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Do You Know How MUCH God LOVES YOU !?! The Greatest Love Story EVER Told!

Jacob and Rachel: A Bible Love Story

11 Feb USCCB (United States Conference of Catholic Bishops)'s twitter account started a TOP 10 list of love stories from the Bible. Timely! For everyone, as the Though Moses was criticized for taking a foreign wife, Zipporah showed great respect for her husband's faith and his mission. (Exodus 2, 4 and 18, and. 10 Feb While many love stories are great, this one always stands out. In Genesis chapter 29, Jacob arrives at his uncle Laban's home in search of a wife. There he finds Rachel, Laban's youngest daughter and her older sister is beautiful. Jacob's in love with her and makes a proposal to her father. Jesus- The Greatest Love Story. The greatest story of love is the story of Jesus Christ. Since the very beginning of the Bible, God has shown His love to man. Even though He requires death as punishment for sin, God promised a redeemer who would come to earth to save mankind. Many stories in the Old Testament are .

Pretty in pink, I like to think. Michael sat near the back with his friends. Two lives came to a crossroad.

Neither of us saw it coming, but my guess is that Link had it planned all along. Throughout history God has brought couples together in a number of ways.

Sitemap Privacy Policy Disclaimer Advertise. He seemed to know with certainty that Rachel would be his bride. In comes a man.

More important than romance however, is when two intersecting lives work together to bring glory to God. Of course there are more than six—many, many more—but if I touched on each and every one of them this post would be endless. Couples like Abraham and Sarah, Isaac and Rebecca, and Noah and his wife are definitely great couples.

Famous Love Stories In The Bible

We read about trials, heartaches, temptation and sin, but we also read about grace and repentance and growth. Laban brought his daughter to Jacob in the dark of the night to be his wife. When the morning came he realized that he had been deceived into marrying Leah. He was able to also marry Rachel a week later, but only under the terms that he would work another seven years for Laban—making it fourteen years in total. Hannah and Elkanah In 1 Samuel chapter 1 we are introduced to Elkanah.

While Penninah had children, Hannah did not. In a day when having sons was of great importance to men, Elkanah loved her saying. Hannah, why weepest thou? And why eatest thou not? And why is thy heart grieved? Knowing the thoughts and the fears that she struggled with, he put his needs aside see more offer her words of assurance and love.

My heart melts every time I read that!

Famous Love Stories In The Bible

In so many ways it reflects the relationship of Jesus Christ and the church. She was strong when she needed to be and approached the king of behalf of her people. Loving Esther, he came to their rescue. Let us therefore come boldly unto the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy, and find grace to help in time of need. Pick up a copy of my newest book: Join overwomen in our facebook community!

All we need to do is pick up all that we can from these godly homes and infuse them into our marriages. The same God over them is the same over us and following Him, we cannot go wrong. Thanks for sharing these amazing couples with us, it goes to show we also can have amazing marriages. Have a super blessed day! Darlene, you have really outdone yourself with see more post.

Thank you for your ministry; you have encouraged me in more ways than I can count! As I struggle in my marriage right now, I am so blessed by what you share on your site Darlene, especially this post.

These marriages had their struggles and God brought them through. I know he will bring mine through our struggles too. Thank you for the reminder! If you have Netflix here are two movies that you should look up.

Both are very good and beautifully done, but that Book of Ruth! Have a Happy Valentine's Day! I never would have picked out all the points that he did. God truly does speak in ALL of Famous Love Stories In The Bible

We had issues with our Famous Love Stories In The Bible but the sermon is finally uploaded. Darlene for such beautiful words of encouragement and for the reminder that God in His wisdom give us the Bible source our totally source for life. If we want to learn about married all we have to do is look through God words. They same instructions He came them still ring true for us today.

Couple 1 Two women exchanged as property for labour. Couple 2 Polygamy with the dude playing favorites between his two wives. Even that Sister Wives clown of a husband knows better than that. Are you seriously suggesting that we should aspire to the marriage of Esther and Ahasuerus?

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Culturally approved sex slavery? Are you kidding me? She submitted because the rules were submit or die. And later she completely violated those rules, NOT submitting, and hoped for the best because her people were at stake. Couple 4 Sure, Joseph behaved reasonably well. Couple 5 This one is great. A true egalitarian marriage.

Apparently sharing the paying work and the ministry equally actually is okay with God. Couple 6 Meh Boaz seemed like a decent enough guy. Annie, Couple 1 This was to way of their culture, this was their way of life in these days.

Couple 2 Polygamy was not Gods idea. However again it was a way of life in their times. Couple 3 Ester knew it was Gods will for her to go and again this is go here they did in their times. Couple 4 Joseph and Mary were approached by an angel that told them Gods plan, was it easy no not at all. Couple 5 How is this bad? Doing the work of God…. Couple 6 Boaz was a Famous Love Stories In The Bible man again something that was done in their times.

Today people from our past would have bad things to say about our society. No marriages, self centered, always finding the worst in everyone. Ha they wouldnt believe their eyes. Yes each and every person in the bible except God and Jesus Christ had human flaws, but just because you have done something bad would you want everyone to look at you as the person who did that for the rest of your life?

Would you like to get the daily question in your FB messenger? He imagined the rumors that would swirl, and he remembered that he loved Mary with his whole heart. However Uriah refuses, and so David sees that Uriah is killed in battle.

Well Thankfully Jesus can wash away your sin and give you grace. So that you can be who you are without always being called by your sin. Appreciate you and God bless. My all time favorite couple, that has the least publicity is Noah and his wife. And the example that she showed to their children. Because ultimately only one small family was saved form the great flood.

All how ever many continue reading were already populated the earth though that Noah was crazy and not a single other person believed in the prophesy of the great flood. Famous Love Stories In The Bible to me that silent lady that stood by her husbands side no matter what others thought of their family and whole heartedly trusted God deserves more attention.

Nice one, full of comfort, hope and very educative with sound doctrine. May all see God more in what you have written, so that Praise, Glory and Honer may not come to you but goes to God who gave you wisdom, knowledge and understanding over this marriage subject. God bless you, your family and book ministry sister Darlene Schacht. I really enjoyed this and appreciate the time taken to teach.

Love Stories in the Bible

Famous Love Stories In The Bible makes me feel so good inside learning about other couples in the Bible, I want to keep learning. Definitely a good way to make our marriages grow and learn to be a little bit of each woman to be the best woman for our husbands.

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Jacob and Rachel While many love stories are great, this one always stands out. In a day when having sons was of great Famous Love Stories In The Bible to men, Elkanah loved her saying, Hannah, why weepest thou? Through a miraculous event of the Holy Spirit, she is pregnant, carrying the Christ child. What could have been a terrifying situation for both of them was something they leaned into. They held onto each other fiercely with God-centered faith, trusting His wisdom over their own.

They are a beautiful example of two people whose union brought glory to God. They were a power couple—tent makers, who worked alongside one another in ministry. A perfect example of a Christ-centered marrriage! What I love most about their story is that Boaz is her kinsman redeemer. A stranger in a foreign land, widowed and destined to click the following article life of poverty, she is virtually helpless.

Boaz came to her rescue, purchased the property that belonged to her family and made Ruth his wife. Titus 2sday Link-Up Party!

Abram and Sarai

Comments All we need to do is pick up all that we can from these godly homes and infuse them into our marriages.