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He Treats You Like A Girlfriend But Says He Doesn't Want Any Relationship

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12 Dec I've been hooking up with this girl and she's amazing so I want to date her but she keeps saying no, I don't want a relationship. Although I don't dislike you, I don't like you quite enough that I'm interested in giving up the passionate sex I'm also having with Steve, the philosophy Ph.D. I'm inexplicably. I've been considering if I maybe want something like a queerplatonic relationship with her, but I don't really know what that entails. Plus I have no . Even if he was single, I don't think I'd consider a real life relationship with him, because I don't like relationships except the ones inside my head. I don't need. 4 Mar By the way, I don't want to be with a playa or somebody who treats me casually and they must be ______”–cue list of requirements. My response tends to go along these lines: So let me get this right: You want to start dating but you don't want it to progress into a committed relationship because you like your.

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So let me get this right: Baggage Reclaim is a guide to learning to live and love with self-esteem by breaking the patterns that see more in your way. You are leading people on, for the purpose of your ego. This is not nice! How would you feel if you were used like this?

I would hate to lead them on at all because I agree that I would hate for this to happen to me. I think the guys I meet are really nice, but we just lack chemistry at the moment. Perhaps this is denial and what I am really looking for is a carbon-copy of my ex boyfriend. But they make me feel like I matter. And I think it will speed up my recovery along with me working on myself at the same time.

Lisa, I could have written much of what you wrote. I was trying to make the point he was kind a generous. It has also helped me see what I do not need or want in the next guy. Answer these quick questions and feature in TSR's next article! After a week of no communication, he calls and says he was scared and really did want to date me.

Other people cannot make you feel like you matter, as this has to come from you. If you choose to seek validation and self esteem boosts from men, you will continue the same unhealthy pattern. Is your click the measure of your worth? Do you feel that other people who cannot or do not date, do not matter? Why are you letting other people — men — decide what you are or are not worth and whether or not you matter?

I refused his friendship card. I forgot to add, things also depend on if you already have or want more kids, as this changes yr workload. This is a very valuable lesson to learn.

Do you feel your sexuality is the only or most important thing of value you have? And the dates validate that. And these dates only prove that you are willing to be unfair to someone and possibly hurt them — because you are still hurting and unavailable.

Using people who did you no wrong in this way is not recovery. At best, you are temporarlily dulling the pain and giving you ego a boost, and at worst, you are actually delaying recovery and using people. Sorry to sound snarky. I feel I was used, among other things as an airbag, a seduction training exercise, and an ego inflation pump, without any regard for my feelings.

Mymble I think some men might have an interest in that! I think a bigger problem is thinking that male attention is the answer.

I Don T Want A Relationship But I Like Him

I find that it is not. It makes you very susceptible to cheating, fantasy affairs, future fakers, married men, charmers and players. I have a live reminder what such behaviour does — a friend of mine who has gone through a divorce and obviously feels very hurt by her decision to end things, is a total EUM.

I Don T Want A Relationship But I Like Him

He said he constantly thinks of how not to get some nice woman hurt, but guess what he does-now hes casually involved with a single mother! I think such cost of self-matter is not reasonable…it degrades other person to a means instead of being a purpose…. Reminds me of a discussion my most recent ex and I once had. And that worked in reverse as well: You get what you pay for is the right maxim, I think.

That applies to pretty much everything, including relationships. I got on well with one guy from Meet Up Group, continue reading exchanged emails every day, and I am going to meet him on Friday. I already told him that I am not looking anything serious or casual. This post yet again reminds me of how i got burnt most recently. I was the same. Two people playing lazy relationship via lazy communication texts and Instant message and hoping to have something healthy come out of it.

Low and behold, It led to alot of pain. I accept that they can exist, albeit rare as hens teeth, but mostly the man is secretly hanging out for more.

Watch them disappear when they get a relationship! And that can be hurtful if you really believed in the friendship and had come to rely on it. Gay men are fine of course no agendas there. I agree with Mymble.

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I have many male friends and I cherish them. I have some of my male friends since I am Have they ever flirted? Hell yea and sometimes I flirt back but we more info know it is all in fun and we would never mess up the friendship. Something I found out the hard way. OK — this is a core problem for many of us. The problem is simple — it becomes a control issue. Either way — it is more trouble than it is worth!! As I was both until last Friday….

Can go weeks without and then for no reason start up again. Hmmm a behavioural pattern perhaps: Love this comment about smoking, Yoghurt. Life is so much sweeter since I gave up ciggies two years ago after 20 years and gave up assclowns around the same time! I can identify too lizzy and Yoghurt, I stopped a couple of weeks ago. Also that yes, all fantasy of what smoking was and the reality really sucked. I think the stopping smoking was easier after kicking the assclown habit, as they are the same class.

I found this site due to an AC, it helped to bring me into reality, which in turn enabled me to see the reality of my smoking and actually it was remarkably easy to stop. I do wonder, though, if I was actually putting off making it until I felt ready in relation to the other things in my life. Been on both sides of that fence back and forth over my entire adulthood. I thought for my entire adult life that there was something intrinsically wrong with me.

Now I have the tools to decipher and do better. Being older, wiser and still making stupid decision on relationships. Enough already time to readjust my thinking. This whole subject makes my blood boil!!!! So many people want to date for the ego boost but are not willing to be emotionally or financially responsible. If a guy is not serious…no sex. AND if a woman is just havin fun and no future intended…. On line dating is tough because so many people jump on the sites just to stroke their ego.

I I Don T Want A Relationship But I Like Him screening hard for the rebound I Don T Want A Relationship But I Like Him strokers…they are not relationship material. This is why dating is such hard work…. I need to find a good man and calm down.

I love what you said, Valley Forge Lady.

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And that is exactly my experience of online dating. I come across many men who want an ego stroke. I came into it pretty excited and curious and now it feels draining. Most men I talk to online expect the first date to signify the beginning of a relationship whereas for me, I see it as about establishing chemistry and getting to know each other. Falling in love without seeing them in person is not something I can do.

WOW…Nat, you have got me thinking deeply on this one. I use to tell the AC that I wanted a committed ,monogomous relationship and wasnt sure if I ever wanted to get married again. But truth be told, I would have married him, I said that because I thought that was what he wanted to hear. Material things I know but they mean alot to me.

I have put so much money into my house which I purchased after my divorce 12yrs ago. I have it where I want it and not sure I want to give it up.

He would make little comments about it. Its too small, we have different tast in decorating. Also he is a borderline hoarder, messy housekeeper, cant even park in his garage because there is junk everywhere and attributes it all to not being on his priority please click for source. Anyhoo, not my problem anymore. And with time I have come to realize he just isnt capable of a committed, monogomous, relationship like I wanted.

All the signs were there I just choose to ignore them again and again. But it worked for I Don T Want A Relationship But I Like Him very long time which has me thinking we were both very unhealthy.

It takes 2 to tango.

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HMMM guess I have some more work to do on me. I am content being alone at the moment but I really dont want to spend the rest of days alone honestly. Anyway ever felt this way???