Girl Im Dating Told Me She Has Herpes. Rv Hookups!

Herpes She Girl Has Told Dating Im Me

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The Girl I'm Dating Just Told Me She Has Herpes

26 Dec I try to be responsible with my choice so she's only the 2nd girl I've considered dating in these two years. Anyway we've hung out quite a bit She said she never gets outbreaks and her past BF's have never gotten it, though I understand it's not always detectable. She talked about the tole it took on her. Things started to get a little heated and she suddenly stopped and started to cry - she informed me that she has herpes and wanted to let me know before we got intimate. . If you end this relationship because she has an STD, there is no guarantee the next woman you date won't have one, or will tell you. 26 Sep Have a big question or situation you're wrestling with? Send us your question in the form at the bottom of this piece. Q: I've been seeing this girl and we've really been hitting it off. And then last night, she tells me she has herpes. Now, I'm freaking out. My head tells me to handle this like a mature gentleman.

Search in titles only. Girls tell me she has Herpes. Meet this girl about a month and a half ago. Haven't had sex with her which is not really normal for me.

Usually within a few weeks or the next meet up with a girl we have sex. That was strange fast forward while she's in my bed I pull out a condom, she tells me she has HSV Apparently she just contacted it a month ago. This shocked me, and I chilled but we're on great terms and talk. I researched this virus and the shit seems insane.

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Gential to Gential contact transmits it depending on a outbreak or if it's shedding. Your even at a risk getting oral? This is a very cool girl but I'm not really interested in having sex with a person with an std since I always wear condoms with the exception of one time in my life.

Fuck her with a condom and you'll be fine. If you're still scared of catching it, move on to the next girl. But have in mind that alot of girls wouldn't dare mentioning something like that, seems cool to me. Having experience with this, and sleeping with a women who did the same, and told me before we had sex, a few things for you.

Education around it is what you need, the numbers are staggering, estimates are 1 in 4 to 5, and they are estimates, as some people have it, but are not even aware of it. With that in mind, most people who have an above average sex life, will have already had sex with someone that carries it, largely without even being aware of it.

As someone with an above average sex life, make your sexual health part of your overall health program. Too many people do not. Add testing at least yearly for STD's and sexual health issues. In your instance, a women that tells you ahead of time, is the mark of a good woman, the source that she has it, says nothing about her morals, she just happened to be one that did.

Girl Im Dating Told Me She Has Herpes

In fact, she cares enough about someone else, to bring it up before you have had sex, is a plus, many people are too scared to even do that, given the 'stigma' that HSV carries. So, arm yourself with knowledge, and if you choose to have sex, as Sinnerzere said, where a condom, and listen to what she says about how she feels, and your risks are minimized as much as possible.

Of course there's an impact, but I think it's important to be aware that the impact can be reduced if we as a society decide that it's not read article big of a deal, which seems to be the logical direction to move in, honestly. Take it easy, herpes is not life-threaten. And while it upset me to know I had it for life, I also have the chicken pox virus which is another variant of herpes for life—I contracted it before the vaccine existed. I thought I had herpes and I was pretty depressed until the swab came back negative and showed staph.

Thanks for the replies guys. Definitely going to think this whole situation through. Not going to do anything with this girl while messing with another girl I'm also into. No rush at all but your right about girls never really telling you about shit like this from the start.

Girl Im Dating Told Me She Has Herpes

Originally posted by ricerocket View Post. Im glad girls are honest about this but at the time I'm always annoyed bc a girl hits me with this AFTER I brought her home several hours into the seduction.

The first girl I didn't Fuck.

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But this girl was hotter and I was annoyed at the time already invested. I asked her if she had an active outbreak.

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I asked her if she was on antiviral. I left my underwear on and wore a condom. I also put on a latex glove for the hand that fingered her.

Herpes I believe I most likely contracted it from my mother as a child. Sores can appear around the mouth, on the genitals, on the thighs, or buttocks, etc. The doctor said the chances of me getting it are low low since she didnt appear to have any leasions.

She got so ridiculously wet I'm not sure the glove or underwear did much. A few showers after fucking I knicked my cock shaving and got a staph infection from hiking, travel, shitty water park in foreign country. I thought I had herpes and I was pretty depressed until the swab came back negative and showed staph. Antibiotics cleared it in a week and I felt like I dodged a bullet.

While I have respect and empathy for girls with hsv there are too many girls out there to put myself at that risk again. The funny thing is the girl Continue reading fucked texted back and forth a lot afterwards I even sent her pics to ask if it looked like her outbreak I didn't and she told me how horrible her experience was having a fever and sitting at home with her legs spread.

I'd never want to have that shit and have to travel. She eventually just stopped texting with me for no reason and I thought damn if I'd have gotten it from her I'd feel retarded. To think I was genuinely concerned about her feelings when I used a gloved hand.

Most girls don't keep in touch anyway so it's not worth it. Plus she said she got it bc "I had sex with some people and they didn't use condoms" Girl Im Dating Told Me She Has Herpes thought well that's as much you're culpability as his but she didn't frame it that way. Reminds me of a girl who later tried to get me to pay half the bill for plan B pill lol like me asking her to pay for condoms I used. If a girl tells me again Click probably suggest we do mutual masturvation or something.

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