Curve Game Meme Dating The Same Guy Twice Tzuyu. Marital Hookup!

Game Meme The Twice Same Tzuyu Curve Guy Dating

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Pop Quiz: Which TWICE member is your wifey on 'We Got Married'?

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I was looking for what Sana is like on the internet before I did this quiz and pick the ones that she's likely liked but Dahyun came out instead haha. Your beautiful soulmate on 'We Got Married' is Jihyo. You and Jihyo will not only be husband and wife but also best friends.

Jihyo will be able to open up her true self whenever she's with you. You'll also greatly love Jihyo's cute, fun personality. Rapper Yook Ji Dam has dropped out of an upcoming hip hop festival following the recent controversy involving Kang Daniel.


Yook Ji Dam was part of the …. EXO's Baekhyun called out a sasaeng fan who won't stop calling him. A netizen is stressing with an immense amount of calls from EXO fans. Recently, Ed Sheeran sh…. On the February 15th episode, Hani visited Soyu….

Spy Tzuyu scolded by other member? (Twice Moment)

The color that best describes you is. Play time with my link puppy. Finish that lego you were working on. Read webtoons all day. People say you are Never outside during the winter. You love girls with Big eyes with double eyelid. Nayeon is the perfect yeobo for you. You will be the dependable lover that Nayeon can always rely on.

Curve Game Meme Dating The Same Guy Twice Tzuyu

Your trustworthy character will also turn many female viewers of 'We Got Married' into your fans. But out of all the ladies giving you much love, you'll always think of Nayeon first and foremost. Say hi to your jagi Sana. The idol with her overflowing sweetness is your ideal wifey on 'We Got Married'. You're also the perfect man for Sana who will fall deeply in love with your hard work ethic and strong passion.

You two will often enjoy going on shopping dates and traveling different parts of Asia.

Yeah… I just want to stay here forever, kid. A sketch I did in math class then finished up at work! Log in Sign up. The sweet and chic couple of 'We Got Married'! Jungyeon will fall deeply for your outgoing personality!

A very active couple filled with fun and excitement! Your baby boo on 'We Got Married' is Momo. You two have the same taste in K-dramas, and love for animals and dance.

Your baby boo on 'We Got Married' is Momo. Nayeon is the perfect yeobo for you. Should she tell her about the pregnancy?

If not cuddling up on the sofa enjoying a K-drama marathon, you and Momo will most likely be going out to play with adorable pups. Sometimes Momo will prepare an exclusive dance performance for just you, making you the happiest husband on 'We Got Married'! Dahyun is your sweet pea on 'We Got Married'.

The link will always melt your heart with her adorable aegyo and you'll win her heart with romantic, sweet charms. You're very family oriented and caring. Dahyun love, love, love this about you.

my heartttttt!

You're the man that Dahyun can always depend on! Bright and bubbly Tzuyu is your cutie pie on 'We Got Married'. You're confident to approach first and start conversations. Tzuyu can be timid here she finds this very attractive about you.

You two will often enjoy home dates- making kimbap, playing with puppies, watching variety shows. You and Tzuyu's love for indoor activities will also give you guys the title the 'Homebody Couple'!

Jungyeon is your cutie patootie read more 'We Got Married'. You bring smiles to Jungyeon's face with your great sense of humor. You're also very friendly. Jungyeon will fall deeply for your outgoing personality! Your cute and sexy boo on 'We Got Married' is Mina. You're very kind and well mannered. You're also very understanding and interested in Mina's Japanese background.

You two will frequently travel to Japan to meet her family and learn more about her culture. Chaeyoung is your aegi on 'We Got Married'. Your heart only belongs to Chaeyoung and she's all you think about. This makes you the sweetest hubby on the show, which will also make other ladies jealous of Chaeyoung in a good way. Plus, you're very fashionable.

Curve Game Meme Dating The Same Guy Twice Tzuyu

You two will enjoy shopping dates. The sweet and chic couple of 'We Got Married'! General idols vote on the best looking, funniest, and the most talented fellow idols! Load More Trending Articles. Who are the top 35 male idols with the most songs copyrighted under their name? Discussions from allkpop Forums Would Apink flop with a comeba…. From the Shop Shop More.