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Honey Give me Money!

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18 Jan It might be that you want your man to be of assistance in household duties instead of just lazing around doing nothing or you just want to make your guy spend some money on you. Whatever it is that you need the most help in you can trust and rely on the get a man to give you what you want spell to help. I would love to introduce you to my little brother This guy will be boning you day and night, 7 days a week, but im no go spend a dime on you and you will still be giving him ikebe to dey bone every night. Dunno how he does that. na because na tomatos seller dey do he try one lady wa be like me he go . 5 Apr More than once, people asked me: "is there any spell for that man gives me money?". The truth is that Yes, there are all kinds of possible spells and charms, and today we will see how to can easily and with homemade ingredients make a spell for a man gives you money or return your money back.

The onus therefore lies on a woman to also come up with the best way to get whatever she needs without being added to the line of women considered to be gold diggers. The only time a man might call you a gold digger is when you prove to him you love his money more than himself, aside that, he will never see you as a gold digger even if he spends all his life savings on you.

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No man will want to know that the woman he spends on also cheats and actually spends his money on another man. Every one of us expects the person closest to us to be loyal.

Each one of us definitely loves someone who supports and is ready to do anything to be with us. Most people in relationships have it, but being creative with it is what makes the difference. Most men love fellatio and will always demand it during foreplay but what they love most is surprising them with it.

If you are currently dating a guy who is stingy and does not want to spoil you like you deserve to be then you can change him and make him do anything that you want him to do for you with the get a man to give you what you want spell that works. An abusive man wants you to think you are the one who is dysfunctional and crazy. View the discussion thread. They will need a lady click would acknowledge and recognize him, prior to she would criticize and argue with him.

You can decide to do your house chores in just a sexy lingerie, this will spike his emotions and will make him easily hand over what he has for you. Link sperms are active all year round and so it is really something men love. Aside that, it also bonds the two of you together the more and so when you demand something, he surely knows you deserve it.

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In fact, men love to spend on their women but when a man even spends lavishly on his woman and the woman sits him down to advice him to use the money to gain more, such a woman always has a special place in the heart of the man. Unlike a woman who keeps making him spend unnecessarily.

Same cannot be said for stingy men though.

How To Make Him Give Me Money

When you go to the restaurant on a date, what stops you from paying the bill? To be able to handle point 7 above, you need to be financially stable yourself. These days, men love women who are hardworking, no man wants a lazy woman who sits her ass home and does nothing.

Talking about buying him gifts, we are not talking about the regular routine of buying underwear and handkerchiefs, nope!

How To Make Him Give Me Money

What really stops you as a woman from also buying him a phone or even an expensive perfume? Buying him expensive gifts actually helps put your bid high. If you keep buying him handkerchiefs as gifts, he will also keep buying you cheap bras. Respecting yourself will help you continue reading it easily.

Girls who actually do that need to go back to school to learn courtesy for boys and girls. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Username or Email Address. Don't have an account? Follow us facebook twitter googleplus instagram pinterest vine youtube. Be Faithful No man will want to know that the woman he spends on also cheats and actually spends his money on another man.

Be Loyal Every one of us expects the person How To Make Him Give Me Money to us to be loyal. Same cannot be said if you live in a compound house though.

Just use your head. Women long for a meaningful relationship. You think my bro got time for villa girls. I've seen some online fin dommes who will try to steal each other's clients, which is a really awful practice to me.

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