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Virtual Assistant Rates - Part Two

I need salary information for…

Are you looking for a virtual assistant? If yes, read to learn more about virtual assistants. Though it ranges between £ and £, the average rate charged by Virtual Assistants across the UK is £ per hour. 1. If this rate initially surprises you, please consider carefully the following: Employed Assistants. The average annual salary for a Personal Assistant in London is £29, (range including bonuses. 23 Aug Here's the down and dirty, the nitty gritty, the harrowing details of what a virtual assistant typically costs and how their rates are determined.

Now check your email to confirm your subscription to the e-course and I'll send you your welcome email. Figuring out what your rates are can be one of the hardest things for both the newcomer and experienced VA.

When I first became a virtual assistant I worked for a company called Secretary in Israel. I thought that because I offered my services at such a low rate I was sure I would be able to get several clients. It was time to re-think my hourly rate.

Sign in with credentials. Are there too many as it is? Thank you for offering such help.

Within 24 hours, this client suggested we move forward and she has been a client of mine ever since. Keep in mind that I got clients and raised my rates because I was really good at what I did. I was so busy that I needed to evaluate how I was charging my clients in terms of the retainer packages I was offering. I had 3 options in my retainer package.

The idea was if you purchased more time I gave you a discount on the hourly rate.

How Much Does Virtual Hookup Assistants Cost

Over time, the above options were just not working for me. Why do I need to discount my services? Do yourself a favor and pick one price point and stick to it. That's why I created this free webinar to teach you step-by-step how to figure out what to charge!

Enter your email below to get immediate access. How To Determine Your Rates. So tell me, how much are your thinking of charging for your virtual assistant services and what information did you base this number off of? Anyway, thank you for being a voice of self-advocation in this. For me it was simply a function of getting used to marketing my services and asking for a rate that I felt was in line with the work I was doing. In the beginning I was less confident, but that quickly changed.

I found a fascinating article that I think will really help you navigate the road ahead and give you the confidence to charge something that is more in line with your experience. I see a shift in this role becoming more a la carte. Start by writing down everything you do, in other words all your skills. I highly recommend you check it out.

Thanks so much for the click in this blog post! Tried click reach you on Twitter, but maybe this is a better option.

How Much Does Virtual Hookup Assistants Cost

Thank you so much for writing this article! Hi Reese, I have almost twenty years of experience in administration. I wonder if in your opinion there is a difference between VA and EA? Also, do you advise your clients how much time they need based on project?

Or do they decide how much time they need? An EA works for one business owner and is a salaried employee. A VA works for many clients and is an independent contractor. My clients have always purchased time each month in the form of a retainer. They know more or less how much support they need from month to month.

Please read my disclosure for more info. Katrina, I have a contract that I use for my clients and you can grab it for yourself and customize it for your VA business. January 24, at 3:

As to be expected, there are months where business is slow and months where business is crazy busy. For example, my clients are coaches and they often launch programs a few times a year. During those launches they need much more support from me. The whole point of having your own VA business is not to become a total slave to your desk so you need to have proper systems and back up here place.

I love this article, such an eye opener for me! In the Philippines, our hourly rate is very low and disappointing as well. I am not being given direct projects that need to be done, just bits and pieces. He told me it would be 8 hours a day, but I can not get 8 hours a day out of sitting and wondering what to do next and if I will have work the next day.

I gave up a full time office position for this job and now very stuck. I have been making cold calls for him since July. Where can I find VA jobs? Only place I can seem to get close is a website I have to pay for!

Have you signed up to my free e-course? It will help you figure some much needed things out to get moving in the right direction. Reese, so glad to have come across this site, and hoping to learn about How Much Does Virtual Hookup Assistants Cost to launch a successful VA career.

I offer retainer rates based on percentages off of my hourly rate for hours retained and was recently asked to provide a project rate for onsite work I will complete. What are your recommendations for pricing projects? Should they be priced at the same discounted percentage as my retainer fees? Example, I am expecting the project to take at least two full 8-hour days. Or, are project rates typically higher or lower than retainer rates?

Maureen so sorry for the delay here!

Virtual Assistant Rates - Part Two

I typically charge my regular rate plus travel and per diem. To be more specific, you want to charge for your travel time, cost of travel gas and wear and tear and any meals you would need to buy while there. I read this post several months back and was inspired to make the switch from an hourly for which I was charging too little anyway to 5-hour prepaid chunks of time. Use Freshbooks and log your time with their timer onto a timesheet. I want to say thank you for all your blogs and posts on being a VA!!

How do you prove it to them? I know there are many time management systems but how do they work?

How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Virtual Assistant?

Do they login and check or do we make a spreadsheet? To answer your question, you should always keep track of your time. I recommend using Freshbooks. Each week or month you export your timesheet to an Excel file and send it to your client. Thank you so much for this helpful information. May I communicate with you through e-mail please? I registered my e-mail add. Hi, My question was waiting for moderation. I have been watching for a response for a couple of days and now it seems to have totally disappeared.

Also do you recommend the idea of launching my business by offering a few hours free time or at a low rate to get my first clients? In fact, you can source people out who have specific problems that they are talking about online, offer to jump in and help at no cost and viola. Reese, thanks so much for the great advice! I appreciate receiving the detailed suggestions and I also always find your blog posts to be so helpfu.

Virtual Assistant Rates: How Much Should You Charge?

It totally helps new VAs like me to start our actual businesses sooner than would have been with the best practices to incorporate. Reese, I love following you! Just starting my business and I have my website up. I am just befinning to try to reach my first client.

I understand the packages and a reduced rate for more hours, but if I charge hourly, do I estimate the time for a project and get payment upfront before I begin How Much Does Virtual Hookup Assistants Cost work? How should I handle this?

Yes, get paid up front. There is nothing worse that the first time you get screwed over so I advise all my clients to use retainer plans OR by project jobs where you can get a portion of the payment up front.

I would like to traverse this career of being a VA. I am actually a newbie on this industry but I see so much potential in it. I thought of accepting this as this is my first time and I really need to load up on VA skills. I have been working in the corporate world as bookkeeper and a system tester.

Then last year I quit that world as I needed to focus on my family. I can only afford to work about hours each day thus this VA career struck me that quick. Do you have any advice on my situation at the moment? Is it just alright to accept this job I am about to venture into? Sorry it took me awhile to respond. Having a hours a day is a more info if you know how to prioritize and market yourself.

When I first started as a VA I was a generalist.

Over time I specialized in social media marketing and WordPress websites. You will learn as you go. Remember, jack of all trades, master of none. Thank you Reese for what you do!