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Studies challenge widely held assumptions about same-sex parenting | Deseret News

18 Nov Allowing same sex couples to adopt children deprives them of a mother or a father and subjects them to a dangerous social experiment. The extensive research on the serious psychological, academic and social problems among youth raised in fatherless families demonstrates the importance of the. testing gay fathers in numbers sufficiently large to make acceptable statistical analyses of data. For this reason, what is known currently about gay fathers is weakened by these methodological problems. It is practically impossible to obtain a representative sample of gay fathers, and those studies published to date frequently. Of all the studies of homosexual parents to date, Regnerus addressed the broadest array of variables and represents the largest random sample study of how adults turn out when they have (or had) a homosexual parent. 2, individuals aged were culled from a probability-based pool of approximately 15,

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That doesn't mean all the studies are well designed. For instance, those with gay or lesbian parent s were the: Prejudice, social stress, and mental health in lesbian, gay, and bisexual populations: You must select a newsletter to subscribe to.

More than three years after a Supreme Court decision gave federal recognition to same-sex marriages performed in states that allowed them, the demographics of same-sex married couples largely remain a mystery.

In fact, no one has a definitive count of gay married couples in the United States. Methodological problems like sample size and false positives have long plagued census estimates of this relatively small group. But a new research paper published by the Treasury Department on Monday has found an interesting way around these problems: By linking the tax returns of same-sex couples who filed jointly in with their Social Security records, researchers are able to give us the most accurate picture of same-sex marriages to date.

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And their estimate is this: In there weresame-sex marriages in America, roughly a third of 1 percent of all marriages. Of course, implicit in this estimate is the assumption that all married couples file their returns jointly. The Treasury Department estimates that One highlight of the study: Pretax household income of same-sex married couples is higher than that of heterosexual married couples.

Most of that is driven by the average earnings of male same-sex couples: Lee Badgett, an economics professor at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst, said one reason is the gender pay read article. The math here is simple — for heterosexual couples, the gender pay gap affects one partner.

College Dating Gay Parents Statistics And Probability Questions

For same-sex female couples, the gender pay gap affects both partners. The other key component is geography. The tax data shows same-sex married couples clustering along the coasts, and in urban pockets across the United States. These are regions that also tend to have higher wages.

More bisexuals than homosexuals reported having had a fair amount or great deal of choice about their sexual orientation. He noted the step- single and lesbian mom families structures all clearly included some upheaval. Children have a right to and a need for parenting by both a father and a mother.

In fact, heterosexual couples actually earn more than same-sex female ones when you compare married couples who live in the same three-digit ZIP code region. Child care plays a huge role as well. Same-sex female couples are four times more likely to have children than same-sex male couples. That means that many women will have to make tough trade-offs between career and family. Combine that with the likelihood of lower pay to begin with and you start to understand why the income differences are so large.

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There is one group whose incomes are far above the rest: This is a select group of people for whom the cost of children is particularly high. The data also reveals another, more subtle geographical difference in male vs. The top 20 cities for male same-sex married couples are more check this out to include dense city centers like New York, Los Angeles and Chicago, while the top 20 cities for female same-sex married couples tend to include smaller and medium-size cities like Springfield, Mass.

Women gravitated toward commitment more than men. Among the same-sex marriages, 55 percent involved same-sex women and 45 percent same-sex men.

College Dating Gay Parents Statistics And Probability Questions in same-sex marriages tend to be a little younger than those in straight marriages. The average age of same-sex filers is 47, while the average age for those in straight couples is View all New York Times newsletters. This difference is particularly important when it comes to counting gay and lesbian populations. For detailed records of American life, the Census Bureau usually employs surveys of a small but statistically representative sample of Americans.

Normally that is sufficient for most kinds of estimates such as average family sizes, car ownership or other measures. The problem with estimating gay and lesbian populations is that they represent such a small fraction of the total population; any mistakes in how people answered their census forms are likely to push the number of gay couples and, in particular, gay married couples wildly out of focus.

And in fact, this is what happened in the census and again in One of the more interesting problems was that many straight couples were being classified as gay because of incorrectly checked boxes on a census form.

This resulted, according to some estimates, in as much as a 25 percent overcount of gay couples. How did the Census Bureau try to control College Dating Gay Parents Statistics And Probability Questions this error? It turns out that, even today, most first names are strongly associated with one gender. Using a database of gender probabilities for each given name, the bureau was able go back and correct the misreporting.

The Census Bureau has been pretty upfront about its problems and even produced a delightfully nerdy video about its mistakes. To be fair, tax records can give an incomplete picture, but the problem is more political than methodological.

College Dating Gay Parents Statistics And Probability Questions

After the Windsor case was decided by the Supreme Court insame-sex marriage was still not recognized in every state.

So gay couples who crossed state borders to marry, but lived in states that did not recognize gay marriage, were not allowed to file jointly on their state tax returns.

Instead of trying to file a joint return for federal taxes and separate returns for state taxes, many couples opted to file separately on both their state and federal return.

This changed after Obergefell v. Hodgesthe Supreme Court decision that recognized gay marriage in all states. So the Treasury data is most likely undercounting same-sex marriages in more than a dozen states that did not recognize such marriages before the Obergefell decision. And if the Treasury researchers produce similar reports for andwe will be even closer. Tell us what you think. Please upgrade your browser.

Studies challenge widely held assumptions about same-sex parenting

Continue reading the main story. Same-sex marriage as a percentage of all marriages in each three-digit zip code area. This data includes only married couples who have filed jointly on their tax return, which There is no data in areas where there are fewer than married couples overall.

Characteristics of Married Tax Filers in and Continue reading the main story Areas with the highest rate of same-sex male marriage San Francisco 3. Areas with the highest rate of same-sex female marriage Oakland, Calif.

Areas with the highest rate of same-sex male marriage San Francisco 3. Newsletter Sign Up Continue College Dating Gay Parents Statistics And Probability Questions the main story Please verify you're not a robot by clicking the box.

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