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Players Do Cheerleaders With Hook Nfl Up


The Rules for Being an NFL Cheerleader May Surprise You

First, although players make millions of dollars and cheerleaders do not, I am pleased our directors encouraged us to consider ourselves equals — as a result, we didn't spend our time The inordinate difference in pay scale did nothing to diminish the fact that we were all members of the NFL. So, yes, people hooked up. you don't stop do you? NFL cheerleaders arent allowed to fraternize with NFL players. i dont know if there is a rule for the NBA but i would not second guess it. DuMa is offline There's rules against them fraternizing with the dancers, that being said Dwight knocked one of our dancers up. No idea about. 29 Oct The NFL has been the league most heavily scrutinized for cheerleader treatment due to the fact that, in differing degrees team to team, cheerleaders are treated like garbage. Their online presences Plenty of players and cheerleaders have hooked up, dated and a few have married. Here is our list of the.

This is an archive. The main forums are here. Holdem NL cash Strategie: The main forums are here These forums are read only. You are not logged in. Listening to that gangsta musi Do they sleep with the players?

We're going to limit our discussion here to cheerleaders in professional sports, and we'll limit the professional sports to the NBA and the NFL, the only sports with cheerleaders. Therefore, my question s is: In particular, I'm refering to cheerleaders that cheer for a team and the players on that team. I also have another question, somewhat unrelated, but I'm curious about: Chris Cooley of the Redskins was "busted" with one of the cheerleaders.

So yeah it happens I always thought a possible benefit to being an NBA player is having orgies the cheerleaders. ClarkNasty old hand Reged: God, I hope so! I didn't hear about that The village nice guy. So there are rules against two consenting adults doing something totally legal?

OK, I know there are. Am I the only one who finds these rules utterly ridiculous? Hornacek Resident Detroit Fan Reged: Clearly we need a Whatifsports Hottest Cheerleader Tournament. Sounds like an OOT opportunity right there.

There are different levels to the groupies - it ranges from the "gutter" those who wait outside the arena to service the players in their cars to the "elite" e. Eva Longoria, Madonna, etc.

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Of course it happens but it is a big no-no. The Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders have it in their contract that they are immediately released from their duties if caught fraternizing with the players and I assume it is the same for every team. Same goes with trainers and all staff members in all sportsit happens but isn't supposed to.

CharlieDontSurf spoiler king Reged: I briefly dated a Laker girl and she told me that several of the girls had hooked up with the players I think it is pretty much the case with every league.

Jake Plummer is openly dating one of the Bronco cheerleaders Post Extras: Jake Plummer is openly dating one of the Bronco cheerleaders wow shameless brag.

Like I said, I know the rules are there, I just find them asinine. I fly better than Source drive. Apr 18, Messages: Third baseman and former shortstop Will Middlebrooks dated DCC girl Ann Lux and the two were engaged for some time, but broke up in late Doug30May 10,

PokerFink Owns nation at Madden Reged: Great fantasy player, bangs cheerleaders. That guy is the [censored] man. She cheers for Miami now, and she's now married I think she is like a career cheerleader Charlie, You banging a broad like that is the epitome of the phrase "life isn't fair".

The cat is back by popular dem When did this happen?

Click Cooley of the Redskins was "busted" with one of the cheerleaders. People across the sports world have offered interesting tidbits of information detailing working conditions that would be grounds for an awesome harassment lawsuit in any normal company. Inwhile playing for the Buffalo Bills, he caught a touchdown pass from Ryan Fitzpatrick and ran the ball over half the field to hug his girlfriend, Kelsi, who was a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader at the time. They all dance good, look good, are energetic, enthusiastic, and have a great personality on top of all that. The above post is my personal opinion and does not represent the official position of any company or entity.

I must be out of the loop. I don't need to tell you Tug Especially when you consider that she let me have a quickie with her after she got dressed in her uni prior to leaving for a home game.

Tug Also do you live in scottsdale or phx? I heard from my brother there are like to major serial killers on the loose or sumthin there right now. Tuq Also do you live in scottsdale or phx?

I'm at 32nd St. Heard it's starting to get national headlines. This week the Phoenix PD hosted a meeting about this issue at a nearby school. From what little I source bothered to read on it, apparently most of the vics were killed at bus stops on or near Indian School between 10PM-3AM, not a demographic I am or plan to be a part of.

By the way, cheerleader uni sex is something I've tossed a few off click here According to this linkapparently it is two guys and apparently their convergence is in my neighborhood. Do Nfl Players Hook Up With Cheerleaders one is called the Serial Shooter.

Do Nfl Players Hook Up With Cheerleaders

I heard the shooter has killed like 10 people or something. And sometimes they sleep with broke college students I fly better than I drive. I used to see one of the Redskins cheerleaders come into this restuarant I worked at a lot. One night she came in with one of the players. I assume he took her home and banged her. If I had been an NFL player and not a cashier at some crappy restuarant, that's what I would have done.

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This sounds kinda like a bad beat story to me. You mean two adults that work together? It's against company policy. My opinion is, no company should have the right to tell me what legal act I can't do on my off hours. Like I said, I know the rules are there, I just find them asinine. Crveballin old hand Reged: Not at the same time: I went to high school with a girl who was a Dolphins chearleader.

She source in Miami for spring break, saw they were having tryouts and decided to give it a shot.


She was on the team for a year. She was the girl who got cut because she got too fat in the offseason. Hmmmm, did you see this thread? Based on talking to a small handful of pro athletes about this, they all say "Cheerleaders are not allowed to bang players" and then start laughing hysterically.

I call BS, the cheerleaders dont get dressed until they get to the arenas. Do you think Shaq leaves his house in his uni?

Do Nfl Players Hook Up With Cheerleaders

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