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Parents Claim 18-Year-Old Daughter Is A ‘Rageaholic,’ Abuses Entire Family

Girl describes first sexual encounter with friend's dad | Daily Mail Online

15 Jan Consensual incest between fathers and their daughters remains the least reported and perhaps the most taboo sort of GSA relationship. Here, an year-old woman from the Great Lakes region describes her romantic relationship of almost two years with the biological father she met after 12 years of. 14 Sep A few years into our relationship, Wendy started neglecting her health and hygiene, put on weight, wouldn't exercise, and after a while I was no longer attracted to her. All. 5 Apr I started to realise she was attracted to me earlier in the year when she walked into the kitchen wearing Your stepdaughter may well be affected by her father wanting nothing to do with her but that is Dear Deidre. MY wife says she is left wanting more when we have sex because it is all over too quickly.

Did your kid say something awesome? Stream posts on reddit. Click that to enter chatroom. When my daughter, Liy, was 15 she started working at a fitness center, mainly doing maintenance and hospitality. She's never had many friends but quickly made heaps of friends with people her age to people in the thirties men and women. She just happened to become very good friends with a pair of siblings, the sister Elaine, is now 19 and the brother, Ian, is now Liy had begun dating Ian in June, and they say they became 'official' in July.

I have met 18 Year Old Daughter Hookup Dad, and he's truly a beautiful man - he seems absolutely perfect for her - he's mature, very well put together, and so caring. Liy is extremely mature for her age, she's my youngest of eight and has been through a lot type 1 diabetes, Burkuitt's lymphoma, asthma. I trust her to tell me the truth about things related if I ask. I know she's not a virgin and lost it to her first love who she was with for two years age She says Ian doesn't want to have sex until he finds "the one", which I honestly believe.

I can't get over how amazing this man is for her, but I'm very worried about them being criticized and her being bullied in school; she's never seemed to be bothered by bullying or care what anyone says, but I'm worried that It'll get to her.


Is this a possibility? I don't want it to ruin her relationship with him.

18 Year Old Daughter Hookup Dad

Part of me also wants to 'judge' her a bit, but I got married at 19 to a 31 year old after a few months of dating, and we've now been married for 35 years and have had eight kids, and she's a lot like me - she only does what she feels is best for her and reasons with everything.

What on earth does a person who is legal for everything drinking, driving, voting and theoretically has their life together career, independence want with someone who has none of that and a 18 Year Old Daughter Hookup Dad and biology homework?

If she was at least legal to do all the above, maybe 19 or 20 is a lot different than Otherwise I would seriously be doubting his maturity and intentions with the relationship.

He works at a gym Unless he's a trainer or upper management he definitely isn't financially independent or has a 'career' Any self respecting 26 year old would be mortified to be dating a 16 year old.

OP must be missing something here. Depending on the gym and his status as a trainer, it's probably not great. I looked into being a personal trainer at one point; it's a prick of a career to make work, but can take you places if it does. I definitely see it as a career if you've got the pre-requisite lifestyle. It can be but it takes a lot of work and please click for source progressively harder as time goes by.

Eventually you can career over to sports team coaching, teaching future trainers, running your own gym. The best money comes from running your own gym, running big group sessions in parks, and selling stuff like Isagenix and Herbalife; which is fairly common way for a trainer to supplement their income.

One of my co-workers was injured shortly before the Olympics and her husband, IIRC, has a job training one of our state's Rugby teams. That's a good point, I hadn't thought of those 18 Year Old Daughter Hookup Dad.

I always just assumed that once a trainer hit a certain age their career took a downturn, but that makes a lot of sense. It becomes harder for sure, but by that age they should have a client base, and can further specialise in helping out dudes their own age. Personal training is a lifestyle as far as I'm concerned, because you represent your services.

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An unfit personal trainer just doesn't look as credible, despite what my old PT used to say about the overweight dudes in her degree being better trainers. I was seriously considering taking it as a career at one point when I was out building railways, and ultimately decided against it because I don't want to spend the rest of my life in a gym, playing sports or at the gym just to keep my business going.

It'd be a great motivator to stay in shape, but it's not for me. I enjoy fitness and I'm really itching for the semester to be over so I can get back into it. I have to agree with this. Ian is in fact in upper management, his parents run the gym chain, which has several locations around the area, and he go here runs the gym in our area. You may not be able to legally stop this relationship, but you should get your daughter on an idiot proof contraceptive method like an IUD.

