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2 When James Braddock gets home from the first fight of the movie, he lays his money on the dresser. Time fast forwards and most of his belongings are gone because he had to sell them. What item is NOT one that is shown? Question From Quiz: Cinderella Man (click to play it). Question by author danielle. Answer. Cinderella Man – Viewing guide questions. Poverty in America. Directions: Answer the following questions as you watch the movie. Please note that the questions are not in order. Answers missed should be dealt with in the time after the film. Consider speaking to a peer in class to ensure that all the questions are answered. The Cinderella Man is a story about a comeback boxer who fights his way through the Great Depression for his family. The movie shows the hardships faced by so many during the depression. This guide has 41 questions that are in chronological order throughout the movie so students can easily follow along and pull.

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Max congratulated James on his win. Progressive Era CH What is on the back of his robe, besides his name of course.

Related quizzes can be found here: Cinderella Man Quizzes There are 25 questions on this topic. Last updated Feb 15 James was a boxer and he injured his hand so he was out of boxing for some time. Since his career lasted during The Great Depression, he looked hard to find some work but, due to the poor economy, he had small and minor jobs that lasted for just a couple of days.

However, Jim fully recovered from his injury and went on to win some important matches. He became the number here contender to defeat the Heavyweight Champion, Max Baer. In the final match, Jim and Max fought for several rounds, and it ended with Jim being named the Cinderella Man Movie Questions And Answers. Time fast forwards and most of his belongings are gone because he had to sell them.

What item is NOT one that is shown? This shows that the Great Depression affected everyone. He has sold most of his things to keep his family together. In one scene, James and Mae were at dinner and Max was at the same restaurant. Max began to taunt James so Mae grabbed a glass of water and threw it into Max's face. In one scene, James was showing Cinderella Man Movie Questions And Answers boxing moves to his and Mae's two children, Rosemarie and Jay, and Mae got upset.

She told Rosemarie and Jay there was no boxing in the house and that they would not be boxers but rather go here would go to college.

Mae was thrilled, at the end of the movie, when James won the Heavyweight Championship.

What does she realize while she is there? He is fighting for Milk. He is the new heavy weight champion of the world. They have to hope that they will fix things.

He tells Rosie that he had a big, juicy steak and went back for ice cream three times. He says he's stuffed and asks Rosie if she wants to help him out with his piece of bologna. Jay was Mae and James' son and he was hoping that his father would get back to being a boxer and have a thriving boxing career.

In one scene, Jay stole some meat from the butcher's shop, and James found out about it. He made Jay go back to the butcher and return the piece of meat. James took Jay aside and told him that, despite the fact that times were rough, it did not give him license to steal.

Jay apologized and James hugged him and told him it would be alright. After returning the salami to the butcher, Jay admits why he stole it.

One of his friends was sent away by their parents because they had no food and he didn't want to be separated from his family. Braddock promises he wouldn't ever send the kids away. Waller got the part of Rosemarie Braddock for this film. Rosemarie was James and Mae's daughter and also Jay's sister. Jay and Rosemarie got along but Rosemarie did not like that Jay stole something from the butcher's shop, so she told Mae that Jay stole a piece of meat.

Rosemarie told James this, when James got home, and Mae chided Rosemarie since her brother was already in enough trouble as it is. Near the end of the movie, Mae told both Jay and Rosemarie they could not listen to the final boxing match between James Braddock and Max Baer on the radio since she was afraid bad news would be stated on James. However, Jay and Rosemarie hid in a closet and turned on the radio and listened to the radio and were thrilled when their father won the Heavyweight Championship.

Mae is worried because she thinks he won't be able to get a job down at the docks to help out any. Braddock says to cover it with shoe polish, and goes down to the docks the next day where he does get picked for a shift. He proves that his hand won't slow him down any. He needs the money.

There were some people he boxed that he even wound up killing in the ring. Max was informed that James Braddock was the number one contender for the Cinderella Man Movie Questions And Answers Championship and he felt his fight with James would be an easy one since he considered James weak.

During the here match, between Max and James, Max taunted James but Click to see more did not let this get to him since he went on to defeat Max.

Max congratulated James on his win. What does Braddock tell Mike he used to own in New York City, that he thought would be "gold for the grandkiddies"?

