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Don't give him your underwear. Those should be rightfully stolen from you by him as a right of passage. I'd want my girl to give me a handwritten letter. Personalized gifts. Not everyone though is creative by nature – however this does not mean you cannot send your long distance partner something that will remind him/her of you. look for popular gift ideas like accessories and novelties but personalize them by adding certain romantic details. A moderately expensive watch. Fill a NoteCube with wonderful things that will warm their heart when you're not there to warm them up in other ways. Notes can be related to anything you want– reasons why you love them, good memories, kind words, future promises, inside jokes, and favorite quotes. Your imagination is the only limit, and it's easy to get.

Finding or making a personalized gift for your boyfriend can be really hard! Will he like it?

What if he thinks it's boring? Or he's too embarrassed to put it in his room? Our "Remember When" poster maker helps you create a fun and unique personalized poster gift for your boyfriend. I promise you it's going to look awesome and I think he'll go here love it!

Here's one I made for my husband Tobias to remember some of the amazing times we've shared together in our relationship. It's mostly listing places that we've travelled. Before we had our children we loved backpacking around the world - it seems so long ago now and it's nice to remember those amazing times!

I have no idea what to write in my poster. Sure - check out my poster examples for inspiration.

When you find this a bit too much, just attach paper hands with a message on, which leaves her with a normal scarf to wear. Luckily, a little effort on your side can help go a long way when it comes to your sweetheart. For this you will have to buy numerous colorful envelopes and come up with occasions when he needs you the most. Telegram Stop charges one flat rate to send a personal telegram anywhere in the world.

How do I print and frame my poster so that it looks as nice as in your photos? It's actually pretty easy. See my specific printing and framing tips. Here's what a past customer had to say:. Is my printer good enough? The trick is to use good quality paper. See my printing tips. What if I buy it but then it looks bad when See more print it?

What are the print size options? Also it's usually easy to find 8 x 10" photo frames. It's a popular printer paper size in most countries other than the USA. After you purchase you can download your poster in all 3 sizes for no extra cost. Can I print a different size other than the ones you offer?

Take your downloaded file to a print shop and they'll be able to print it in whatever size you ask them to. What if I give it to them but they don't like it? What's your guarantee or returns policy? Our "love it" guarantee: If the recipient doesn't LOVE their poster, email me and I'll refund every penny immediately, no questions asked, no matter how long it was since you Things To Give Your Boyfriend To Remember You.

Why should I pay for this when I could just make it myself? If you've got the skills, go for it! Just don't underestimate how many hours it will take hint: Just to check this out you an idea: But then again maybe I'm just a perfectionist.

Not sure what to write on your poster? From reminiscing over times you've shared, to thinking about all the things you like doing together, to thinking about all the perfect pairs in life, including you guys, we've got lots of ideas to get you started!

Think about all the lovely things you've done together with your boyfriend and fun times you've shared.

Things To Give Your Boyfriend To Remember You

I'm sure once you start writing the first few down the memories will flow! Where did you first meet? Where did you go for your first date? Any special events or funny moments?

Things To Give Your Boyfriend To Remember You

Any silly things that you have done or watched together? When you just couldn't stop laughing and were so happy? Any really fun or adventurous outings you've been on together?

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Amazing, romantic or funny meals you've shared together? Eg, "when you realized I put chilli in my bolognese The poster looks best with between lines. You can split memories over several lines too. Just play with the formatting and have fun! Your boyfriend is going to love the time and thought you've put into his gift.

As an alternative, you could write a "We love" posterlisting all the things that you guys love. A list of pairs of things that just go together well, including you guys!

From fiction Things To Give Your Boyfriend To Remember You to food, there's so much you could use. Just copy and paste the text into the poster maker.

Here is a list of food pairs we used. Just copy and paste into poster maker and edit click the following article names. Coffee and cake Peanut butter and jelly peaches and cream Wine and cheese Bacon and eggs Macaroni and cheese Fish and chips Salt and pepper Bread and butter Milk and cookies Spaghetti and meatballs Mac and cheese Ice-cream and sprinkles You and Me.

Here is a list of fiction character pairs we used. And here is a list of general "pairs" that we thought looked good too. Most home inkjet printers these days are excellent quality, even the cheaper ones.

Here's one I made for my husband Tobias to remember some of the amazing times we've shared together in our relationship. It's actually pretty easy. You can personalize this by creating your own design when you place your order.

The key to getting really good quality prints is to use the right paper I recommend using matte photo paper. The vibrancy of the colors and crispness of text you get when using photo paper are leagues ahead of what you get using regular office paper. Ideally you should use the same brand of photo paper as your printer, or else stick to a well-known brand like Canon, HP, or Epson.

If you're giving an unframed print as a gift, then it's important for the paper to feel thick and high quality. If you're giving a framed print as a gift, then the thickness of the paper is less important so long as the colors are vibrant. In that case a thinner photo paper like " Canon Matte Photo Paper " would be a good option - that's the paper I personally use most of the time. Personally I like "matted" frames, which are are ones that have a white border around the poster.

I think they look great, and they also make your source feel bigger and more substantial. If you ever visit an high-end photography gallery you'll notice that this is the type of frame that they use, simply because they look fantastic. I recommend 8 x 10" photo frames from Amazon 8 x 10" photo frame from Walmart.

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In the UK, the best place I've found to get frames is Hobbycraft. Shop Valentine Boyfriend Birthday. The framer loved it. Everyone I showed it to loved it! I was blown away by how easy it was to make my poster! It would have taken me hours messing around on the computer to make it myself.

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I hate it when things don't turn out as good as what they look like in the photo, but this actually turned out better than I expected and my husband loved it! Origami Heart Love Note. Comments Have your say about what you just read! Leave me a comment in the box below. Find the perfect project