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Family Guy - Stewie joins Brian and Jillian in bed

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In the office, Peter imagines Lois is his secretary and begins to sexually harass her in an attempt to convince her to have sex with him in the office. She eventually complies, and unexpectedly enjoys it. JillianMeetsFamily. Meanwhile, Brian tells Stewie that he has been dating a girl named Jillian, but he doesn't want Stewie to. A page for describing Characters: Family Guy The Griffin Family. The Alcoholic: Almost all of them have at least a little bit of a problem with alcohol, . Jillian Wilcox, (born Jillian Russell), is an intellectually-challenged young woman of whom Brian dated. She is portrayed When Brian and Quagmire start arguing during a dinner date, Jillian and Cheryl both leave them, with Jillian happy to note that Quagmire made her look away from him during sex. In "Valentine's Day in.

Valentine's Day is approaching, along with some new episodes of our favorite animated series. I hate my hair; should I buzz it all off?

05x08 - Barely Legal

Will people think I have cancer? So, my daughters and I did some brainstorming yes, I am a bit ashamed to admit I let them watch all of these shows. They helped jog my memory and added some characters I had forgotten about, so I have to give partial credit here to Morgan and Amanda for their assistance. I also owe them each five bucks.

A few ideas were rejected right away Klaus the goldfish and Lisa Simpson If you disagree, hey I didn't say these couples would WORK.

Family Guy Brian Starts Hookup Jillian

I'd just love to see what happens. We also avoided pairing up characters who were either far too young or already married. I mean, really, can you see Peter or Lois with anyone else? Or Rallo with a girlfriend? We all know that Edna's been around the block a few times and Quagmire has pretty much been around the world a few times not just because he's a pilot I doubt it, but who knows?

I think they would either use and abuse each other for a while and then part ways or make it work just because they're so much alike in their skankiness. Sure, he's eccentric, but he's rich.

Yeah, it's Valentine's Day . . .

Selma's already been through a lot. I'm sure she wouldn't mind his cat launcher and golden Dig 'Em statue, as long as he took good care of her. Ok, I did NOT put these two together just because they're both nerdy. Steve may not be a hit with the ladies, but he has a certain swagger when he puts his mind to it.

He might be able to win Meg over and give her a much needed confidence boost. Besides, she's already accidentally made out with her own brother, so it couldn't get much worse than that. Meg's also constantly putting herself down, but Steve having dated the overweight Debbie isn't too hung up on appearances.

Family Guy - Stewie joins Brian and Jillian in bed

These guys might actually make a cute couple I don't know why Tina has such a crush on Jimmy Jr. He's not even that cute but now that I think of it, are any of the Bob's Burgers characters really that attractive?

Tina's no Lisa Simpson, but Milhouse can surely appreciate her shyness and intelligence. Plus, both of them are a little strange. Okay, a lot strange, but Milhouse's more manic energy might help lure Tina out of her shell. They're perfect for each other! Still, I would like to see the four of them get together just to watch how click interact.

Family Guy Brian Starts Hookup Jillian

I think their high pitched voices may just end up breaking glass or attracting a pack of wild dogs. Replace Hayley Smith who is already a strong willed, independent woman with the tough talking Roberta Brown and let's see how stoner Jeff Fischer takes it. Hayley's gotten herself into trouble, but she's a peaceful spirit at heart. Roberta's edgier, tougher, gangsta.

Meg bonds with Brian after Brian takes her to prom and stands up for her when Connie insults her yet again. Originally aired November 21, When they arrive, they see Meg has tied Brian up with packaging tape and is about to rape Brian. Stewie uses his time machine to help Chris with his history assignment. Mayor West has dispatched the entire Quahog police force to Cartagena, Columbia, to assist in the rescue of fictional movie character, Elaine Wilder.

I have a feeling she would beat Jeff physically and emotionally into submission. Roberta is also a bit high maintenance, so Jeff will probably have to get his act together and get a real job so he can Family Guy Brian Starts Hookup Jillian supplying her with the Gucci purses she likes. Hayley's a pot smoking liberal gal! Brian's a pot smoking liberal dog! Ok, the dog thing could be a problem, since Hayley leans toward buff, handsome guys.

But Brian is intelligent and charming and just might win her over. He could also do something else he does well: Lie about himself to impress her. Okely dokely, I tried to find an upstanding, Christian single mom with kids to hook up with Ned, but failed to find any in the five show choices, so I picked Linda Belcher's sister, Gayle instead.

If Ned is looking for a replacement for Maude, Gayle doesn't exactly fit the bill she's an insecure, somewhat unstable artistbut she's interested in settling down and has a good heart. Ned might have to get Family Guy Brian Starts Hookup Jillian her own private art studio though, because I'm sure he wouldn't want paintings of animal anuses on the walls of his house. That would be the devil's work, my friends. Technically, Jasper Brian Griffin's flamboyantly Gay cousin has married his longtime partner, but I think he would get along splendidly with sexually ambiguous alien Roger.

Jasper loves to go to Club Med; Roger loves to get drunk and mooch off other people. I can picture them now, dog and alien, lounging on a tropical beach sipping large, fruity drinks. Roger can get a little too callous, which might be an issue for sensitive Jasper. Just as I can see them on vacation together, I can see Roger getting drunk and yelling while Jasper cries, so this relationship would probably be short lived. Debbie, the pudgy on again, off again girlfriend of Steve Smith, might be the perfect match for Gene Belcher.

After Lois saves his teddy bear from a dog, Stewie starts to show affection for his mother. In the th episode, Stewie realizes that he's strayed from his goals of killing his mother, and sets out to do just that, leaving Peter to get framed for murder. I can bust your balls to pieces right now, or we can spread it out over the course of the day. So, you pick on Meg to avoid the inevitable realization that once your body's used up by age 19, you're going to be a worn-out, chalky-skinned burlap sack that even your step dad won't want. Meanwhile, Peter accidentally shoots Quagmire on a hunting trip and the two fight over Joe.

She's smarter than Gene, but both of them have a twisted sense of humor that could smooth things over. Gene like Steve is not judgmental. He tends to live in the moment and doesn't take anything too seriously, so he could help Debbie lighten up a bit.

While they're dating, Debbie could probably eat at the burger place and hang out with Gene there whenever she wanted. Sign up for our newsletter Newsletter. The Lists Jen Johnson Feb 13, Den of Geek US.