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Sword Jian Musket Flintlock pistol. The Curse of the Black Pearl. Dead Men Tell No Tales. With an adventurous spirit and the need to break societal boundaries, she had long been fascinated with the freewheeling world of buccaneers to a point of learning a song about pirates as a child. Over the years, Elizabeth blossomed into a beautiful young lady, although drove her father to distraction with her willfulness and disregard for propriety. Both Jack Sparrow and Will Turner change Elizabeth's notions of romance and adventure forever, soon learning that all the rules she believed in are meant to be broken.

Born in LondonEnglandElizabeth led a fairly sheltered life of privilege throughout her childhood. Since the death of his wife, Governor Swann had raised his daughter on his own. Much to her father's dismay, pirates had always fascinated Elizabeth when she was a girl, mainly on the HMS Dauntless ' voyage from England to the British colony at Port Royal on the vibrant and prosperous island of Jamaica.

When the Dauntless crew rescued young Will Turnera mysterious shipwreck survivor from a pirate attack, she recognized the " pirate medallion " he wore. Little did she know what adventures would stem from this fateful encounter. Eight years later, Elizabeth's cozy world was see more upside down after Captain Jack Sparrow rescued her from drowning: Days after Will Turner joined forces with Jack Sparrow, the cursed Pirates Of The Caribbean Online Hookup were defeated with the assistance of Elizabeth's betrothed, Commodore James Norrington.

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In return for his help, Elizabeth aided Jack Sparrow in escaping from the gallowsand then left Norrington for Will Turner, her path chosen. In exchange for Elizabeth's freedom, Will sets out to retrieve Jack's unique compass for their freedom.

However, because Weatherby Swann's failed attempt to help his daughter escape, leading to his reluctant loyalty to the Company and Beckett, Elizabeth fled to Tortuga to find Will Turner.


Elizabeth retrieved Letters of Marque intended for Jack before stowing away aboard the Edinburgh Trader. By the end, Elizabeth took part in a battle which led to her delivering Jack Sparrow to the Kraken in order to save Will and other members of Jack's crew.

After successfully rescuing Jack Sparrow, the Black Pearl escaped from the Locker, but not before Elizabeth discovered her father's death at the hands of Cutler Beckett. Elizabeth then joined the desperate quest to gather the nine Pirate Lords of the Brethren Courttheir only hope to hold back the fearsome tide of Beckett, who gained control of Davy Jones and the Flying Dutchman. Prior to the conclave, Elizabeth was guest aboard the Empress Pirates Of The Caribbean Online Hookup, the flagship of Sao Fengwho believed Elizabeth to be the capricious sea goddess Calypso imprisoned in human form.

During the final battle against Beckett's ArmadaWill and Elizabeth were married. After the pirates' victory, Will and Elizabeth spent one day with each other, during which time they conceived a child.

Before Will left to serve aboard the Dutchman for ten years, Elizabeth promised to keep his heart, now locked in the Dead Man's Chest, safe.

Years later, her son destroyed the Trident of Poseidon which broke all the curses of the sea. This freed Will from the Dutchman and she would be reunited with her husband. As a child, Elizabeth gained interest in the subject of piracyromanticizing them in her obsession, [13] believing that it would be "exciting to meet a pirate. Elizabeth during the voyage to Port Royal. While the Dauntless sailed through the Caribbean Seayoung Elizabeth Swann was singing the pirate shanty until one of the sailors, Joshamee Gibbswarned her about the superstition of singing about pirates in an unnatural fog before Lieutenant James Norrington intervened.

Although Elizabeth expressed her fascination for the subject of piracy, both Norrington and Governor Swann showed their concern, with Norrington stating that he intended to see all pirates get " a short drop and a sudden stop ".

Shortly afterwards, Elizabeth discovered a young boy, lying unconscious atop a floating piece of driftwood, the only survivor of a pirate attack on a merchant vessel. As Norrington's men searched the burning wreckage, Governor Swann asked Elizabeth to watch over the boy, which she did dutifully. When the boy roused, Elizabeth learned his name, Will Turnerbefore he slipped back into unconsciousness. Elizabeth then noticed a gold medallionwith a skullabout Will's neck.

