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They are wanting to communicate with others — so this gives you many opportunities to share your faith. But do this with gentleness and respect It is wise to ask your Christian leader for their opinion as to whether you are suitable for this sort of ministry. Go here if they say you are, it is in any case good to do this sort of witness with the encouragement and prayers of your church's leaders.

We must also understand the potential personal dangers, especially for younger people. Starting out If you have never been in a Free Christian Chat Rooms For Mobile Phones room, first learn by visiting different types of rooms without saying anything.

Watch how people write and the abbreviations they use. Some chat rooms are just for teens or students. Others are for different age groups, special interests or those of a national or ethnic background. Paste the URLs into a word-processor page on your computer, and keep it open when you are in a chat room.

Also add to this file Bible verses which relate to the Gospel. There are also Christian chat scripts to help with quick Bible verse look-up. Understand the essentials of the Gospel and how to present it meaningfully to non-Christians.

Most people find it hard to understand that the Gospel is free and that there is nothing they can do to earn God's favor.

Free Christian Chat Rooms For Mobile Phones

That's what 'grace' means! Read evangelistic books — see how other people present the Gospel in a relevant way. Study your Bible, and highlight verses in it that are helpful.

Second offense may result in 3 to 30 day and up to a permanent banning. However, discussion of most any righteous topic is fine as long as everyone can be respectful of each other. If you're worried about the recent publicity surounding online chat the recent closure of msn chat then read our online singles chat safety guide.

Be prepared for the types of questions that people ask — prepare yourself using these resources: See How can I share my faith without an argument Common questions — things people ask, and how to answer them. More apologetic-type answers Before a chat session Pray for wisdomthe right words to say, and that God will lead you to people who are ready to discuss.

You could arrange in advance with a friend to visit the same chat room at the same time — this may help to get a discussion going. Or ask a friend to pray for you at the time you plan to be online.

Important things to do Pray while you are online — for those Free Christian Chat Rooms For Mobile Phones speak to, and how to reply effectively. Even if you disagree with something they say, try to identify with part of it. Be ready to share how you became a Christian, and how God helps you in your life right now. Remember, you are offering other people a relationship with the living loving God.

You are not trying to sell them a religion or even a set of morals or beliefs. Non-Christians do not understand this — they think that trying to obey certain rules or going to church is what makes people 'Christian'. This can be useful when a chat room is crowded. It may well be wise to limit 'PM' sessions to those of the same gender as go here. If someone wishes to talk again about issues later, exchange email addresses so that you can maintain contact.

It can be funny, but not sexy or completely bizarre. This makes you sound preachy before you start, and some people will not even speak to you. If a chat room requires a personal profile, write it honestly. It is counter-productive to be pushy or try to force people into a decision they are not Free Christian Chat Rooms For Mobile Phones to make.

It is counter-productive to be pushy or try to force people into a decision they are not ready to make. More Emojis to pick from? We understand that your link may go to a Christian site yet an unacceptable ad may be on there. A tree or person is known by their fruit words and deeds and that we are to P rove all things. These My C-O-O-L Space profiles will be constantly checked by monitors as well as all members that can report an offensive profile for the following items:

You may have firmly-held views on these things which flow out of your Christian faith, but they are not essential to the Gospel. Be humble and realize that this web page godly, experienced Christians take different views on some of these things.

Also no one is likely to change his or her mind on for example, abortion, until after becoming a Christian. Some chat room users may deliberately try to steer you into these sidelines and provoke you into argument on these issues. They may only be trying to see how far they can push you anyway! But mean words stir up anger. If you must use a word, explain it. Almost every Christian concept can be expressed in ordinary language. You may have heard the saying, "A Christian is just one beggar telling other beggars where to find bread.

There are pedophiles and other predatory people who visit teen and other chat rooms pretending to be nice. Young people in particular should follow these guidelines. Older Christians too have sometimes been Free Christian Chat Rooms For Mobile Phones into wrong relationships online. | Bad gateway

Never give your last name, address or phone number to anyone else in a chat room. Never ever arrange a face-to-face meeting alone with a chat contact. If someone in a chat room starts trying to find out too-personal information about you or wants to talk about sex, leave and find a new chat room. These are real dangers and bad things have happened to young people who were too trusting of so-called online 'friends'.

Learning from others We can learn from others who are experienced in chat room evangelism. Maybe there is someone in your church or neighborhood who would give a seminar about it.

It is a good activity for a youth group to be continue reading in.

Why not start learning about chat in a predominantly Christian environment. Then when you have learned some of the procedures, you can branch out into secular chat rooms. It is also possible to visit chat rooms which have a defined subject area — for instance a hobby or a special interest.

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These people are there to talk about the defined topic, and will not welcome attempts to force conversation over to religion. See this sort of chat room evangelism as Free Christian Chat Rooms For Mobile Phones to joining a club on something that interests you, rather than going witnessing on the streets. Only join if you share the hobby or interest, and wait for opportunities to arise, rather than taking the initiative.

Read a personal account of chat room witness from Dave Tatham. There are several ministries who can give advice and help: The Internet Mission House of Hope chat page It is also possible to share your faith through newsgroups, email, bulletin boards and instant messaging systems.

Larger Christian groups sometimes use their go here chat rooms both for evangelism and discipleship as part of co-ordinated approach, with trained moderators.

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Tell us your story. A Tale of Two Clubs for church websites Desperately Seeking Lodgers Second short story, explaining effective church website communication. And the use of podcasts Effective evangelism Communicating in ways that can reach non-Christians Planning a site Your 2 first steps: Translation help — words into your language: Digital Evangelism Issues — our blog.

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Free Christian Chat Rooms For Mobile Phones

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