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Your browser does not currently recognize any of the video formats available. Click here to visit our frequently asked questions about HTML5 video. The fire, which was attributed to a faulty electrical wiring with a household appliance, swept the nine-room home, valued at $37,, leaving all but a single bedroom in total. 19 Jun PB: Are there bands you have toured with that you felt a connection with? I know that you toured with the Jesus and Mary Chain. OA: We did some shows with them. We didn't feel a connection with them, but definitely though with Darker My Love and the band we are touring with now, September Girls?. Several musical numbers from the stage version were not used in the film, including "Freddy, My Love", "Those Magic Changes", and "It's Raining on Prom Night." They appear as jukebox . Rydell High is a reference to teen idol Bobby Rydell who had a million selling hit with "Swingin' School" in 47 of 54 found this.

Sign in with Facebook Other Http:// in options. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! Showing all items. Rizzo's hickeys were real. Stockard Channing said in an interview that Jeff Conaway insisted on applying them himself.

Yes No Share this Share this: For the movie, the lyric was changed to reference Elvis Presleywho died the same day the scene was filmed. The dance contest was filmed during the summer when the school was closed. The gym had no air conditioning and the doors had to be kept closed to control lighting, so the building became stifling hot. On this web page than one occasion, an extra had to be taken out due to heat-related illness.

Due to a zipper breaking, Olivia Newton-John had to be sewn into the trousers she wears in the last sequence the carnival at Rydell.

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The producers felt they needed a strong ballad and had Olivia Newton-John come back to film her singing this song. This song ended up receiving an Academy Award nomination. The highest-grossing movie of Most of the principal cast were well past their high school years. He turned down the role for fear of being typecast. For a time, this was the third highest-grossing movie of all time, behind Jaws and Star Wars: The scene near the bridge after the car race was filmed in an area full of trash, and the water on the ground was stagnant and dangerous.

Some cast members became ill from filming. John Travolta used his clout to have his character sing it. The director felt it was only right to ask Conaway if it was okay. At first he refused, but he eventually gave in.

Jeff Conaway was so infatuated with Olivia Newton-John he was tongue-tied whenever she was around. He later married Olivia's sister, Rona Newton-John.

Randal Kleiser got the idea for the swings from his hometown drive-in in Lebanon, PA. When Olivia Newton-John was cast as Sandy, her character's background had to be changed to accommodate the actress' own background. The actual hand jive is a dance just for the hands. Thank you for your time. No, it was for a two or three album deal, but all of their record contracts became null and void when they left EMI.

When Olivia Newton-John was cast as Sandy, her character's background had to be changed to accommodate the actress' own background. In the original Broadway musical, Sandy was an all-American girl and her last name was Dumbrowski. In the movie version, she became Sandy Olsson, from Australia. John FarrarOlivia Newton-John frequent songwriter, wrote two new songs for the film while other songs from the Broadway musical were dropped. Randal Kleiser shot a scene of Kenickie and Rizzo getting into a heated argument, which explained their attitude towards each other in the diner scene where Rizzo threw the malt at Kenickie.

The fight scene was cut because it didn't match the tone of the rest of the film; it was much grittier, described by one crew member as "looking like something Martin Scorsese Cat Lover Hookup Video Bobby Rydell have directed. The final musical scene, "You're the One That I Want" was filmed with the help of a traveling carnival.

Cat Lover Hookup Video Bobby Rydell

Randal Kleiser decided the next day that additional scenes were needed for close-ups. The carnival had left town, so set decorators were called in to build replica backgrounds that matched the carnival ride's construction for the close-ups.

The film is set in Olivia Newton-John requested to have a screen test before she accepted the role of Sandy. The director Randal Kleiser agreed and they shot the 'drive-in movie' scene with Danny and Sandy as a trial. Newton-John was pleased and went on with filming. While shooting the "Greased Lightning" musical number, Jeff Conaway was accidentally dropped, hurting his back. Conaway started taking link killers, eventually abusing prescription drugs, and spiraling into drug addiction until he died in Cat Lover Hookup Video Bobby Rydell age In the decades following the film's release, a theory circulated that Sandy actually drowned at the beach, and the rest of the film is a near-death hallucination.

Theorists claim the famous 'fly-away' ending is Sandy's ascent to heaven. Danny's blue windbreaker at the beginning of the film was intended as a nod to Rebel Without a Cause John Travolta started Cat Lover Hookup Video Bobby Rydell just four days after completing filming for Saturday Night Fever Having two mega-hit movies in a row made it difficult to return to honor his contract for Welcome Back, Kotterbut he fulfilled his contract, albeit with a reduced presence, and eventually left the show to pursue a movie career full-time.

The film was re-released in theaters in to mark its 20th anniversary. A dance mix of songs from the soundtrack became a big hit on the radio. Carrie Fisher was considered for the role of Sandy. Randal Kleiser went to the Star Wars: Kleiser couldn't tell from the scene whether Fisher was right for the part, so he kept looking.

In Spanish, the title translated to "Grasa," or "fat". In the malt shop, the angel tells Frenchy to "Wipe off that Angel Face and go back to high school! Lucie Arnaz was the first choice for the role of Rizzo.

She was allegedly dropped from consideration when her mother, Lucille Ballcalled Paramount and said, "I used to own that studio! My daughter's not doing a screen test!

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The original Broadway production opened at the Eden Theater on February 14, and ran for 3, performances, setting a record. Adrienne Barbeau and Barry Bostwick were in the original Broadway cast. John Travolta appeared at some time as a replacement on Broadway in the role of "Doody". Marilu Henneran alumna of the original Chicago production, appeared as a replacement in the role of "Marty". Richard Gere is also listed as an understudy to many male roles, including Danny Zuko.

Gere played Zuko in the London production in It also became the highest-earning musical of all Here. The second highest is Chicago The 20 principal background dancers all had character names, including Sauce, Bart, Bubba, Midge, and Moose.

Randal Kleiser hated the opening song. He felt the lyrics were too dark and cynical for the light, fun movie he was making. Kleiser, a young upstart director, felt he had no clout to ask for changes. The official premiere after-party was at Studio Deep Throat star Harry Reems was originally cast as the coach.

Paramount eventually gave the role to Sid Caesar as protests over Reems's past porn roles were threatening the movie's success. John Travolta insisted that he have "blue black hair like Elvis Presley and Rock Hudson in the movies" because "it's surreal and it's very s.

Olivia Newton-John still owns Sandy's leather trousers, but has never worn them since. The film was originally rated PG. Didi Conn said that most of the cast became like a family, and Susan Buckner was a bit of an outcast, much like her character. Rydell Click is a reference to teen idol Bobby Rydell who had a million selling hit with "Swingin' School" in John Travolta argued with Randal Kleiser over the end of the song "Sandy".

He wanted a close-up of himself instead of the cartoon shot of a hot dog diving into a bun.

Cat Lover Hookup Video Bobby Rydell

Kleiser got his way. This was the highest grossing film of It received 1 Oscar nomination, for "Hopelessly Devoted To You," a song that wasn't supposed to be in the movie, After filming ended, the producers decided Olivia Newton-John needed a ballad, so they wrote the song, shot a scene with her singing it, and kept it in the movie.

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InRandal Kleiser called Sherry Lansingthen head of Paramount, and Cat Lover Hookup Video Bobby Rydell that the film had to come back again for its 20th anniversary. Lansing informed Kleiser that George Lucas had called her a few days earlier and said that out of all of the movies in the Paramount vault, this was the one that should come back. Lucas explained that every nine-year-old he knew watched a VHS copy of the film every day. Didi Conn hid under a security guard's desk to sneak a peek at the script before her audition.

Scenes inside the Frosty Palace contain obvious blurred Coca-Cola signs. Prior to the film's release, Allan Carr made a product-placement deal with Pepsi. When Carr saw footage of the a scene with Coca-Cola products and signage, he ordered Randal Kleiser to either reshoot the scene with Pepsi products or remove the Coca-Cola logos from the scene.

Reshoots were deemed too expensive and time-consuming, so optical mattes were used to cover up or blur out the Coca-Cola references. The "blurring" covered up trademarked menu signage and a large wall poster, but a red cooler with the logo was left unchanged. According to Kleiser, "We just had to hope that Pepsi wouldn't complain.

The high school was right next to a pork plant, so everything smelled like bacon. Susan Dey and This web page Raffin were the first choices for the role of Sandy.

Dey declined the role after her manager advised against it. The cast chewed aboutpieces of bubble gum during the shoot, up to 5, pieces a day. John Travolta kept lip-syncing "heap lap trials" instead of "heat lap trials," and Randal Kleiser claims it's visible in the finished product.

Kleiser believed Travolta was distracted after reading a magazine article that morning about his recently deceased girlfriend, Diana Hyland.

Olivia Newton-John insisted on a screen test for the role of Sandy. She was concerned that she didn't have the acting skills, and would look too old to be a high school student. The part was originally meant for Susan Deywho turned it down on her manager's advice.

Danny's blue windbreaker at the beginning of the film was intended as a nod to Rebel Without a Cause Death by Audio is the name of a guitar effects pedals company that you set up, isn't it? In Did Cohn, Olivia Newton John and John Travolta were all pushing to have a Grease 3 produced which would focus on the original cast and characters many years later; in another decade; like the 70s or the 90s, but this movie never got beyond the planning stages. Stockard Channing said in an interview that Jeff Conaway insisted on applying them himself.

Jim Jacobs and Warren Caseywho wrote the original musical's book, weren't invited on set during production of the movie.