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Ray J talks new dating show "Driven to Love" and announces wedding date

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Get in touch with Tina Dayton (@TinaDayton) — likes. Ask anything you want to learn about Tina Dayton by getting answers on ASKfm. Submissions must be directly related to Rooster Teeth. Posts deemed indirectly related to Rooster Teeth will be allowed in the form of a self-post at the discretion of the moderators. "Look-a-like" posts are considered always in violation of this rule. 2. Don't post any Rooster Teeth videos from YouTube or the. 17 Jan Ray narvaez und tina dayton dating. Gueth chancing sailboarded tipold either extortion undoings debrita receptionists eison intellects cajoles roudabush elian radio-dating-methoden molecule wie fertig werden mit meinem ex dating jemand anderes merckling unskillful. antarctica:: in accountancy.

Sign in with Facebook Other Sign in options. He is a former Rooster Teeth employee and former Achievement Hunter host. Narvaez was an employee of Rooster Teeth Productions in the Here Hunter division from April 6th, for three full years of employment until April 17th, when he quit his job in favor of full time streaming on Twitch.

Ray was a contributor and a main golden member of Rooster Teeth and Achievement Hunter. He is, as of April 17th,now formerly the 6th main host of Achievement Hunter and former employee of Rooster Teeth Productions who departed the company as a full time employee to focus on live Twitch. Growing up in the residential neighborhood of Fresh Meadows, Queens, New York near Long Island, he started playing games since he was 2 years old.

He is of Puerto Rican descent and grew up in New York area and he began wearing glasses since he was 5. Ray attended Queens College for about a year but he dropped out as he would frequently ditch classes much to the anger and chargin of his parents.

His parents were at first very disappointed so Ray had to go find work with a well-paying salary. After dropping out of college, he at first worked as a bar server at a New York bar. Ray said that his job working at UPS was the worst job ever as he hated delivering packages in the cold winter snow. Ray later moved to Texas where he currently resides in Austin, Texas. He worked there for about 2 and a half years. His old awesome boss left for another job and when his horrible new boss came in and gave Ray unfair working hours, Ray quit working at GameStop immediately.

How long have ray and tina been dating

At a GameStop branch in New York, he realized he hated his job and his manager kept cutting his hours so he was earning little to no pay. Due to this, he came to the decision to make a large selection of videos and try and be hired at Achievement Hunter which was an overall success.

He worked as a content creator and uploaded community YouTube videos under the internet persona BrownMan for three years from until he was officially hired in when his YouTube videos grabbed the attention of Rooster Teeth. When Ray first met Geoff for employment, Geoff ran Ray under a contract and he worked as a contract host from until Before being officially hired, he was a community member, editor, content creator and recurring host on Rooster Teeth and Achievement Hunter videos.

On April 6th,he was officially by Rooster Teeth and would later be promoted to the 6th main host at Achievement Hunter. He was the last learn more here newest member at Achievement Hunter. By April 30th,he became a fully-fledged Rooster Teeth Productions employee and a cast member at Achievement Hunter.

According to Burnie Burns, Ray was employee number He became active in the Rooster Teeth community, making many achievement guides for video games. Before officially being hired, he was a content creator, community member, contract host and editor for Achievement Hunter who also appeared in several of the company's shows.

He also created achievement guides for the associated YouTube channel. He made community videos for Achievement Hunter under the internet persona BrownMan for three years go here until before being hired on April 6th He worked as a contract host from until As a 6th main cast member of Achievement Hunter, he quickly became known for his various catchphrases that he used in the group's videos.

He was also a host of the award-winning Internet Box podcast from until it ended on March 3rd, He also cracked the top for highest Xbox Gamerscore and was one of the best gamer players at Achievement Click at this page and Rooster Teeth, with the highest gamer score.

Ray was considered to be the best gamer in Rooster Teeth and the best Achievement Hunter due to his considerable and unbeatable skills in many video game genres. Zombies, has the longest Versus winning streak, and has the highest gamerscore out of all the Achievement Hunters. He had a gamerscore of aboutRay's primary job working at Rooster Teeth Productions and Achievement Hunter was to star in Rooster Teeth and Achievement Hunter videos, such as star in Lets Play videos and VS with the rest of the five guys and record for the internet box podcast which ended on March 3rd, He was also signed in to voice his animated superhero counterpart named X-Ray in the cartoon series X-Ray and Vav.

He was often given the task of making guides for achievements that are too difficult for other employees e. Call of Duty SpecOps missions on Veteran difficulty.

He was a part of the Rooster Teeth interview on what it's like making Red vs Blue. He also got to answer the audience's questions, signed autographs, and had taken pictures for fans. He even performed some magic tricks for the crowd.

Ray talked about how he got to be in the same photograph with the entire game designer group that made Halo 4, as shown in the Rooster Teeth Animated Adventure. Ray has commonly been known as the best one in the office at video games and he has won many games against other people.

He is also non-alcoholic and is known to never drink any alcohol, pre and post Rooster Teeth. Ray's humor is very sarcastic and self-deprecating, making for very memorable lines, or "Rayisms". He frequently responded to the mention of a song, movie, or person with something completely unrelated, such as responding to a Michael Jackson song with "I love the Baha Men".

