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How are tier 8 premium tanks with preferred match making fairing? : WorldofTanks

28 Jul If these platoon together, the scout will pull the other tank up into its battle tier, where the other tank will usually be hopelessly outclassed. The same thing happens when a tank with preferential match making is platooning with a normal tank. Please take this into account when forming platoons. A special. 3 Jun Preferential Matchmaking Chart for Premium Vehicles - posted in Current Archive : Lately, Ive noticed a couple of questions regarding matchmaking. In response to these threads/PMs, I took the time to request a preferential match making chart from our dev team, and heres what they provided for the. 20 Dec Hello everyone,. Seems this passed under the radar! First of all thanks to Landser for sending this to me. Has anyone noticed that according to World of Tanks What's Ahead for World of Tanks article has preferential matchmaking? mm. Yeah, seems someone at Wargaming doesn't know this tank actually.

Premium tanks are single-configuration tanks that are located outside of their nations' tech trees. All premium tanks come with Elite status and require no module research.

World Of Tanks Preferred Matchmaking Tanks

Most premium tanks benefit from greater credit income than regular tanks. This credit bonus increases with the tiers, which makes standard tier VIII premiums the most profitable tanks available to all players in the game.

Many players regularly play tier VIII or other premiums to earn the credits necessary to pay for new tanks, modules, equipment, etc. The one exception to this are special event vehicleswhich are premium tanks given as rewards for missions and other competitions some examples are the StuG IV and the T28 Concept.

How Matchmaking Works

Such vehicles benefit from all of the advantages of regular premium tanks, except the increased credit income. Premium tanks are also very useful for training crews.

Unlike regular tanks, source tanks can accept crew members trained for other tanks of the same nationality and type without a proficiency penalty.

This means one team can have 2 three-man-platoons with T8 tanks, whereas the other team has 3 two-man-platoons with T6 tanks. Tried to find in the search options source couldn't. Published December 4, 4: Completely broken, t i mostly get t9 or full tier 8 battles and have to HEAT spam.

Premium tanks can also be used to stack x2 experience bonuses. A player can earn a x2 XP bonus in one tank and then transfer the crew to a premium tank and do it again, giving them XP from multiple x2 bonus games.

Since all premium tanks come with elite status, they also come with accelerated crew training available. When accelerated training is turned off, premium tanks can accumulate combat experience which can be converted to free experience with gold.

Premium tanks also benefit from a combat experience multiplier.

World of Tanks - TOP 13 FUN Premium Tanks!

The performance of premium tanks varies greatly from tank to tank. Many such as the IS-6 or Valentine II perform less well than regular tanks of their tier, and thus have preferential matchmaking which prevents them from facing vehicles of a much higher tier.

Search Advanced Search section: It's a very capable tank that's getting an unnecessary bonus. The only relevance of tier is to determine the battle tier. It doesn't have unique matchmaking. If you are in a platoon, the entire platoon is placed into battles according to the platoon member in the vehicle with the highest battle tier.

Generally, most premium tanks fall somewhere between stock and fully upgraded vehicles of their tier. Many premium tanks such as the T34 and Type 64 get standard matchmaking and are expected to perform equally as well as corresponding tanks of their tier.

Premium tanks' World Of Tanks Preferred Matchmaking Tanks values are displayed on their respective pages. A premium tank's credit value is equal to its gold value times Tanks displayed below with a gold icon next to their name are available for purchase either in-game or in the gift shop.

Tanks with a blue star next to their name are gift tanks, tanks removed from the store, or any other tank that is in the game but not otherwise available for purchase in most cases.

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Some of these tanks appear in gift shop bundles from time to time, and others are available through other purchase methods see specific articles for details. View Source View history. T25 Pilot Number 1.

FCM 36 Pak AMX 13 57 GF. AMX Chasseur de chars. AMX Canon d'assaut AMX 50 Foch Type 3 Chi-Nu Kai.

World Of Tanks Preferred Matchmaking Tanks

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