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What is the Role of a Clinical Psychologist?

Therapists Spill: Why I Love Being a Clinician

18 Sep Psychology is one of the most popular college majors throughout the world. Discover some of the reasons why you should earn a psychology degree. 10 Apr And enjoying the process is the key to not becoming frustrated and disheartened, even when the goal seems a long way off. I'm 15 years down the line I may have initially chosen clinical psychology for the idea that it feels good to help people. Actually on . For some reason this delights me:lol: Don't be. John Duffy, Ph.D, clinical psychologist and author of The Available Parent: Radical Optimism for Raising Teens and Tweens. There are a few reasons I love being a psychotherapist. First, I find it to be a singular honor and privilege to play a part in the stories of my clients. Also, I cannot think of a more rewarding career, one.

It's the fourth most popular major in the country and yet relatively few graduates in this field go on to pursue their education through the doctoral level.

Reasons To Become A Clinical Psychologist

According to the National Center for Education Statistics,bachelor's degrees in psychology were conferred in the school year, and that certainly wasn't the first time the field ranked as a top choice among students. However, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports onlypsychologists were working in Given the major's popularity, it seems that many people end their studies before the doctoral level, which is the degree needed to become a licensed psychologist.

While in some cases this is because students move on to a complimentary field such as social work or public health, others may stop studying psychology because they feel daunted by the level of education needed or they don't understand the possibilities presented by a career as a psychologist. Katie Tart Allen to learn more about the reasons to become a psychologist. Allen had started her undergraduate studies in zoology before moving on to psychology. She went on to earn a doctorate in clinical psychology Psy.

Allen notes that she needed extensive training -- including read article practicums, one internship and one post-doctoral fellowship -- but she says it was worth it.

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Here are five of the reasons you might think so, too. Psychologists have plenty of options when it comes to selecting their career path.

Reasons To Become A Clinical Psychologist

In addition to a specific type of work, psychologists can focus their efforts on a variety of populations and issues, making this one career that is highly customizable. The American Psychological Association lists 57 topics in the field which may be areas in which psychologists can specialize.

These include the following:. For Allen, one of the best reasons to become a psychologist is the opportunity to help others. Even those who aren't working directly with clients can find deep meaning and satisfaction in their jobs. A career as a psychologist is centered on discovering what drives human behavior and motivation, and those findings can lead to the creation of innovations intended to improve the quality of life for a broad spectrum of people.

Whether you want to work independently or be part of a team, psychology Reasons To Become A Clinical Psychologist can be a good choice since professionals in the field can do either.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics found one-third of psychologists were self-employed inand these individuals have the added flexibility of setting their own hours to work when they want.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Being a Psychologist

Allen adds that it can be a good fit for those who have a family. While money isn't necessarily the driving factor for many psychologists, it doesn't hurt that this is a career offering above-average salaries. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, professionals in the field had the following average annual incomes in What's more, there should be continued opportunities to enter the field with the government anticipating jobs for most psychologists will increase 19 percent from This last reason article source become a psychologist may be the one that brings people to this field of study in the first place.

The human mind can be a complex machine, and psychologists learn how it reacts and responds in different situations.

It has great variety, humanity and purpose. I feel amazed and humbled when a client says: Family members of mental patients often seek counseling themselves. These include the following:.

While this knowledge has practical applications in everything from business to sports, it also a fascinating subject on its own. Allen notes that is one reason she likes performing assessments.

Do You Want To Be A Clinical Psychologist?

It is a challenge to try to integrate all of the data and make sense of it in a way that is helpful to the client," she says. There are a number continue reading reasons to consider a career as a psychologist, and Allen suggests students who may be on the fence try working with community-based organizations to see if the field is a good fit.

She volunteered for a suicide hotline and with an organization serving children with autism during her undergrad years.

Check out more information about online psychology degree programs. Top 5 Reasons to Become a Psychologist.

Master Degree Online Home. Given the major's popularity, it seems that many people end their studies before the doctoral level, which is the degree needed to become a licensed psychologist. In addition to satisfying your own interest in human nature, having a solid understanding of what makes people do certain things can be a very marketable skill in a wide variety of job settings, including social servicesadvertising, marketing, education, health care, and politics.

These include the following: Clinical, counseling and school psychologists: Psychology Topics, American Psychological Association, http: