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Loveability - An Empowered Girl's Guide To Dating and Relationships. likes. In this guide, Dannielle Miller and Nina Funnell will help you navigate. Loveability an Empowered Girl's Guide to Dating and Relationships. 20 Jan Loveability by Nina Funnell in Books with free delivery over $60 at Australia's biggest online bookstore Angus & Robertson Bookworld. Loveability An Empowered Girl's Guide to Dating and Relationships by Nina Funnell and others Paperback / softback | Pub: 20/01/ (0) Weeks. RRP $ 13%.

Loveability: The Empowered Girl's Guide to Dating and Relationships

Do you sometimes worry that children are growing up in a narcissistic and materialistic world? Do you want to teach your children how they can focus more on what they are thankful for, and less on the negative? Children are not always very good at saying thank you or feeling grateful.

This is because none of us are born understanding gratitude we have to learn and develop it. There is actually a lot we can do to help nurture thankfulness in our children, and Gratitude is packed with practical, common-sense tips and hints that have been shown to work.

It offers a positive new Loveability A Girls Guide To Dating to nurturing thankfulness in children by making gratitude an everyday habit of family life. Instilling gratitude in our read more is about so much more than politeness.

Loveability A Girls Guide To Dating

Gratitude is linked to greater happiness, a this web page positive outlook on life, stronger social bonds and support networks, and higher achievement. This book shows how fostering gratitude in our children helps them develop the skills they need for fulfilling and successful futures — in their studies, personal lives, and careers.

When to stay and when to go? Or maybe just sick of being single? In this guide, Dannielle Miller and Nina Funnell will help you navigate your way through the often complex world of relationships. Their combination of professional expertise and personal stories delivers a book that is like the best chat you could ever have with your friends, filled with good advice that is smart, but also warm, funny and never judgemental. Brilliant and about time. Should be compulsory reading.

The book's Loveability A Girls Guide To Dating to the big issues — body image, drugs and alcohol, sex and love, friendship, school and work — is personal but grounded in evidence. The practical advice is sensible but never prescriptive, and is certainly never delivered from the high horse of moral authority. And the affirmations that close each chapter are to-the-point and have the potential to be genuinely empowering. Danni's voice throughout is that of a trusted, trusting, wise-but-never-superior older sister.

You know she won't put up with your crap, but you also know she's got your back.

She expects a lot from you, but only because she thinks so very, very much of you. Educator, activist, writer, mother, friend, mentor, feminist — every aspect of Danni's life and being is directed towards helping girls navigate their teen years not only safely but with actual joy. Rather than encourage girls to attempt to avoid pain through making themselves meek and ultra-cautious, Danni encourages them to confront the hard stuff and stomp all over it.

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She doesn't just want girls to be okay — she wants them to be magnificent and to know it. The Girl with the Butterfly Tattoo empowers teen girls to make their own choices. You want girl power? The Spice Girls and Buffy may play and pretend, or even project, that they have it, but The Girl with the Butterfly Tattoo shows girls how link grasp and live it for themselves.

This girl's guide delves deeply into topics of body image, bullying, binge drinking, friends, school, and everything in between that can and does impact the life of a young girl today.

Loveability A Girls Guide To Dating

It's source preachy or dumbs these issues and girls' feelings and experiences down, but is also gentle and even loving in its suggestions and affirmations, which girls will relate to. Dannielle brilliantly takes the mystery and fear out of raising girls growing up in a culture which doesn't like them very much. This is a time when many girls struggle to cope and really need our guidance and support, even though they may not be asking for it!

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The Butterfly Effect is written with passion and honesty, and offers insightful and practical advice for all parents who want to do more than 'just survive' the teen years! But she offers not only insight into adolescent girls as interesting works in progress, but also provides encouragement, solace and solution.

In a culture that has become increasingly saturated with premature sexualisation, bullying, eating disorders, self-harm and self-hatred, The Butterfly Effect equips any parent or teacher with accurate insight and key strategies to help teenage girls navigate today's social landscape.

Preview — Loveability by Nina Funnell. This girl's guide delves deeply into topics of body image, bullying, binge drinking, friends, school, and everything in between that can and does impact the life of a young girl today. Loveability — EE in-school program flyer. But it was this research collated on sexual harassment that I think we urgently need to explore further:.

Sharing her own self-disclosures and tips for healthier, happier teens, Dannielle's expertise as educator and mentor to teen girls is obvious to anyone working within the field. In contrast to other books, Dannielle does not take a hysterical nor doomsday approach to current day crises faced by girls — instead her book is one that supports, inspires and transforms its readers into positive role models in teen girls' lives.

As a psychotherapist specialising in disordered eating, I highly recommend The Butterfly Effect to anyone wanting to understand how to help link girls through the difficult challenges they face today. I came into the room, and my year-old daughter was reading it, and she said to me: I can't wait to read it myself. My artistic husband actually made me a 'journal' in which to write affirmations and other positive thoughts, inspired by this book.

Lists with This Book. Feelings are not good or bad; they just are what they are. Ursula rated it it was amazing Jun 02, Co-incidently, only this week I received an email from a young girl from a school here in Sydney: Olivia rated it liked it Mar 04,

The first thing that literally Loveability A Girls Guide To Dating me in the chest when reading this book was a total awareness and awakening of what is happening to our teenage girls. At a deep level, it resonated with me. The information is real, pertinent and totally relevant. Thank you for awakening me. Thank you for snapping me to attention and making me want to become a greater part of the solution.

It includes the most up-to-date research and finally gives parents positive, sensible strategies they can easily apply. Visit Random House to read more.

Praise for Gratitude — A positive new approach to raising thankful kids "Thanks, Danni, for being such a positive champion and guide for parents and teachers to help them build gratitude and thoughtfulness in our children so that we can create more info more caring and compassionate world for all.

Sex, Power, Choice "Possibly the first book in the world to treat teenage girls as the responsible, intelligent human beings they mostly are. A positive new approach to raising happy, confident teen girls, Random House Praise for The Butterfly Effect "A lively, informative and engaging book filled with great advice and resources for both mothers and daughters. Ten Secrets Every Father Must Know "If you want to develop a deeply connected and loving relationship with your teenage daughter, then this book is for you.