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10 Tips to Make Your Man Happy


How to Make Your Boyfriend Feel Happy. Once you've accomplished the task of finding a good guy, the next job is holding onto him. The simplest and usually best way to keep a boyfriend around is to make him feel happy. This doesn't mean. Find out what your man really wants from you and how to make your man happy with these 20 little ways. By Roger Davies. A happy relationship is a great thing to share. You may share the perfect romance with your man. But sometimes it takes more than just romantic gestures to keep him happy and interested. [Read: Tips and tricks for how to keep a man happy and faithful.

Men want love as badly as women do.

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They just might not always be as obvious about it. But generally, they want the same thing: So why is there so much confusion and miscommunication between the sexes? Some have been handed down through the generations. And, of course, there are the ones written from our personal history. There are some universal rules applying to men that you probably could find inscribed on the walls of caves from long ago.

They still ring true today:. Men adore women who shower them with adulation. Praise is like candy — good for everyone. Tell them once what you want.

You have a chance it How To Keep Boyfriend Happy And Satisfied be done. Complain to your mother. Give him dirty looks. Close the kitchen and the bedroom. Men really hate it. They have no defense.

How To Keep Boyfriend Happy And Satisfied

Well, girlfriend, you killed that one. Not only is the discussion over, but you put him in a lose-lose situation. Finish the talk, then cry to the dog. Where is this relationship going? You have eyes; use them. Do what you have to do.

His mother knew the way to his heart. Men love to eat. If you like to cook, you lucked out on this one.

Yes, I read the article. Well, I say the same goes for guys. We gathered 11 celeb couples who have rewritten the rules for what a traditional relationship should be, and proven that it can work if temporarily. Don't be too clingy. Try new sexual positions.

Men either love to be on the move or watch other men move, mostly on TV or at a stadium. Either way, they need it. He has high respect for a woman who knows the importance of giving him space when he needs it.

It keeps the connection and relieves stress and tension.

How To Keep Boyfriend Happy And Satisfied

Relinquish the need for control. Worse than anything, a man hates when a woman is constantly trying to control every situation. Until you get a grip on your fears or whatever is making you work this ugly trait, your relationship will suffer. Let him be the man. Let him prove it.

1. Make Him a Priority

The power of touch. We all can use a little. It makes them closer to you and they will touch back.

10 Body Spots Your Man Wants You to Touch

Leave love notes in the bathroom or in his car. Email Lorraine at jorlorr yahoo.

How to Kiss Someone for the First Time. If you like to cook, you lucked out on this one. Instead, make your boyfriend feel happy by showing that you understand him, caring for him, and appreciating him for who he is. Take a dance class together.

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