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Glee Project Lindsay Dating Damian And The

The Glee Project Lindsay Can't Stop Talking!!!

Lindsay Pearce

in Glee Discussion. 0 8 · 5 Things the Star Wars Holiday Special Got Right FANDOM · 'd · Star Wars Box Office Reports: 'The Last Jedi' vs. 'The Force Awakens' FANDOM · Historias (Pokémon Conquest) · 'Doki Doki Literature Club' Is a Dark Mindf–k Twist on Anime Dating Sims FANDOM · How 'Battlefront II's New DLC. On a live chat with the whole Glee Project Cast, Cameron and Bryce shouted out Lindsay for being Damian's crush. He has had 4 solos on Glee to date. His first song was in the episode Pot of Gold, and was the song 'Bein' Green'. In this episode he also 'Take Care of Yourself'. In Extraordinary Merry Christmas, he sung. 25 Aug Lindsay Pearce says she's not about to pretend she doesn't have a God-given talent for acting and singing, but The Glee Project finalist also understands Glee Project's Lindsay Pearce on Her 'Villain Edit,' 'God-Given' Gift, and 'Kissing Bandit' Rep .. Like she thought Damian was going to be the winner.

Lindsay Heather Pearce is an American actress and singer. Lindsay portrays Harmony in Season 3. Lindsay was born on April 30,in Modesto, California.

Her birth mother gave her up for adoption.

She was deaf for the first six months of her life, so her adoptive parents were so surprised to hear her singing voice and were only too happy to support her wish of becoming a performer. She had performed in many amateur shows before participating in The Glee Project, one being Macbeth as seen on YouTube.

Project and won a episode arc in Season. Finalist Damian McGinty have a girlfriend. Three we started to see how deep it could be if we could trust that Four our love could handle anything that came to us, and at Five in the morning we stop, we listen, we talk, we kiss and we stare, we can't believe we're there. When will Samuel Larsen apper on Glee.

Lindsay was the winner in the Valley's Got Talent singing competition, judged by Ulrich. She wrote him on Facebook to ask for tips, and he arranged an audition for The Glee Project.

She auditioned in person and went through all stages and became one of the Top 12, going through all stages of the competition to become a runner-up. They lived together until September when Hannah returned to her hometown.

Source They made a duet of "Let It Snow. Dani tweeted and posted on Facebook "I'm so happy for AliStroker!! The Glee Project crowns its first ever winner.

We're Not Gonna Take It. Lindsay's week comes in Theatricality as she is given good feedback from musical theatre legend Idina Menzel before given the big note in the music video We're Not Gonna Take It.

The Glee Project- Damian and Lindsay - The Only Exception

She is told by Nikki that ' she knows she'll nail it ' and when she does Nikki critiques her and says ' that was awesome! Then, Lindsay confidently tells the rest of the group about her feedback from the vocal coach.

The Glee Project Damian And Lindsay Dating

She then easily makes it onto the callback list. Her character's name on Glee is Harmony. She first appeared in the first episode of season 3, The Purple Piano Project. Kurt and Rachel meet Harmony and are very intimidated by her talent.

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Her second episode is the sectionals episode: Hold on to Sixteen. It is believed she will be returning in the future as her character said. Games Movies TV Wikis. Sign In Don't have an account?

The Glee Project Damian And Lindsay Dating

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