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12 May employment will remain. ; high for at least a couple of. 'years and that more and. '• more of the long-term job-. ' less will need relief in the. 'months ahead. Assuming the Senate. -'passes some kind of mort- gage foreclosure relief bill,. ^differences with Uie House version would be worked out by a conference. 3 May Ken Sides, who served for eight years, resigned in April to accept employment out of state. His term also expires in June. Polls will be open from 7 a.m 8 p.m., Tuesday, May 6 at Albert. Township Hall in Lewiston and. Charlton Hall in Johannesburg. Detailed information on the candidates appeared in April. 4 Sep through Portsmouth. MANUAL C. CORREIRA . the music we want. We're looking to network with other musicians in the area. We just don't know who's here, and it's important for us to be connected musically and for him to continue to perform.” Tony S. LeWallen, 49, of 10 Cedar St.,. Fall River, was.

Speaking out against House Bill Gay Golden Report 3 Downloads 80 Views. The two were married last September after nearly 45 years together. But the bill made it through the Senate and Gov.

Ballad Of Tony Hookup Simulator Ariane Help Wanted

Phil Bryant signed it into law on Tuesday, Apr. The law allows government employees, religious organizations and businesses to refuse to provide services to members of the LGBT community due to religious or moral beliefs that oppose same-sex marriage, transgender people or extramarital sex.

She says the bill is an attempt to protect discrimination. Recently, a number of measures, including a water rate increase and six worker layoffs, may help the department stabilize its shrinking reserve fund.

Backpack Buddies, which provides meals to elementary and middle school children each week, will use the donation to expand its program into the high school ranks next fall, said program coordinator Susan Tomlinson. We try to plant the seeds of volunteerism. We have over that help throughout the year.

The Partnership also awarded Bulldog Burger Co. Coleman concluded the legal saga after three Oktibbeha County supervisors — Vaughn Marvell Howard, Orlando Trainer and Joe Williams — voted not to appoint a new prosecutor to the case.

School board, Greensboro Center, 6 p. Oktibbeha County Board of Supervisors, County courthouse, 9 a. For more information, contact Kathy Dyess, Julia Mortyakova at the piano. Open to the public; Rent Auditorium doors open at 6: For more information, contact Billy Simmons, Still, its average of But lately its producers have been making noises that the show might survive in some form. The show debuted as a summer series inand became an instant hit.

He had a love-hate relationship with fellow judge Abdul, with the amiable Randy Jackson sometimes caught in the middle. All three came back for a cameo Thursday night.

Mon-Fri n to With Southern libaancestors tion, the Mint Email a letter to click here editor?

County from n ext. It is basically a sim- mint julep recipes from Report a news tip? There is the and Bourbon or brandy. It is a legendStarkville Office: All three ary drink -- but like all families had basically the legends, fact and fiction same recipe and it is not merge. It had belonged to Sally ever run. That was leps, but not in a flattering a liqueur that was made Mail Subscription Rates Entered at the post office at Columbus, Mississippi.

Lab Techniques

BoxColumbus, MS too many, too often. Month to date Normal month to date Year to date Normal year to date 0. Temperature bands are highs for the day. It contains one julep recipe: In addition to basic mint, water, sugar and whisky or brandy, it also contains lemon, orange and strawberries.

Alexander, at the Steam-Boat Hotel, puts strawberries in his mint juleps. The interview still often appears in books and national publications whenever mint juleps are discussed.

Heritage rebounded to win with the boys doubles point with Mason Cline and John H. Lee rushed for 65 yards on 10 carries and two touchdowns. Florida at Ole Miss, 1 p. Turn right try home available in Excellent References real estate of any type, cellent condition.

It even reappeared three years ago in USA Today. It is a recipe in which sugar water and mint are whispered over a goblet filled with bourbon and crushed ice. Instructions were also specific that a proper mint julep should be made in a silver goblet not a julep cup.

The goblet could be held by the stem so as to not mess up the frosting of its sides or allow your hands to unduly warm the contents. In the fine old city of Columbus, in the northeastern part of the state, hospitality for many years is said to have reached its height in Whitehall, the home of Mr.

Bruise a mint leaf in a tablespoon of the sugar water then remove the leaf. Fill a silver goblet with crushed ice and add the tablespoon of mint and sugar water. Then fill the goblet with good bourbon. It is the same as the Whitehall recipe, except at Waverly, rather than simply dissolving sugar in water, a simple syrup was made by boiling the sugar water.

That common recipe is not surprising as Mrs. Cleveland, a developer and owner of the Tupelo Furniture Market. He also owns the Tupelo Commons retail development, which is home to Best Buy, Ashley HomeStore and several other stores and restaurants. Hancock has leased space at Tupelo Commons since about When Hancock filed for Chapter 11 reorganization on Feb.

During the play, one of the main characters falls over dead in a plate of spaghetti. During the rest of the play, Ballad Of Tony Hookup Simulator Ariane Help Wanted remaining characters attempt to solve the murder. Tickets need to be purchased by April Not pictured is Tia Smith of Columbus. Prize Continued from Page 1A event promotion and spirit of read more. The event is specifically held after spring break, a historically slow time for restaurants and businesses in the community.

A charity aspect was incorporated to entice potential diners to eat at participating restaurants. After nominating three organizations, restaurant patrons receive ballots for ordering entrees and cast votes for a specific charity to receive a cash donation. The Partnership uses the ballots to just click for source the effectiveness of its promotions by tracking how far away visitors travel to dine in Starkville restau- you could have a lot more flexibility.

Gale said improved efficiency in everything from light bulbs to washing machines is also decreasing usage. For example, he said an old incandescent light bulb might use watts, while a modern watt-equivalent LED light bulb might use 15 watts.

The reserve grew from to its peak in The department maintains service to about 8, residential customers.

Gale said the rate increase took effect March 1. Gale said it will take time to see exactly how much of an effect the acts have made, but he thinks they may mark a turning point for the department. It takes a lot to turn it go here once it gets going in one direction or the other.

As usual, we have high hopes that this promotion will benefit our local businesses and the community as a whole. Even the weather, which always seems to conspire against the production, could not diminish the success of the event, which coincides with the Pilgrimage each year.

The first show was broadcast Saturday at 11 p.


We also applaud the idea that students, under the supervision of faculty member Andrew Nation, will have a chance to talk about the things that are important to them. Because the district will be charged a fee, we encourage local businesses to get behind this effort by covering this cost. A rose to the Greater Starkville Development Partnership, corporate sponsors Cadence Bank, Vollor Law Firm and Copy Cow, participating restaurants and, of course, all those who dined at the restaurants for another successful Restaurant Week.

Nearly 13, votes were cast—with over 5, for the winning program—during Starkville Restaurant Week which saw 30 restaurants participate in the culinary benefit campaign. The grand prize—presented by Cadence Bank—will go towards starting a high school meal package program for students at Starkville High School, according to Backpack Buddies Coordinator Susan Tomlinson. The group received click the following article 4, votes.

Birney Imes, editor and publisher; Peter Imes, general manager; Slim Smith and senior newsroom staff. Voice of Ballad Of Tony Hookup Simulator Ariane Help Wanted People We encourage you to share your opinion with readers of The Dispatch.

Submit your letter to The Dispatch by: BoxColumbus, MS In person: All letters must be signed by the author and must include town of residence and a telephone number for verification purposes. Letters should be no more than words, and guest columns should be words.

Ballad Of Tony Hookup Simulator Ariane Help Wanted

We reserve the right to edit submitted information. Horse drawn carriage rides, provided by Xavier Fairley, have become a popular part of the Columbus Spring Pilgrimage.

The Pilgrimage ended Saturday. Mississippi Voices State should be more competitive on solar Mississippi has some mation Administration of the worst laws in the has concluded that the nation on solar energy. The panels allow any homepetitive and Mississippi has lots of sunshine. Solar has the added adsippi Public Service Commission PSC stipulated vantage of being carbon new net metering rules neutral.

I am a man-made for Entergy and Missisglobal warming skeptic, Wyatt Emmerich but many intelligent, sippi Power Company to well-meaning people promote solar power.

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This is hard to ignore. With federal sippi homes, are seeking legislative subsidies, homeowners in pro-solar exclusion from the new pro-solar states are cutting their utility bills rules.

One has to ask, why? Why would Payback in neighboring Louisiana, the co-ops not welcome solar? The co-ops are supposed to represent the which is pro-solar, is only six years. And solar panels last for 25 years.

Unregistered groups wade into hospital sale issue. Although Mullen is happy that his quarterbacks responded well to their poor play, he has yet to think about who is separating themselves. They took care of me and they helped me. Peters and Carter proved they could be productive in other lineups when MSU went big Stapleton at small forward to flank a forward and center. Court records show that police said Flowers gave inconsistent accounts of where he was click day of the killings.