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Did Tom Schwartz Really Hook Up With Lala Kent’s Friend?

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18 Feb This week's Vanderpump Rules Season 2 Reunion Part 2 continued to deal with the aftermath of Tom Sandoval and Kristen Doute both cheating on one another while they were dating. Tom and Ariana Madix are now a couple — but did they really just kiss when Tom was still with Kristen? On the reunion. 29 Sep Why the hell are all of the Bravo production companies married to the idea of having so many damn rehash scenes at the beginning of every episode? Jax and Tom and Ariana, Katie and Stassi's new butt barnacle, James and Lisa enough ! The new episode doesn't start until seven minutes in! And sadly. 30 Jan “Where, oh where, to begin?” writes Ariana. “Maybe I will start from my conversation with Lisa and move backwards. I find it a bit frustrating that my employer is making statements about me and Tom on a personal level. Sure, we have both worked for Lisa for years, but her knowledge of who we are outside.

Who's hooked up with whom on the VPR cast?

Read more take a look at the tangled web of hookups that is Vanderpump Rules.

Charting the Hookups of Vanderpump Rules. When we first met the SURvers, Jax and Stassi were king and queen of the clique, and the drama of their relationship carried us through the first two seasons of the show. Then, of course, Jax cheated and all hell broke loose. The juicy scoop on the hookup: Because none of these people can date anyone who works anywhere but SUR, Stassi rebounded with one of the other bartenders, Frank.

It was short lived: Listen, we don't know Jax hooked up with John, his old Miami roommate who "took care of" him, but that was insinuated, like, a lotand we're just going to choose to believe it, k?

Press Enter to Search. You May Also Like Kristen just wants […]. Im a cancer and tend did tom and ariana hook up sabotage situations with my over thinking.

Then there was Tiffany, who seemed totally cool. She worked in hospitality and got Jax and his buddies a free suite for a boys trip, then Jax went and hooked up with her in the very suite she booked for him.

We're skipping, like, a thousand Jax hookups um, Lindsay Lohan?

When Did Tom And Ariana Start Hookup

And, yeah, we give it until next season before a new cheating scandal breaks. Did Kristen and Brittany really hook up? Kristen admitted they had a couple drunk kisses, but Jax claims Kristen went down on her.

When Did Tom And Ariana Start Hookup

Stranger things have happened on Vanderpump Rules. On to the worst couple in VPR history. Kristen and Tom basically hated each other, so when Kristen cheated on him with Jax we were kind of like, well, at least she put him out of his misery? Then Tom and Ariana started hooking up. Or, if you believe Kristen, that started happening before Kristen and Tom broke up.

Which is probably true, but whatever. At least these two don't treat each other like human garbage.

Ariana You did this thing the other day where you told a whole story with emojis. He claimed he did not see her and was at Scheana's all night. After the first few rounds of failed relationships, it can take some positive affirmations and a few Sex and the City reruns not to become disillusioned with the prospect of finding love. As I said at the Reunion, the only thing I can thank Tom for is leaving. And sadly the new […].

We could call her Annemarie, but come on: And, ya, he probably did, because all of these people cheat on each other all of the time. Kristen picked a real winner for her rebound: They started hooking up right away, and right away probably! James started cheating on her.

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One night James made the fatal mistake of taking an uber home while cheating on Kristen with Jenna the girl we know from all of Scheana's parties who never gets any lines and the next morning Kristen checked his Uber history and went ballistic.

Oh, James cheated on Kristen with Lala, too. Then Lala and James started dating sort-of and, obviously, James cheated on her, too. Lauren gave him a bunch of gross bite marks and when Lala asked about them in front of Lauren!

Did Tom Schwartz Really Hook Up With Lala Kent’s Friend?

Then there's Katie and Schwartz who have been dating forever and are engaged now. Their relationship is good! Schwartz cheated on her on vacation, but said it was just making out They've never even had a cheating scandal!

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And with this group, that's saying a lot. But before Shay, Scheana did have a cheating scandal. Oh, and she totally hooked up with John Mayertoo. How Old is the Cast? The Cast of Vanderpump Rules.