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Speed Dating for Ghosts. Casual, Indie, Simulation, RPG. $ Monster Garden . Adventure, Indie, RPG, Casual. $ Shoujo City. Early Access, Simulation, Dating Sim, Anime. $ NEKOPARA OVA. Anime, Cute, FPS, Sexual Content . %. $ $ Purrfect Date - Visual Novel/Dating Simulator. Adventure. The following page is an alphabetical section from the list of PC games. A · B · C · D · E · F; G; H · I · J · K · L · M · N · O · P · Q · R · S · T · U · V · W · X · Y · Z · Numerical. G[edit]. Name, Developer, Publisher, Genre(s), Operating system(s), Exclusive? Date released, MetaScore. Game Dev Tycoon · Greenheart Games. Strategy: This is parked at Yusuf's helipad in Westminster, Algonquin from the very start of the game. At the end, however, it is replaced with the gold Buzzard, and therefore is unavailable at that point. Formulated by: Lancet Jades - Caddy Mission: Practice Swing (Tony Prince) Difficulty: * Required: Nothing.

Grand Theft Auto IV: The Ballad of Gay Tony: All missions done, cursory glance has revealed the vehicles listed. Some side missions complete. Numbering wrong due to confusion over best order to complete missions. Except a much more complete guide when 1. Mission order partially revised and incorrect numbering corrected. Added a read more for drug wars vehicles, finished the new vehicle list, added vehicles no longer present, and finished many more side missions.

A few new vehicles added and more info on existing ones especially ones where the strategy was purely theory. Hexer is, apparently, unobtainable.

Ignore my last update; the Hexer IS obtainable!

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Difficult and random, though. Although thanks to thekosmicfool, an even easier way has been found! Also a couple other changes I forgot to list here when I made them and have since forgotten entirely. This guide lists all known proofed, special property, unique, and even rare vehicles which often have to be unlocked.

I'd say more, but I pretty much just summed it up.

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Yes, this is the same preamble as my other guides. This guide is NOT a "rare car" guide. Only cars that have some special feature such as proofing, special paintjob, special features, or can only be acquired via missions are included. This guide may inadvertently contain spoilers of story missions! While this guide's scope does not really involve spoiling anything, due to what is required of it, the potential for small spoilers, such as names or events is present.

Just keep that in mind. Whenever a mission is listed, the employer is listed in parentheses next to it. I list missions by the person who's mission progress it counts towards, NOT the name listed on the map. This guide is written without the check this out replay feature in mind. As many definitions used depend on whether a vehicle is available at the end of the game, this would result in categories being rendered useless.

I will make a note of which vehicles may be infinitely obtained via mission replaying. Terms in the guide 2: Safehouses and Parking Spots 3: Unobtainable special vehicles 6. Drug Wars vehicles Vehicle possibilities: Vehicles Ballad Of Tony Dating Simulators Rpg Games in TBoGT, and redesigned vehicles Frequently Asked Questions This vehicle will not take damage from bullets.

Windows cannot be damaged, and shots will not count towards the car being destroyed. Unlike the previous GTAs, tires are apparently also immune to being popped by gunfire. This vehicle will not catch fire or otherwise take damage from molotovs. Tires can still catch fire unfortunately. This car is immune to explosive damage, such as from grenades, rocket launchers, or exploding cars. Does not stop the car itself from exploding if somehow critically damaged.

This car cannot be damaged by bashing it around into other cars, walls, etc. The car will still take cosmetic damage, such as dents and scrapes even to the point of impeding functions, such as a wheel well being destroyed. This combines the qualities of bulletproof, fireproof, explosionproof, and damageproof. Now that even locked cars Ballad Of Tony Dating Simulators Rpg Games be jacked by breaking the windows, UJ means that Luis will simply refuse to break the windows and get in.

Even breaking the windows anyways, he still refuses to open the doors. Beater - A rustbucket. One of the rusty, falling-apart cars that occasionally spawn. Used in the first nine levels of the Little Jacob's drug delivery missions. Jack - To jack a vehicle means to steal it. This is probably not a necessary entry, but I figured I'd add it just in case.