Fearing he was a pirate, Elizabeth took the medallion from Will, so that the ship's crew would not suspect that he was associated with pirates. As Elizabeth stood alone on just click for source stern of the Dauntlesstaking a look at the medallion, she caught movement out of the corner of her eye. Looking up, she caught a glimpse of a pirate ship, the Black Pearlhoisting a flag with a skull, moving silently through the thick fog.

Little did she know what adventures would stem from this fateful encounter, and the trouble the medallion would bring. Upon arriving to the British colony at Port Royal on the vibrant and prosperous island of JamaicaGovernor Swann set himself up in a mansion overlooking the harbor town.

Elizabeth made her home there also, while Will started work just click for source a blacksmith's forge in the town.

He and Elizabeth became good friends over the next eight years, although Elizabeth's high status appeared to draw a divide between them, making Will reluctant to show his true feelings for her. Both had fallen in love, but neither were prepared to admit it. Pirates Of The Caribbean Online Hookup with Weatherby Swann and Will Turner in her father's mansion.

Eight years after they first met, both Elizabeth and Will had both grown up, and Elizabeth still carried the medallion with her. She attended James Norrington's promotion ceremony at Fort Charleswearing a corset that was far too tight for her a recent gift from her father, all the latest fashion in Londonand spent much of the time trying to keep herself from fainting.

After the ceremony, James asked for a moment alone with Elizabeth out on the battlements, during which he proposed to her, having realized that all he was missing in his life was marriage to a fine woman. Elizabeth was surprised, and this, coupled with the constricting corset, caused her to faint and topple over the battlements.

She plunged into the water far below, narrowly missing the rocks, and sank to the sea bed. Jack Sparrow threatening Elizabeth just after her rescue. Fortunately for her, Captain Jack Sparrow had arrived in Port Royal, and, witnessing Elizabeth's fall, dived into the water to save her.

You can find it to the left of the entrance to the tavern. Being a master of disguises, Angelica learned the art of the con from the best, Captain Jack Sparrow. There are bars placed next to each cell that needs to be opened. S swash has well and truly buckled in the new Pirates of the Caribbean film.

Bringing her up to the dock, Sparrow cut off her corset, and Elizabeth took a gulp of welcome fresh air. Sparrow also noticed her medallion, and seemed highly interested in it.

Pirates Of The Caribbean Online Hookup

Before he could say more, Norrington and his Pirates Of The Caribbean Online Hookup arrived to arrest the piratedespite Elizabeth's protests. However, Jack suddenly turned on Elizabeth, holding her hostage while his effects were returned to him, before making a spectacular escape. Shaken, Elizabeth returned to here mansion, where she reflected on the day's harrowing, yet exciting, events.

Elizabeth negotiating with Barbossa and his crew aboard the Black Pearl. That night, at the Governor's mansion, a maid named Estrella removed a bed warmer from the fireplace and slid it between the sheets at the end of Elizabeth's bed. Estrella and Elizabeth briefly discussed the events of that day—during which Elizabeth had been rescued and subsequently threatened by Jack Sparrow, though got into the subject of Commodore Norrington's earlier proposal to her.

Finally noting suggestively, Elizabeth's affection for Will Turner, rather than James Norrington, Estrella left the room. Elizabeth began reading a book, toying absently with the medallion around her neck until the flame from her lamp diminished and went out, and the room went dark. Shortly afterwards, Elizabeth's cozy world was turned upside down when the Black Pearl launched an attack on Port Royal.

Lured by the Gold Medallion that Elizabeth wore around her neck, detected after the ripple was sent out, the pirates storm the governor's mansion.

Elizabeth was chased through the mansion by Pintel and Ragettiand was unable to defend herself with a sword, as it was stuck in the ornamental shield.

Fortunately, she was able to request parley before they could harm her. However, this seemed to please Pintel, who Pirates Of The Caribbean Online Hookup he would honor the Code of the Brethren if it meant Elizabeth would go to their captain without a fuss. Elizabeth terrorized by the cursed crew. While talking to Barbossa, she used the gold medallion to strike a bargain.

