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October 3, at 8: Before Rosario and I got married two years ago, we hunted around Tijuana for a photographer and video production crew. This guy even gave us a special price for the DVD-R of images because I think I was the first person who ever asked for it. The video crew we hired also offered to sell me the original tapes for the cost of the media only. So the other day, we wanted to give some wedding photos out as gifts. He regurgitated company policy again and Amateur Dating Pics Funny People At Walmart like a robot stuck in a loop.

After I was just about ready to tele-strangle the guy, I gave up and asked for a refund instead. Have you tried Shutterfly or another online company like that? I know that I printed some of my wedding photos before and was not given any trouble. And every now and then, dotPhoto has some terrific specials, like 14 cents per print and such. I did the same thing for our wedding, we have TIFFs of all the photos, it was part of the deal.

No problem printing them through shutterfly or ofoto kodak. In our case, since they were TIFFs, all that info was stripped out. Maybe we flew in under the radar? Thanks for the suggestions! I guess the only reason I used Walmart to begin with is because you can actually get prints in 1 hour.

You might also try Gaslamp photo. We also own the originals of our wedding photos and the photos visit web page taken by a professional photographer.

Gaslamp printed them without any question. Of course we were married in the stone age, so we own negatives not electronic files.

Amateur Dating Pics Funny People At Walmart

I had a similar experience with the Walmart in Vista. The lab tech told me that she could not give me the pictures because they were copy protected. I told her that I am the photographer and provider her my business card.

Amateur Dating Pics Funny People At Walmart

She placed my card in a folder and then sold me the prints. I still use Walmart for quick photo printing that does not need any special Only if the photos have some indication of copyright on them will you not be allowed to copy them without permission.

I think this is fair, it keeps photographers from getting ripped off. That is incorrect policy and you should complain and demand to see the rule book. And for the record, not everyone that works there is a complete idiot.

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I feel retarded to respond to a thread that is a few months old; but whatever. I have worked click the following article Walgreens their policy is the same.

Anyways the whole point I am trying to make is that I am sorry for your situation. And you are unique in the situation. Lets think in a given day I will have to tell atleast one customer this policy. On a second note: Check out the Copyright policy at http: I work in a pro lab.

Wal-Mart has deep pockets in the eyes of some people. So Amateur Dating Pics Funny People At Walmart have to extra careful when it comes to copyrighted images.

But come on Shaniqua! The guy had the images on a disc. No photographer with half a brain would give his client the images on a disc unless he wanted them to go and get the reprints themselves. It is quit a common practice now a days with the part-time weekend wedding photographers to do this.

The copyright laws does not say anything about us the people working in labs making the judgment call on what is copyrighted and what is not.

If a pro walked into your store and gave you a disc to print, and you see these beautiful shots that look professional, are you going to make him prove he is the photographer that actually shot the images?

If the photographer does not want them to be printed, he would give him a disc with quality images. You or your store is are over interpreting the law. Very unbecoming of a Wally-Mart employee.

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Nathan, If you live in SD then there is 4 good labs to get your images printed at. Walmart is doing the right thing by following the law. Just like a restaurant checking your ID before serving liquor if you appear under age, photo labs need to check the ownership source copyright if a photo appears professional. No copyright notice has to be printed on the photo for the copyright to be in effect.

The written notice is simply added protection.

If a pro walked into your store and gave you a disc to print, and you see these beautiful shots that look professional, are you going to make him prove he is the photographer that actually shot the images? Use The Reddiquette Basics include upvoting comments that add to discussions and downvoting off topic comments. I love it when all my iPhone apps tremble in fear when I'm click here to delete one of them. It's a super cliche and boring stereotype but I don't see how procrastination makes people idiots. I don't watch TV anymore been about 15 years since I cut the cord but do they still show most cleaning product commercials with a woman actor doing the cleaning?

It does not matter what medium the photos are on. Whether it is a CD, a Blue Ray disc, a memory card, or a piece of paper, it does not make any difference. The only way to obtain legal rights to any intellectual property is through a properly written, and signed, release form.

Be prepared to be asked for copyright releases by more and more printers and labs. Copyright laws are being enforced and violators are being prosecuted. It is really quite simple. Be pleased when asked for proof of copyright, as it assures you of the responsible attitude of the vendor you are dealing with. Who makes the call on what a pro photo should look like? I have this web page customers that make me wonder how they stay in business.

There images are horrible. I have amateurs come into our lab that can shoot circles around some of my pros. When they come back should I have them sign a release because they shoot to good? The problem for the lab and the pro be solved if the pro just put a big obvious copyright on the back or front of every photo or on the CD. Back in the old days this worked great. And it still works today. It is real easy to make small low res unprintable files that can be viewed nicely on a computer, but will not print with any quality.

Giving full res files on a cd to the client is source handing them the negs. I would never ask for a copyright release to source signed if someone has the negs becuase it is obvious that the pro wants them to print them on there own. But you guys at Wally Mart can keep doing your thing and the pro labs will do it their way.

I know some of you think it is just like a thing everyone does but it is still very illegal! Now I know a lot of photographers in the early days of selling there digital negatives off did not think of this.

I Amateur Dating Pics Funny People At Walmart tell you as a veteran photographer its people like you making it hard to keep good photography affordable.

I created identification cards for a private school, for the teachers and students. That's how a toddler will remember an iPad Dan Sinker "Hey, sorry, I just saw your email!

According to the post, the photographer offered these, his arm was not twisted nor was he tricked into doing this. And in response to Matt B, I have many friends who own their own photo backdrops. Just because you might see the same blue background on two photos brought in by two different people does not mean the photos were shot by the same photographer. I just had a wedding picture incident happen at Wal-Mart. My question is if there is no copyright on Amateur Dating Pics Funny People At Walmart pictures, how can you show a signed copyright.

Also, with all the complaints that I have read here and on other sites, I think this is a significant problem that Wal-Mart needs to address. However, this still concerns me, seeing as there is no copyright. Feel free to contact me at monicajanethompson yahoo. I have a big problem with walmarts photo copying, My problem Is I never have tried to copy a copy writed photo.

These employees cannot tell copywrited pictures from a digital photo. I am 63, I think I will buy a photo printer just for these types of photos, but its a shame if you can take good pictures your called a liar. Monica, did Walmart call the police on you? Did they put you in hadcuffs, or restrained you in any way? If all they did was ask you for proper documentation then it was far from being treated as a criminal.

The copyright issue is difficult. We all need to understand that in order to uphold the law, some inconveniences will have to be tolerated. Just like going through airport security might make you feel like a criminal, or being asked for a picture ID when ordering an alcoholic drink. When it comes to copyright enforcement, there is Amateur Dating Pics Funny People At Walmart easy way.

The individuals working at the lab have to use their discretion. That fact alone creates great disparity and there are examples on both extremes. My suggestion is to simply be patient, provide documentation and use common sense.

Copyright takes effect the moment the Bgr Dating Tayo By Tj Monteverde Best is taken. Now that you know how the system works, be prepared to answer the questions and allow yourself the additional time. Thousands of people get their pictures done every day without any problems.