any disciplining of children, there's the. 10 Feb After all, you're supposed to be a strong, independent human being, but coming home to your mum and dad every 24 things you know if you still live with your parents. Booze is definitely a huge plus about living at home forget the supermarket own brand, you have Hendrick's, Chase and Sipsmith. However, he is rarely home and spends most of his time at his girlfriends and my mom actually likes having him home because he's a recovering drug addict and getting back on his feet. Anyway, I am a 21 year old single female still at home at it's making me SO depressed lately. I do have a job and work 5.

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Sign in to join this conversation New here? What age is weird to still be living at home with parents? Are you at university?

He's actually seven, he's 27 going on to It's embarassing sure, but recognize that your mom for sure will want to introduce herself to your guy friend. At 18 started college with no savings.

Answer these quick questions and feature in TSR's next article! Start new discussion Reply. Follow 1 Simple question, what age is weird to still be living at home with parents?

Im turning 24 soon and still live at home, with no sign of moving out anytime soon, I imagine I'll be living at home for years to come seriously, I'm not joking. Anyone in the same boat?

21 And Still Living At Home

I hate living at home, and feel like a child, and feel left behind other people my age who have moved out. Follow 2 It's not weird at all, people have different circumstances can't afford to move out. Coxy Follow 1 follower 1 badge Send a private message to Coxy Follow 3 Original post by bloomblaze Simple 21 And Still Living At Home, what age is weird to still be living at home with parents?

Riku Follow 25 followers 0 badges Send a private message 21 And Still Living At Home Riku. Follow 4 I also live at home at the moment, I'm about 20 so I guess that's a little more socially acceptable, but I don't think people will judge you as much for living at home as they would for you expecting to still be mollycoddled by your parents which at 24 imo is probably not healthy. The way the economy is at the moment article source probably the sensible thing to do, provided you're still your own person and trying to deal with adult responsibilities at least.

As long as you don't still lurk there in your forties, turn into Principal Skinner getting harassed by his controlling mum and never ask Ms Krabappel out in case Mother disapproves, I think you'll be fine: P Never hurts to learn independent skills too of course cooking, driving, career, money and time management, self-improvement etc.

Also with my current job, I don't make nearly enough to live on my own. Here income isn't quite high enough to live on my own yet. What I recommend is to have a plan of action with your child. While it may still seem kind of weird it is very very normal now days to live at home a bit longer.

Follow 5 I'm 23 and I'd love to move out but things aren't that simple or financially viable. I completely understand your feelings though because I can get frustrated by it all.

My sister still lives with us as well and she's Follow 6 It shouldn't matter what other people do or think. Cryl Follow 9 followers 15 badges Send a private message to Cryl. Follow 7 It really doesn't matter, but unfortunately, there is a ridiculous social stigma for it.

Just work hard and do whatever you have to do until you can afford to move out. Don't let others hold you down Good luck. Follow 8 Original post by Coxy It depends, personally I feel that 24 is rather old to still live at home I'm 19 at the moment but still living at home due to studying my A Levels took 2 years off at 16 to work but I want to leave as soon as possible and plan on never moving back once 21 And Still Living At Home go to university please click for source It's not that my family isn't wonderful or I don't like where I live its just I want my independance.

Follow 9 Original post by meenu89 It shouldn't matter what other people do or think. Follow 10 I don't really think it matters but I guess a lot of people 21 And Still Living At Home say when you can afford to live away, but don't. Kubed Follow 0 followers 13 badges Send a private message to Kubed.

21 And Still Living At Home

21 And Still Living At Home 11 Average age of first-time home buyers in London is 37! Makes sense to live at home if link can rather than rent- and save the money to afford a mortgage earlier. Follow 12 Original post by Cryl It really doesn't matter, but unfortunately, there is a ridiculous social stigma for it.

Follow 13 I don't live with my parents, they live with me! Just kidding, I moved out at 18 but don't think it's weird as long as you are being productive and paying your own way. Does not pay bills or rent and my mum lets him get away with anything. She gives him an allowance and everything! He spends all his money on his gambling addiction and is a general pain read article the bum.

If your circumstances are anything like his, yes, it's wrong and you ought to be ashamed. However, if you are at home for genuine reasons then that its completely fine. There is nothing wrong with it per se. My mum has already said when she gets old and if she can't live alone then she wants to move in with me.

Living at Home in Your 20's

I'm alright with that providing I have a big enough place. Follow 14 Original post by Kubed Average age of first-time home buyers in London is 37! Follow 15 Don't worry about other people think and just do what suits you. I'm 22 and just graduated.

Number of young adults living with parents reaches record high | The Independent

I'm back home with my parents for now. I want to stay at home for a bit to get my driving license and generally perk up as I think I might have been a bit depressed during uni and it doesn't bother me.

Don't worry about what other people think. Follow 16 Not everyone has the same living situations so that's why it's necessary to live with parents. Last edited by meenu89; at Follow 17 However, not everyone wants to move out straight away or can afford to so I don't think living at home past that age is in any way weird.

My friend's uncle was still living at home aged 35 and his parents actually moved out and left him in their old home so he wouldn't live with them any more. Now that is weird. Follow 18 Original post by bloomblaze Im quite sure they arent actually living at home until Follow 19 Id say about Follow 20 At what age is it weird to live at home? Would you go out with a guy still living with his parents at 26? Parents asking children for rent Just click for source rules your parents had 38 and live with my parents so what?

Getting my parents to agree to let me move out for Uni Extremely lonely, no friends; very down in general Do you think that one parent should stay at home and 21 And Still Living At Home Do most students get financial help from parents?

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