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8 Jan Maybe you want to work in tech. Maybe you want to be an entrepreneur. So your first thought is move to a big city- maybe Silicon Valley or New York City. Yeah? Well, before you do that, we have a better idea. Move to Chattanooga. Uhhh. Where? Chattanooga, Tennessee. Just listen! Before you say “no”. 30 Aug This article will take a look at each of the 50 U.S. states and will list some of the pros and cons for moving to each one. . Tennessee. Pros: Nashville, Michael W. Smith, southern hospitality, warm weather, Gatlinburg. Cons: Memphis, New Madrid fault zone, multiple nuclear power plants, crime, gang. We live in Florida and have always loved Tennessee and would like to move there. I have read the replys to mommyof3 and they were very helpful. We would also like a family area. We have visited the Knoxville area and are now looking into the McMinnville or Clarksville area. Does anyone have any pros/cons to these.

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Business Tech Sports Entertainment. Should my wife and I move to Tennessee? Leave a Comment Track Replies. My wife and I have been living in Kuwait for about the last six years now. We came over here to Kuwait for government contracting jobs back inbefore Sept. Since Moving To Tennessee Pros And Cons, as you can imagine, things picked up quite a bit and I've had the chance to travel to Afghanistan, Iraq, and Africa, not to mention most of the local ME Middle East spots Bahrain, Qatar, Fujara, Dubai, etc.

Well, we're thinking that it's about time to get out of this desert and return home. The only question now is where we might want to live.

Could anyone out there give me any other reasons to move to TN? Or maybe an insight into the mindset of her people? Thanks, I appreciate please click for source assistance. Sorry, That last sentence shuld be ignored. It was truncated for some reason. I spoke about terrorism, and my belief that this area would be one of the last to be considered.

However, we do have a National Armory here, built in recent years. I also spoke about your knowledge regarding terrorism due to your travels. We are beginning to get some immigrants.

Great thought in this one! There are beautiful, rural areas of NJ- I happen to live in one of them see Hunterdon, Somerset county and others. I think following up with a more substantive piece would be a good read. There are a lot of desperate people all over the BRA, and their desperation will only become worse. Thanks, I appreciate any assistance.

Uertain whether they are legal or illegal from Mexico. They are used by the local farmers.

Moving To Tennessee Pros And Cons

We don't have any children living at home we have 3, but they are all grown. We are primarily looking for a peaceful place to have acres around us and enjoy each other's company. We're pretty much homebodies who keep to ourselves, so we would be looking for a rural area.

I'll check out the Mountain City forums also, thanks again for your time. Sorry this is out of order I guess my webpage hadn't reloaded. I'm not sure what I missed in the terrorism part of your email, but yes, it will be great to get back home where I don't have to look over my shoulder all the time wondering which of the bearded men around me is packing C4. Although it's not that bad here in Kuwait, you definately have to keep your eyes open and your head on a swivel in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The feeling people speak of about a "weight off my shoulders" is truly palpable every time I come home on vacation, you get so used to it over here that you don't notice the stress until you're away from it. BTW, I don't think I mentioned this earlier, but my wife and I are both government contractors although you probably figured that out.

Our families moved here see more Virginia. I was born in Florida, raised there and Texas and then lived in Italy before moving to Virginia. My husband is a native Texan. We have been here a few months, from Williamsburg, VA. The weather is very similar to Texas with the great winds, sudden storms that come rolling in, hot days and cool nights. The people here are wonderful. It is the most friendly place we have ever lived, and it is more than affordable in comparison to most larger cities.

I was born and raised in Wartburg, TN. I have travelled some since I had turned 18, and their is nothing like home. Tennesse is in my opinion the best place to live. I don't know much about people in the cities here because I have always been in the country part of TN.

Moving To Tennessee Pros And Cons

But, I can tell you that most everyone in the small towns here are wonderful. And as you know we have some of the most beautiful scenery thats just my opinion. I encourage you to at least try living here; if you are like Moving To Tennessee Pros And Cons people, you will love it. I know of several people that have moved here from different states across the country and they love it. If would like to buy a few acres, maby just for a get-away place, my husband and I have 5.

It's on the mountain, with beautiful views. It is about 30 min. It would be a nice place to be able to get away from civilization when need be. Western part of TN is hot and humid in the summer, winter is sporatic with cold, warm and rain, perhaps all in the same day.

However, our neighboring state, Illinois, is a whole different ball game. A hastily written article and less than useful if not dangerous in a practical sense. Pros and cons of having kids It is not even remotely flat.

Sales tax is high and there is no personal income tax, EXCEPT if you have investments in another state and you will pay a Hall tax on that. Politics is a real issue in Read more, lots of it, especially in small towns. Education is good in most parts. You make the decision. I prefer to be away from Tn as much as possible. I think Tennessee basically sucks and that goes triple for West Tennessee.

Upper east Tennessee is ok if you are in a city such as Kingsport or Johnson City. The small towns here are corrupt and I cannot state that fact firmly enough. I have visited Tn many times, I looked at houses and almost bought one in the Dayton area.

I picked Dayton because it was near enough to Knoxville and Chatanooga but not too close.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Living In Tennessee?

I like the area, having been born and raised in New England, it has similar terrain and warmer winters. The storms, I did not care for. Houses are almost as much as in New England and taxes are getting up there! However sales taxes are high and food and medicine are taxed here. Property taxes were reasonable when I retired but have started up in recent years.

I love the mountains, so I chose a small mountain town for retirement. I have never regretted my decision, though things are beginning to change.

You do not mention whether you have children and if so their ages. This would be a consideration in choosing a location. I love the friendliness, independence and self-reliance of my neighbors. To get a feel for the mind-set of the rural mountain people, read some of the topics on the Mountain City, TN forums.

I can not speak to the more populated areas. I hope this has been helpful to you. Born and raised here but I have traveled Moving To Tennessee Pros And Cons. There are parts of TN that are still unknown commodities like the area near Sargeant Yorks hometown of Jamestown in the extreme eastern part of middle TN and the Big South Fork National Park is like the grand canyon with trees, truly spectacular. We have three noticable terrains here.

The Mountains of the east, the rolling hills of the middle complete with large caves for exploring and fabulous water falls. West TN is flat but has some of the finest farm land a man could want to own.

If you like gardens anywhere in TN is a great place to have one. If you like music, virtually everyone you meet may be a real musician who can sing or play from dusk till dawn.

There are so many musicians here that almost no one would believe it. I suggest the Cookeville area in middle TN for living a wonderful life. It has several state parks nearby with breathtaking beauty. Davy Crockett song on Disney was right: My husband and I have bought land in beautiful eastern TN and we look forward to moving there in a couple of years.

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I've had 6 of my friends already "beat" me in the move to TN and they all love it. I suppose it's what you want and what you are used to. But, I love TN and can't wait to move there. The only problem I see is that I'm a die-hard Arkansas Razorback fan. Tell me when this thread is updated: Subscribe Now Add to my Tracker. Add your comments below. You are currently logged in as.

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