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Fender Product Registration - Serial number lookup. 18 May When was my Fender instrument made? It's a common question we get at The Music Zoo. If you have a Fender in your hands, you can use this guide to precisely date your Fender instrument all the way back to Information on Japanese and Mexican-made instruments is included towards the bottom. In the early s, Japanese labour and production costs were much lower than in America and to compete with the Japanese made guitars, Fender moved the lower priced Fender guitar production from America to Japan. Fender was also losing sales in Japan to Japanese guitar brands such as Tōkai, Greco and.

Squier Company manufactured strings for violinsbanjosand guitars. Inthe company was acquired by Fender.

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BySquier became click as a manufacturer and a brand name for strings, as Fender opted to market its strings under the Fender brand name. Inthe Squier brand was reactivated by Fender to become Fenders Serial Number Dating Service Squier brand for lower priced versions of Fender guitars.

Jerome Bonaparte Squiera young English immigrant who arrived in Battle Creek, Michiganin the latter part of the 19th century, was a farmer and shoemaker who had learned the fine European art of violin making. He moved to Boston inwhere he built and repaired violins with his son, Victor Carroll Squier. To this day, their violins are noted for their exceptional varnishes, and they command high prices as fine examples of early U.

Squier ranks among the best-known U.

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Victor returned to Battle Creek, where he opened his own shop in As his business grew, Squier moved the company to Lake Ave. With a limited market for violins in Fenders Serial Number Dating Service Squier Creek, however, Squier astutely sought relationships with national music schools and famous violinists.

Up tothe best violin strings were made in Europe. Victor Squier started making his own hand-wound violin strings, and the business grew so quickly that he and his employees improvised a dramatic production increase by converting a treadle sewing machine into a string winder capable of producing 1, uniformly high-quality strings per day.

Squier violin stringsread article strings and guitar strings became well known nationwide and were especially popular among students because of their reasonable price.

In the s, Squier began making strings for the era's new electric instruments; the company also sold pianosradios and phonograph records until divesting itself of all string-related products in Fender Musical Instruments Corporation entered the picture in the s, when the V. Squier Company began supplying Southern California inventor and businessman Leo Fender with strings for his unusual new electric guitars.

Fenders Serial Number Dating Service Squier

Squier Company became an official original equipment manufacturer for Fender in Fender acquired the V. By the mids, the Squier name was retired as the strings had taken the Fender name.

Before the Fender Squier line of guitars was introduced inVisit web page was making lower priced guitars such as the Fender Lead series at its Fullerton, California plant.

Until the introduction of the Fender Squier series, Fender had never produced lower priced guitars based on its main Stratocaster and Telecaster models and had always used different model designs for its lower priced guitars. In the late s and early s Fender was facing competition from lower priced Japanese made guitars. The higher priced Fender guitars were made in the United States and could not compete with the lower prices of Japanese made Fender copies.

In the early s, Japanese labour and production costs were much lower than in America and to compete with the Japanese made guitars, Fender moved the lower priced Fender guitar production from America to Japan. Fender began negotiations with several Japanese musical instrument distributors and reached an agreement with Yamano Gakki and Kanda Shokai to establish Fender Japan.

Yamano Gakki was known for once being part of Epiphone Japan.

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Kanda Shokai owned the Greco brand name and one of the conditions of the Fender Japan agreement was that Kanda Shokai just click for source production of its own Greco Fender copies. This arrangement benefited Fender because it removed the Greco Fender copies from the Japanese market, which were selling in Japan at much lower prices than the American made Fenders and it also benefited Kanda Shokai because Kanda Shokai could then distribute Japanese made Fender branded guitars in Japan.

Further negotiations between Fender and Japanese guitar factories took place. Tokai was seriously Fenders Serial Number Dating Service Squier to start building the first Japanese made Fenders, but after a breakdown in negotiations, FujiGen Gakki was chosen instead. Over time, the Squier series slowly evolved to include original model designs and production has moved from Japan to various other Asian countries such as Korea, China and Indonesia.

These models were Fender models and not Squier models. The stratocasters had Fender USA pickups installed and were made for the Japanese market only and not for export. The Squier series were also made available for the Japanese market in Octoberwhich incorporated small changes compared to the export Squier series. The large Fender logo of the export Squier series was soon changed to a large Squier logo.

The SQ Squier series was introduced in late to early InSquier began to manufacture the Vista Series, which saw them introducing their own unique guitar designs independent from the Fender mother company for the first Fenders Serial Number Dating Service Squier.

They never really did that consistently. The indentification number sequences were no exception. Like the body and neck dates, using serial numbers to date a Fender is not a sure bet.

Made in the same factory as the Japanese Fenders of the era, they were known as high quality guitars. Later, in 97, a guitar version of the Musicmaster Bass was added, though it should be noted this was based on the bass design, and not the Fender Musicmaster guitar design of the s.

By the Vista Series was discontinued. The Squier lineup was augmented in with Affinity series guitars and basses. Entry-level Affinity Series instruments were straightforward, basic Stratocaster, Telecaster and Precision Bass guitars in black, red and white.

These bundled Affinity guitars are manufactured in Indonesia identified by badger stripe on neck whereas stand-alone Affinity are manufactured in China identified by no badger stripe on neck.

The year saw the introduction of Squier's Vintage Modified line, a series of high-end instruments continue reading around the concept of taking vintage designs and adding "hot rod" features such as hardware variations, gloss maple necks, new finishes and pickguards, and Duncan Designed pickups.

The bass lineup features Precision and Jazz basses including fretless versions of bothJaguars and Telecasters, with five-string and short-scale models featured in the range. The majority of Vintage Modified instruments are available only in right-handed configurations. InSquier released its Classic Vibe series, a series of electric guitars and basses mirroring classic Fender designs of the s and '60s. Each roughly reflected the hardware, woods, color variations, finishes, body contours, and tonal characteristics of their respective era, although Squier state that the series was not created to be go here era correct, but rather impart the "vibe" aura of a classic Fender design.

As follows is an approximate method in which Squier dates the serial numbers of Fenders Serial Number Dating Service Squier instruments. The rarest early ones had a 4 digit decal on the headstock and vintage style tuners. There were also Korean Squier serials with no serial number prefix and 6 or 7 numbers and the first number is the year. Some late 80's and early 90's examples held a serial number with the prefix M followed by 7 numerals, although there is much that is not known about these guitars and their exact date of manufacture as Squier were undergoing a 'transitional' period at this time making precise dating difficult.

They featured a high gloss maple neck with both rosewood and maple fretboard options and a slimmer 40mm body. Some Chinese-made Gretsch guitars also have a CY serial number.

Instruments made in the s follow the same form but start with MZ. Made in the same factory as the Japanese Fenders of the era, they were known as high quality guitars. Click on the links here to jump directly to the serial number style that matches your instrument:

Probably made by Yako Taiwan. The plant from which the COB serial number prefix models originate remains a mystery. No documentation, or comment from the manufacturer has resolved the question of which plant produced them. Some Squier IIs were made in India around The serial number is printed on a sticker located on the back of the neck, close to where the neck attaches to the body. Because the number was placed on a sticker it is fairly common for the serial number to be missing.

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Fenders Serial Number Dating Service Squier

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