At age 16, your parents can't make medical decisions for you anymore unless you are "incapable" of making them 18 Year Old Daughter Hookup Dad or unless your life is in danger.

Requests for specific medical advice or diagnosis are not permitted in the subreddit because even medical professionals will not diagnose without examining the actual symptoms of a person actually present in front of them. Shaking hands, not sexist? You may find her attractive but you are not helpless.

But those types of decisions can't be made by parents, it's something that would affect her long term just like her parents can't decide to have her get a hysterectomy. He must be a very immature man to enjoy the company of a 16 year old. Even if your daughter is mature that is an incredible age gap. If she was 25 and he was 36 at least she's got some life experience around her and it could work.

She's still a teenager though and needs to be sure to keep herself protected. And your point still stands. Ian is likely immature with regard to his romantic relationships considering, as OP suggested, he's a virgin.

My mom said I was see more for my age when I was I also considered myself mature. But I was still I had sleepovers at my BFFs all the time, I had no idea what true responsibility was, I didn't know how to pay a bill or have a job.

It's a totally different maturity level. Mix that in with some crazy ass hormones and that leaves you with someone who is NOT fully an adult. To pretend otherwise is foolish. Any 26 year old that's okay with dating a 16 year old Based on the click bait title and lack of response from OP I'm going to go ahead and assume this is either a troll post or a post from a teenager who's parents just found out they were dating someone a decade older.

The lack of response was due to the fact that I posted this at around 9: I suspected troll when you referred to the boyfriend she had from age 12 to 14 as her "first love". 18 Year Old Daughter Hookup Dad

18 Year Old Daughter Hookup Dad

One of my friends in school was going out with a 26 year old guy when she was No one bullied or teased her for it, for most people it was a non-issue and some were a bit jealous. Her parents were fine with it too. It didn't last but it didn't cause any issues for her either. I will likely get a few down votes for this but I have to say I think this is totally out of line.

The maturity and developmental differences in those ages is huge. Not 18 Year Old Daughter Hookup Dad mention she is still technically a minor and very much still developing cognitively. In my book this is pedophilia. He is far to old to be dating a child.

Of course I don't know the people involved - but from what I can read here I would say absolutely not. Yeah and I actually took the time to look up when an Australian becomes an adult.

Guess what 16 is age of consent and 18 is when they become an adult. She is a minor she has the right to screw but she still has to do what her parents say. Keep trying to twist it around buddy but you are wrong on this one. How am I wrong? We're clearly operating on two different definitions of article source word 'legal'. She can legally have sex.

She still has to have her parents make other decisions for her. Just like I have said before and you down vote. Either you understand or do not. I'm the one downvoting you, dude. She is of the -legal- age to be having sex, which is the subject at hand.

You're using a different definition of legal. It's not wrong, it's just not what is being discussed in this topic. Age of consent is the only relevant thing here. Whether she can vote or buy alcohol doesn't really matter in this case. The age difference is an issue but legal age is not an issue. And also while I'm at it, you need a new book if yours 18 Year Old Daughter Hookup Dad this is paedophilia, that's sexual attraction to children, not teenagers nevermind the fact that according to the OP they're not having sex yet, although I bet that won't be for long but still, not paedophilia, its quite normal for a male to be attracted to a post-pubescent female, even 16 year olds.

You can't stop the relationship if she is pass the age of consent.

As a 26 year old, if I found out that one of my friends was dating a 16 year old, I would judge the fuck outta them. Police found Calah and Johnson in a candy store miles away from the girl's home. Clearly she has poor judgement. Only a knock at the door stopped us. I like low-maintenance girls who don't need a guy for "protection" or "looking after".

And 16 in Australia is old enough to do quite a lot of things like leave high school, get a trade, live by herself, get married. She is still a minor but she is able to make her own decisions as well.

Parents Claim 18-Year-Old Daughter Is A ‘Rageaholic,’ Abuses Entire Family

What kind of 26 year old has anything in common with a 16 year old kid? Not sure why you go downvoted, because that's absolutely correct. Came here to comment similar. It just irritates me that people especially here in the US think an adult being attracted to a 17yro makes said adult a pedophile.

That's not what that word means. It's fucked up, for sure, but not pedophilia. Pedophilia refers to a sexual orientation towards prepubescent children. A 16 year old is not prepubescent and in fact, as OP noted, is of legal age to give consent in their country.