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Whitney kisses Tony - EastEnders - BBC

Whitney visits Debra and tries to discuss the past but Debra isn't interested and rejects her. She meets Todd Taylor and agrees to go on a date with him. It goes well until he asks about past relationships. She runs away and is found by Bianca's ex-husband Ricky Butcher, drunk. She tries to kiss him but he pushes her away. 12 Feb EastEnders: Whitney feels smothered on Valentine's Day (Image: BBC). But things are even more complicated than that. Because when Shona cuddles up to Tyler actor Tony Discipline, 22, on screen, she knows that in real life he's dating fellow EastEnders actress Jacqueline Jossa, 19, who plays Lauren. 24 Jul There are a whole host of surprises in store for the Carters in EastEnders as Whitney Carter returns and wants to move back in – before then revealing that she is engaged! But the biggest shock of all comes when she shares that her fiance is none other than Woody as Lee Ryan returns to the soap too.

While Shona, now 25, insists she found growing up in the public eye more confusing than difficult, a four-week suspension from the show in for persistent lateness perhaps hints that it was harder than she is letting on. However, she does confess that being on TV at such a young age left her with huge self-esteem and body issues that she has only recently managed to truly overcome.

All I knew was Whitney and her character. But I never put any pressure on myself.

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She puts her new-found confidence down to a decision she made a few years back to stop worrying link what other people think. One minute a big bum is really popular and the next minute the Kate Moss look is back. But her greatest attribute is undoubtedly the very wise head she has on her shoulders.

Why did I think I was fat? I say eat what you bloody want, so bring on the cake! The 5ft 2in star has even embraced her most-hated wardrobe staple. I wear jeans as Whitney and like them, but then I go home and try them as me and hate them. And she credits her mum with constantly trying to boost her confidence during those first years on EastEndershelping her to have a positive outlook towards her body. She has always made me feel very confident. Three years ago, following a couple of disastrous relationships, Shona began dating electrician Ryan Harris, The pair now live together in Surrey and are Who Is Whitney Dating In Eastenders hunting for their first home to buy.

EastEnders spoilers: Whitney Carter and Martin Fowler in steamy hook up?

He asked me whether my eyelashes were real, I said they were, and then he told me to close my eyes. He kissed me, and I just thought: But our life is pretty normal. Then I cook dinner and watch EastEnders.

Lee discovers what she has done and they start arguing. Bianca tells Whitney she is moving to Milton Keynes, and wants her to move with her and the children. Whitney initially refuses to discuss her and Tony's relationship with the police, believing that they were in love but Bianca makes her realise that Tony abused her and raped her for years. Jack is hospitalised with major injuries, and Whitney struggles to help Billie deal with his guilt and subsequent anger and rejection from the Branning and Jackson families. Her mother, Debra, suddenly returns - banging on the front door, panicking.

Of course, Shona has learned the hard way what happens if she is not focused on work. Her suspension came without pay, and it was reported that she was fined thousands of pounds to cover the cost of paying crew overtime after delaying filming.

She was warned by producers that she would Who Is Whitney Dating In Eastenders sacked if her disrespectful behaviour continued. Four months earlier, Shona and then-boyfriend Matt had been thrown out of an Asda store in Watford for allegedly smearing yoghurt suggestively over each other. It was typical of me as I was always late for school. There was no excuse really, I was just tired and young.

Now it is Shona — nominated for Serial Drama Performance in the read more National Television Awards — who the younger members of the cast turn to for help and advice. Whitney later became a teenage prostitute after meeting a man who forced her into a life of vice. After the child abuse storyline, I had so many young girls getting in touch saying that it had happened to them and given them the courage to come forward.

I love Whitney because she is a survivor.

Who Is Whitney Dating In Eastenders

Earlier this month, Whitney faced more tragedy when she miscarried the baby she was expecting with boyfriend Lee Carterplayed by Danny-Boy Hatchard. Whitney and Lee weep after she miscarries her baby on Eastenders. I was grateful the writers trusted me with that and it was important for me to portray it sensitively and in the right way.

I wanted to do it justice. She also says there was no truth to the reports earlier this year that she was leaving Walford behind to launch a singing career hello, Martine McCutcheonafter performing at Henley Festival with the Philharmonic Orchestra last year.

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And, unlike in Albert Square, Shona has managed to find her happy ending. Wa tch EastEnders, w eeknights from 7.

Who Is Whitney Dating In Eastenders

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Janine lies about Whitney's whereabouts but when she admits she does not know where Whitney is, Lauren and Janine attempt to find her, and Lauren sees her in Dartford going click a club. Tony, however, has lost interest in Whitney, and hides her passport but it is found and returned to her. When celebrating Billie's birthday, Whitney kisses Peter and spends the night with him. Whitney then goes to the prison to visit Tony but is told that he has committed suicide.

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