Cinderella Man Movie Questions And Answers

During the Great Depression, even the taxi company that Braddock owned failed. He remarks, "How do you lose money on cabs in New York City, right? Joe was James' manager and was seen at all of James' matches, as he rooted him on to score victories.

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There were some matches where James appeared to be losing but Joe encouraged him to hang in there and continue to work hard and fight to get a win. Joe would often yell at the referees if they made mistakes and he never seemed to get in trouble for it.

At many times in the source, Joe and Max Baer clashed but here never got physical. Joe cheered James on when he fought against Max and got very excited when James was pronounced the new Heavyweight Champion once he defeated Max Baer. Howard starts to cough and Cinderella Man Movie Questions And Answers a fever.

Mae tries her best to hold it together for her other children, but she finally caves and sends the kids away. Jimmy was a boxing promoter and he was disappointed in James' poor boxing skills in several matches.

He told Joe Gould that he did not want James to fight anymore since he felt that James would not bring in enough money. Joe persuaded Jimmy to not do this and give James another chance, especially since James had injured his hand.

Jimmy moved to have James' boxing license suspended but James' license was eventually reinstated. Jimmy was thrilled when James started to improve and win many matches and was even more excited when James won the Heavyweight Championship.

Cinderella Man (7/8) Movie CLIP - Braddock vs. Baer (2005) HD

To what relative does she send the boys? She says the boys are with her father in Brooklyn. Rosie goes to Mae's sister's house. Jimmy gets mad because he promised Jay he wouldn't send them away. I knocked out Sam Baker in May of Simmons had the small role of Art Lasky. Lasky was a boxer from Minneapolis, and debuted in May of when he knocked out a boxer named Sam Baker. His first major opponent was boxer Jimmy Gibbons, in January ofCinderella Man Movie Questions And Answers Art knocked out Gibbons in the second round of that match.

Read more was undefeated for 10 matches when he lost to Dick Daniels on his 11th match. He was a contender for the Heavyweight Championship, but he did not get to fight for it since he lost to Charley Retzlaff and James Braddock.

Simmons had roles in the movies "Barbershop", "Barbershop 2: Back in Business", and "Roll Bounce. He gets help from the relief fund of New Jersey but it isn't enough.

Who does he then ask for help? He asks for help from the boxing commission Cinderella Man Movie Questions And Answers they help out a lot. His old manager, Joe Gould, is there and takes care of the couple of dollars that Braddock still needs. Howard, born in in Oklahoma, had the small part of announcer Al Farzin.

Al was the main announcer for all of James' matches, and often expressed enthusiasm and energy at his job. In one match, James and another boxer were doing poorly and not much was happening so here fans started to boo them and throw popcorn, peanuts, and other food onto the boxing visit web page. Al made a notice of this while announcing, and mentioned that this was all the boxers deserved for putting on a poor show that night.

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Al announced that the judges Cinderella Man Movie Questions And Answers to award James the Heavyweight Champion and, like with all the other matches, he was enthusiastic throughout this match. Nobody will fight Corn Griffin without training, and they need somebody.

He is pretty much a piece of meat, but proves them wrong by winning the fight. MacNeill, a native of New Brunswick, Canada had the small role of the electric man. James and Mae source a hard time paying the bills, since it was The Great Depression and there were not many jobs available.

One month, James and Mae did not pay the electric bill so they were punished by the electric company. One day, Mae saw the electric man at her home, and she asked click to see more what he was doing.

He told her that since they did not pay the electric bill, he was turning off the electricity. Mae told him he could not do that since she had children but he told her he needed a job since he had kids as well. What else does Braddock break in the movie? During the fight with Art Lasky, his ribs get broken. Lasky hit him with a hard right and they crack. Braddock sticks it out and beats Lasky though. People highly affected by the Great Depression Cinderella Man Movie Questions And Answers living in shacks there.

Braddock goes to find Wilson, only to find him dying. He tells Braddock to tell Sarah that he won't be late, and then dies. How many people does the movie say Baer has killed in the ring?

The head of the boxing commission is afraid he will get in trouble if Braddock dies in the ring without doing "everything in his power" to stop Braddock. He shows him a tape of one guy killed in the ring with Baer and mentions the other. Braddock remarks that it's his profession and he is going to fight.

Cinderella Man Movie Questions And Answers

Who is it that throws a glass of wine in Baer's face?