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The Nightingale Effect Is What Florence

Florence Nightingale - Mini Biography

Today's Nurse and the Florence Nightingale Effect. AMRI Staff. A news story recently made the rounds online as it was published through a number of different media channels. It is the heart-warming love story about an ALS patient who fell in love with, and married, his nurse. One version of the story, which was featured on. 25 Oct The Florence Nightingale Syndrome is also referred to as the Florence Nightingale Effect. This syndrome happens when an individual caring for another individual develops romantic feelings for them. More specifically the Florence Nightingale Syndrome is a psychological complex that might happen when. 22 Nov There was a news story released online that tells the heartwarming love story about a patient who had ALS. The story goes that he fell head over heels in love with and later married his nurse. One of the versions of this story was published by the Huffington Post. The response to the story has been positive.

What Is The Florence Nightingale Effect

Maybe it's that they're so cute when they're helpless. Maybe it's that we really want to feel loved and protected when we're vulnerable. First aid is intimate. You have to lean in to pat a cut eyebrow with dettol-soaked cotton wool gently. Narrowly escaping a life-threatening situation gives the scene extra zing.

She eventually falls in love with him and agrees to a romantic relationship, but he dies soon after. Cameron is also prone to this with "broken" people, like her ill ex-husband and House himself. Nightingale herself took a very dim view of this, nurses who did it, and hospitals that tolerated it.

Whatever the case, patients can and do fall in love with those who give them medical care, and vice versa. When the care-giver is a professional, such as a nurse or doctor, it would be considered extremely unprofessional for a doctor or nurse to act on those feelings. Doctors are advised against getting infatuated with their patients or to clearly rebuff the patients' advances, and having sex or any sort of overt romantic liaison for that matter with a current patient or any of their family member is considered a punishable breach of medical ethics there is a line in the Hippocratic Oath specifically forbidding that to prevent the doctor from abusing his or her position of authority to coerce sex from patients.

But in fiction, this will usually be portrayed as sweet and romantic.

Florence Nightingale Effect - TV Tropes

When the care is given by an amateur, there is an added element of romance because the medical treatment is entirely voluntary. This isn't their job, it's a genuine expression of caring for the well-being of another person.

Typically, the "civilian" version comes in two flavors:. The After-Action Patchup often has touches of this, but since it's only one scene does not often have the full blown effect.

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Named for the famous nurse Florence Nightingale, although she herself never fell victim to Psychologists just couldn't think of a different nursethus proving once and for all that tropers aren't the only ones who choose Trope Namers that aren't examples of the trope. See also The Woobie and Bandage Babewhich is what the patient may be to the audience and to the nurse.

Also compare Loser Gets the Girl. If the character giving the first aid is not actually good at it, it's Nurse with Good Intentions.

What Is The Florence Nightingale Effect

Possibly contrast Stockholm Syndrome and Lima Syndrome. Maybe, it's because Weakness Turns Her On.

Florence Nightingale - Mini Biography

Say, Tyria, I have a sharp pain in my childhood memories. I wish I'd thought of it.

It certainly didn't help that Nurse Annie's mutant son was psychically "encouraging" them to hook up. When the care is given by an amateur, there is an added element of romance because the medical treatment is entirely voluntary. This happened to Batman and Wonder Woman in JLA, when after some time-traveling caused him to get sick and she took care of him. Maybe, it's because Weakness Turns Her On. They lay down bets.

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It happens in hospitals when nurses fall in love with their patients. Go to it, kid! Contents [ show ]. Retrieved from " http: