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Fall In Love How To A Make Man Haitian

Haitian men #5 - How to Keep Haitian Men Happy?

Haitian men: Truth About Haitian Men and Relationships

10 Apr Don't you wish you had a roadmap to make the guy you like fall in love with you? Is there a perfect and effective way for a guy to fall in love with a woma. 23 Jul Before I start I want to put a disclaimer. Everything I am about to say is solely based on my experiences and opinions. I am speaking on my culture. It is not to degrade them but just to speak on what I've picked up on during my years. With that said let's begin. So today. Always defend him in anything bad that happens. Lap panse sa se nèg pa li, paske tout fanm bezwen yon nèg ki konprann lanmou, This is the man for you, because all women need a man who understands love. ki pap fè li soufri,ki pap maltrete li,yon fanm bezwen yon ki ka fè li toujou souri, who won't make her suffer.

Before I start I want to put a disclaimer. Everything I am about to say is solely based on my experiences and opinions. I am speaking on my culture.

Whats wrong with them?

Right but let the writings on the wall speak for it self. Unknown August 5, at 7: But thanks, you gave me things to watch out for. After a few years they are forced to alter their behaviors because most American women will not tolerate it.

My boo is Haitian! I have seen the destructive ways of Haitian men. Of course there are always exceptions to things.

But in general most haitian men are liars, controllers, egotistical, cheaters and greedy! I have met give or take two haitian men who has all their kids with one woman.

How To Make A Haitian Man Fall In Love

All others have outside children. The thing is those kids were most likely conceived outside of their marriage with multiple different mistresses. I am one of those kids.

And even called MY son a wuss cause he plays in the band!!!!!! Of course, she had no facts to back her up her prejudice. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here

Some of them are not even remorseful towards their wives. There is absolutely no respect.

How To Make A Haitian Man Fall In Love

The marriages are shattered. The kids are watching and being affected. I have encountered a few that are quite abusive. My uncle is one. Love beating on women. I realized it has to do with their ego. They have to feel they are the man and have to prove it.

The controlling thing is big for me.

How To Make Him Fall In Love With You In 8 Easy Ways

They believe in bible days where the women stay home to cook, clean, and take care of the children. While there are even worst who expect their wives to do all of that and work a 9 to 5. In the mean while what are the men doing you ask? I am surrounded by this twisted reality. I had to sit down and think about it. Thats how their parents raised them and their parents parents and so forth. So now you got the little boys in society that were never taught how to be a real man who loves and cherish his wife and educates his children because his father never taught him and his fathers father never taught him and so on.

Now most of us have to admit that we all lack in that department! All our parents did was beat us and tell us no with no explanations. I had to teach my mother to communicate. I decided the cycle stops with me. For example, my mother will always yell at me for coming home late. We finally sat down one day when our relationships really became almost nonexistent and talked. It took a long time and a lot of rambling before her true feelings came out. I came to realize that it does more harm than good.

They believe that if they show affection it shows that they are weak and the children will no longer respect them. The only time I heard I love you was on TV with the white parents hugging and kissing their kid. I always wished I was white. But as I grew up I got wiser. Now a couple of years later my relationship with mother is stronger than ever.

10 Secrets To Make A Difficult Man Fall In Love

She still bitches lol but she has gotten much better in expressing her feelings sometimes a little too much ha-ha. I now understand how she feels about certain things and it would make me think twice.

I vow to start with myself so that I will break the cycle and teach my children better. I look for a man thats willing to grow with me and teach our kids differently. I love being haitian but I plan on being a better haitian!

There is one reason I would marry a haitian man though. You are commenting using your WordPress.

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