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Never Have I Ever with One Direction

Request: He's overprotective

Preference #5 Seeing You With Someone Else (Harry) Harry: It's been two months, since you found out about Harry being in a relationship. You haven't Who is that guy with Y/N. I mean we've been friends for two years and she's never said anything about him and then all of sudden he shows up out of no freaking where. Sure, man," Zayn moves over on his bed and pats for Liam to sit down. "What's up ?" he asks. Liam looks at his hands nervously. "Um " Liam runs his fingers through his hair. "Well, you know your sister, (Y/N)? Well, of course you do. She's your sister " Liam rambles. "Go on. What about her?" Zayn asks, raising an eyebrow. One hand is on your waist while he uses the other to push his way through to his car. “(Y/N)! (Y/N)! Is it true Harry's cheating on you with Taylor Swift?” Someone yells beside you, and both you and Harry roll your eyes. “(Y/N)! How do you feel about Harry going on tour? You worried he's gonna hook up with other girls?.

They were so perfect and all you really wanted was a relationship like theirs. Then you got a text from Harry asking you how you were. He then texted back: So's Niall wanna meet him, I can hook you up.

You smile and reply with: You meet up with Niall the next week and and you two hit off straight away. Louis smiled and blushed slightly. You shook your head. Louis' eyes twinkled mischeviosly.

Never Have I Ever with One Direction

Harry's always liked you," Louis trailed off, checking for your reaction. You smiled and gave Louis the puppy dog eyes. You giggled and hugged your cousin.

I have a black belt," you say, sitting on top of him and taking back your phone. You'd just gotten out of the pool and he'd been tanning, so you'd tackled him in a wet, chlorine hug. They knew you were hurt by what happened with Harry and they tried to be there for you.

Louis eventually got you a date with Harry and you two became an item quickly. You have to be lying! Niall chewed thoughtfully for a while. He then swallowed and carried on thinking.

Minutes later, it got a bit rowdy inside so you turned your head to see what was up. Were you two kissing? I saw these on tumblr so I decide to write some here.

Would you really hook me up with Liam? Can you read minds?

But yes I will! You got excited and thanked him.

One Direction Preferences/Imagines - (Book 2 )

The next day Niall took you to Liam's house and Liam asked you out. You were out with your cousin and his girlfriend Perrie at the park and after a while, you started to feel like a third wheel. You were just watching them being coupley when you started to wonder if you wouuld ever have a relationship when Zayn suddenly waved to someone.

1d Preferences Hes Hookup Your Friend

Then Louis asked you to be his girlfriend and you excepted. I think everyone deserves a relationship like Dani and I.

You smiled and hugged him. Zayn's always been my favourite! Liam laughed and dropped Zayn a text.

1d Preferences Hes Hookup Your Friend

Zayn replied saying he would love to take you on a date and it led to something much more. Log in Sign Up.

One Direction: Preferences and Imagines

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