Ballad Of Tony Dating Simulators Rpg Games

Unique - This vehicle is unique and found in story missions only, or other limited-time availability missions, and thus can be missed altogether. Double-drive - Double-driving is used in some vehicle strategies. It involves driving two vehicles at once back to your safehouse. One is the special vehicle you're trying to obtain, the other is a vehicle some important person from the mission is in, and if you go too far away, you will fail. You more info drive one car partway towards the destination usually a parking spotthen get out and drive the other a bit farther, and repeat ad nauseum.

Slow, but guaranteed to work, as long as you don't put too much distance between them. You don't risk failing the mission, but rather the vehicle you're trying for may vanish. If one vehicle is powerful enough to push the other, you can do that instead to expedite the process. Hybrid Grill - This is a rather specialized term.

Some PMP s in a few missions check the vehicle list for which have it have a special "hybrid" style grill not seen with other PMP s.

It is called hybrid because it's a cross between the normal grill a lot of vertical barsand the "Mafia" PMP grill a few vertical bars with a mesh backing.

Ballad Of Tony Dating Simulators Rpg Games

The hybrid grill has a lot of vertical bars and the mesh backing. So far, the PMP is the only vehicle known to have a completely different grill used only in story mission vehicles with no pattern at that. Tuner - A "tuner" car is a special modified version of the vehicle, usually adding spoilers and other modifications. These often come in only one color. They still have the same name as the base vehicle, so a tuner Sentinel is still labeled "Sentinel" in the game.

A lot of tuner cars in this game are NOT "unique," but found randomly on the street albeit rare at timesand thus will not be included in this guide unless otherwise warranted. Rare - This is used in the guide as an "unlockable" vehicle.

During some missions, AI drivers that you chase are given "super" stats: If you are in danger of catching up or passing them or if you take a shortcut to do sothey hyper-accelerate to stay in the lead.

They also tend to slow down and "wait" for you if you fall too far behind, although they never stop completely. This goes along with the fact such chases are usually scripted. Discovered by - This is not necessarily the first person to discover a vehicle, but rather the first person to report it to me.

I will add the original discoverer if I'm able to determine who originally found it, however. Formulated by - This is who informed me of the strategy to obtain the vehicle. Vehicles that were pointed out to be, but where I was given no strategy to obtain it often lead to me developing the strategy, although most will have the same entry for Discovered and Formulated by. Vehicles that are given to you such as the???

In addition to this, I no longer list who created strategies when a vehicle is easy to see and is made clear to you, such as if a target in a mission drives it, meaning you must shoot them Ballad Of Tony Dating Simulators Rpg Games. If anything more is needed, including mission failure, credit will be mentioned click to see more. When you load a game, all stored vehicles are restored to top condition and health.

Even destroyed vehicles will be repaired, so long as you get the carcass of the vehicle into the spot.

Par for the course for the series. Bernie is also seen by some players to be this. This is a black Landstalker with a luster. Double-drive - Double-driving is used in some vehicle strategies.

Even Helicopters may be saved in parking spots. Each spot can hold two article source maximum. Any more than two get deleted. More than two cars can be stored in a parking spot on a temporary basis, however.

It was brought to my attention by Matt J that a viable strategy for most vehicles in missions Ballad Of Tony Dating Simulators Rpg Games to park it in a parking spot, then commit suicide. This will fail the mission and the vehicle will stay.

Luis' Apartment, Galveston Ave. Due to the increase emphasis on motorcycles, I've noticed that every time you load a save, it spawns any motorcycles you have a bit farther towards the street than before.

This means that eventually, it will spawn it in the street itself, off of the actual parking spot, causing you to lose it unless readjusted before this happens. This happens mostly with the Clubhouse's parking spot, as you use that building so often.

GTA: The Ballad of Gay Tony - Mission #9 - Boulevard Baby [100%] (1080p)

It was reported to me by someone I forget who that this is due to the motorcycle's position being recalculated every time they appear.

When the motorcycle leans over after you dismount, this pushes its "center" towards whichever direction it leans. When it reappears, it then spawns a bit farther in that direction, and after a few cycles, appears in the street, outside of the parking spot's zone. This does not seem to happen if it leans towards the sidewalk - it simply spawns at the curb and never leans further.

Get Known if you don't have an account. Proceed to a parking spot. Corner Kids Armando Torres Roman and Kate McReary for Niko, to a very limited degree.

Or so it went in the past. The above ONLY applies to story missions. Side missions random encounters and club management are once-off, and very missable! Da Blazian, confirmed by SketchySpider Description: