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Well I'm not a girl, nor am I dating a guy, but I can answer this on behalf of my girlfriend. She's about 5′ and I'm 6′2″. Allow me to quote her: 1. Hugs are awesome. It's like being covered by a blanket. 2. You should sit down while we talk and I. 9 Mar Caring if something is weird or not is caring about what other people think. If you truly didn't care then you wouldn't want to know if it's weird. Any 'weirdness' in this case is a conception of society, not something objectively true. 0. Reply · theorangebox. Follow; 1 follower; 0 badges; Send a private message. 13 May I've been told more than a few times that "there's no way I can tell you're trans," and that helps men feel comfortable dating me. I've even But over time, I noticed that it was hardly a problem in my dating life — in fact, almost all of the guys I dated in my teens and twenties were six feet or taller. That's not to.

I am only 5' tall, so most my boyfriends have been a foot or more taller than me. It makes the guy feel bigger and more masculine. It makes the girl feel petite and more feminine 2. It makes the girl feel protected and cared for 3. He can help her reach those higher shelves 4.

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He can pick her up easily. It would easy for him to man handle her, which is a lot of fun while fooling around. She can easily wear heels around him, without hurting his ego. When he puts his coat over her, when she's cold, she would drown in it, and only the tips of her fingers would stick out from the sleeves. That is Super cute I think. When in a crowd, he can guide the way for her, as she can't see over most people's shoulders.

Follow 9 Health and emergency services Replies: I understand everyone has their preferences, but it's always been the most baffling thing to me how some people unabashedly put things like "Under 5'10" need not apply" right in their profile, dismissing someone right off the bat based on something so superficial.

She can't kiss him at will, he needs to bend down. He might get a crick in the neck lol 2. Dancing together click more difficult 3. Certain positions like missionary is not as intimate If they have kids together, their height might be average, not tall.

Overall I love it though. And find it very cute. Many people have told me so as well I like how guys are pretty much split on this, but the girl are heavily leaning towards cute Myself being 6'3, the shortest I generally find girls still attractive enough to date and have dated is about 5'6.

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I know it sounds superficially, but I truly do feel weird with a girl that much smaller than me! Taller girls just feel more grown up womanly to me I would love a guy to be a foot taller than me but maybe that would be weird as he would have to be nearly 7 foot!

I think its nice if the guy is taller than the girl. It's not such a big deal. Most Dating A Guy 1 Foot Taller Than You thought it was cute, source the important thing is whether or not you two are cool with it. I'm 5 feet tall and I've seen men that are 6 feet tall that I'd consider dating. I don't think it's necessarily cute, it just is what it is. I don't particularly care, but I prefer guys who are around as tall as I am, or shorter.

Taller guys make me feel uncomfortable. Thankfully I'm pretty tall. I found it cute. It looks a bit weird, but height shouldn't be a factor in judging if a relationship is good or bad. I'm 5'1, and my boyfriend is 6''1.

It works fine, I just have to stand on tiptoe, and he ducks down a bit to kiss me: Well, I'm 5'3 and a quarter and my boyfriend is like probably 5'4- 5'5. So basically he's just a little bit taller then me. At first it was almost a deal breaker because I usually like tall guys but once I realized that he was like actually still taller then me it didn't matter.

Neither cute nor weird. I really, deeply, extremely don't give a shit. I don't look at other couples and notice these kind of things. Were I in a couple, I wouldn't care about whatever height she'd be. It's not a criteria for me.

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Kinda weird, Im 6'0 and Id prefer a girl who was at least 5'4, would make some things less awkward. When I'm with someone that much shorter, I feel like a Dad taking his little princess out.

I'd be click as hell being that much taller than them. That also limits my dating pool since I'm like 6''3. Personally I don't want a girlfriend that's more than 10 inches shorter. I know the pains dude Being a foot taller than girlfriend weird? Select age and gender to cast your vote: What Girls Said It's not that uncommon and it's not weird.

My boyfriend is about a foot 13 inches taller than me. How do you like it?

Dating A Guy 1 Foot Taller Than You

I think it would be cute but it definitely is not necessary. It means you can reach things on high shelves for her!

Dating A Guy 1 Foot Taller Than You

I think is cute! The taller you are, the better you can hold her!

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What Guys Said There was a girl 5'0" hanging out with a guy 6'2"I found it hilarious. It's rather common anyways, as far as I know. I voted cute but i also think its weird. Most Helpful Opinion mho Rate.