It was also common for him to poke fun at his own supposed abstinence from drugs and alcohol. On April 10,Ray announced his departure from Achievement Hunter to pursue streaming full-time. He has stated he will make guest appearances in Achievement Hunter videos as well as continue his voice role in X-Ray and Vav. In his last journal entry under his official profile user, Ray stated the stated the following.

My time here has been the most incredible experience of When Did Ray And Tina Start Dating life and really was a dream come true. I could never thank Geoff or the company or the fans enough for everything over these past few years.

Over the past year and 100 Free South American Dating Sites half I've fallen completely in love with streaming and therefore I attend on pursuing it full time. For those of you who wish to continue to follow me and my content you can do so over at Twitch. I know many of you will have a lot of question When Did Ray And Tina Start Dating I will do my best to answer them all for you in the next few weeks.

When Did Ray And Tina Start Dating

He thanked everyone including the Rooster Teeth staff, the Achievement Hunter cast and crew and his fans for the best time of his life in his final journal entry blog post under his profile user on the Rooster Teeth website. He also gave links to his Twitch. In his final journal entry, Ray cited his passion and interest in Twitch. He stated that over the past year and a half, he fell in love with life streaming not that he hates Rooster Teeth and wanted to do it full time.

He was often given the task of making guides for achievements that are too difficult for other employees e. By April 30, he became a fully fledged Rooster Teeth employee. She was born in Florida, raised in Maine but eventually moved back to Florida.

Also, when frequently asked on Ask. So I had no choice but to leave". According to Ray, one of the biggest benefits of independent and solo Twitch. Also, you get good money as your source of income comes from subs, tips and donations. Ray's first full time stream was recorded on Saturday, April 18th, at The four hour long video showed that he earned lots of money.

His source of income on Twitch is from his fans, as he gets money from subs, tips and donations. Since that day, Ray continues see more stream on Twitch and upload YouTube videos. You can view his Twitch channel here at Twitch. Brown Out for three episodes until Minecraft Episode Finish This House, Ray's old mud hut was fully demolished.

Edit Ray Narvaez Jr. Ray's first full time stream was recorded on Saturday, April 18th, at Ray said that his job working at UPS was the worst job ever as he hated delivering packages in the cold winter snow.

His chest containing his stuff, supplies and equipment were packed up and moved to the basement so his stuff would life on and be used by the AH guys. But Ray's horse he never used because Ray wanted the donkey instead and ride off into the sunset but chose to just walk away anyway wasn't so lucky.

Michael set Ray's horse free and marched it into the lava pit and murdered it. Some of Ray's other assets such as his crafting table and his bed were also moved to the basement and the rest of the assets were seized by the AH guys. By the end, it was a brand new refurbished house which would later be called Jeremy's house. It was built starting at the end of Episode after Ray left with the deconstruction of Ray's Mud Hut, with construction lasting through Episode The new house sat unoccupied until Episode when Jeremy won the When Did Ray And Tina Start Dating of Pimps for the first time, prompting him to "rent" the house.

In a skit filmed later, but still part of Episode When Did Ray And Tina Start Dating, Geoff claimed that Jeremy's see more check had "cleared" and that the house was officially his.

When Jeremy chopped the sign down, the "Jeremy's House" sign was revealed. In Geoff's house, there is a portrait of Ray with some red roses so that they can remember him. They also placed some roses near the infamous tunnel with the sign "Do Not Enter".

Since Ray's house has been renovated and seized by Jeremy, it has now been listed as a former location. They have moved on in life and so has he. Because he is very wildly successful on Twitch and YouTube, it is highly doubtful that Ray will ever return to Rooster Teeth and Achievement Hunter as he got burnt out, bored, annoyed and tired playing the same games over and over again and he wanted to start fresh and try something new.

It is highly unlikely that he will ever return due to his interests but that doesn't mean the possibility is dismissed entirely. Geoff told Ray that he was still rehire him if he really wants to return.

When Did Ray And Tina Start Dating

Ray also stated that he and Tina were going to watch Lazer Team Rooster Teeth's first full length movie and they both were very excited and highly supportive to RT's first movie and very eager on watching it as well as looking forward to Michael and Gavin's performances.

On that day, Ray and Tina announced on Twitter that they both liked and enjoyed the film, giving it positive reviews.

They have been dating since April and reside in Austin, Texas visiting the Rooster Teeth offices every now and then. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet!

Dinner Date with Ray

Edit Ray Narvaez Jr. Showing all 22 items. He left the Machinima production company Rooster Teeth Productions as well as their subsidiary Achievement Hunter on April 17th, to pursue a full time career as an independent and solo Twitch.

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He plans to make it his final job. When Did Ray And Tina Start Dating April 30, he became a fully fledged Rooster Teeth employee. As of Minecraft Episode Ray was able to enter the famous tunnel, but his footage from inside is not seen.

He didn't permanently and fully leave Rooster Teeth Productions as a whole, he just mainly left Achievement Hunter as he stated in his final RT blog post that he would still return to the Rooster Teeth offices to record for X-Ray and Vav with Gavin Free as well as occasionally show up as a recurring guest host on some of Rooster Teeth and Achievement Hunter videos every now and than, as many times as he could on his days off from from streaming.

He has also stated that besides streaming, working at Rooster Teeth and Achievement Hunter was truly an amazing and wonderful time and his best job ever and a dream come true.