Her threat to drop it overboard made the captain cooperate. Believing the pirates would hold her for ransom if they knew she was the Governor's daughter, Elizabeth gave her surname as "Turner", claiming she was a maid in the Governor's household. This seemed to greatly interest the pirates, though they appeared more taken with her medallion.

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She traded it in exchange for a ceasefire, resulting in the pirates leaving Port Royal with Elizabeth still on board. She protested, but Barbossa explained three flaws in link negotiations, most importantly that she failed to mention her return to shore in the negotiations, finally finishing by welcoming her aboard.

Later, Elizabeth was invited to dine with Barbossa in the captain's cabin of the Pearl. Elizabeth, a pragmatic woman, firmly refused to believe the "ghost story" about Barbossa and his crewmen being cursed men.

Although, during her attempt to escape his clutches, she stabbed him in the chest with a knife—only to find it neither killed nor even hurt him.

Shocked, she stumbled out of the captain's cabin and into a nightmare, as the crew were revealed by the moonlight in their true, skeletal forms. In Elizabeth's dreams of an adventurous life, she did not imagine herself being tossed in the air by a crew of skeletons. After her terrifying chase around the moonlit deck of the Black Pearlshe spent the rest of the night cowering in Pirates Of The Caribbean Online Hookup corner of Barbossa's cabin.

Pirates Of The Caribbean Online Hookup

Upon arrival at Isla de MuertaElizabeth reluctantly sailed into the treasure-filled caves with the cursed crew. After a rousing speech, Barbossa attempted to lift the curse by returning the final cursed coin into the chest, with a portion of Elizabeth's blood—believing it to be the blood of a Turner. The ritual failed, and Barbossa asked Elizabeth if her father was William Turner, and she told him "No".

When refusing to reveal who and where Turner's real child was, Barbossa knocked Elizabeth to the ground. Fortunately for Elizabeth, while Barbossa and his crew were arguing, Will arrived in time to flee the island with her and his medallion. She was brought aboard the Pirates Of The Caribbean Online Hookup Interceptor and was shocked to find more pirates, though the friendly face of Joshamee Gibbs set her slightly at ease. But a challenge brought out the best in Elizabeth. The Interceptor was summarily pursued by the Black Pearl.

She took command by helping the crew devise stalling tactics to aid their escape, such as trying to outrun here Pearl in some nearby shoalsand later ordered the crew to perform a clubhauling maneuver to take the fight to the Pearl.

As the ship turned for attack, Elizabeth shouts "Fire all! Elizabeth and the rest of the crew were taken aboard the Black Pearland was later forced to walk the plank along with Jack Sparrow, while the Pearl returned to Isla de Muerta with Will. Elizabeth wound up marooned with Captain Jack on a desert islandwhere she was horrified to discover that this bold pirate had no idea how to escape.

When Jack came around the next morning, he found Elizabeth burning his stock of rum to create a huge bonfire, a smoke signal that ultimately attracted the attention of the HMS Dauntlessout searching for Elizabeth, although Jack made a big How To Delete For Account Pirates Of The Caribbean Online Hookup it.

Aboard, she accepted Commodore Norrington's proposal, though only as a persuasive method to ensure he helped rescue her true love, Will. Norrington realized this, but was pleased nonetheless.

During the fight, Elizabeth was stunned to see Jack rowing away, alone, to an island on the horizon. A tense standoff occurred after they returned, which had Elizabeth with pistols at Barbossa and Jack, all uneasy at first. More than anything, I respect Johnny Cash for his love of God and how he was never afraid to share it.

Elizabeth and William Turner. While she was against his execution, her father reassured her otherwise by saying that they are all bounded by the law. It was here that Read article had came up to her and professed his love for her after eight years.

Elizabeth was shocked by this revelation, but when she realized that Will had a rescue attempt in progress, she knew she had to do something. At the right moment, by pretending to faint, Elizabeth distracted Norrington and her father long enough to allow Will to save Jack. During the rescue, Will and Jack were surrounded by Norrington's men.