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If you're following the suggestion in my last post to allow for some downtime in training after your last race of the season then you may be feeling a bit guilty about not working out seriously. It's hard to let go of hard-earned fitness. My clients often feel that way. In fact, one of them got carried away with his uncoached Transition period and managed to create his second-highest fitness of the year in four-weeks. I've given him a hard time about this because my concern is that he'll wind up mentally wasted and not be able to focus on challenging workouts and high performance when it counts next spring and summer.

His first A-priority race is six months in the future. He's on his Comment Se Preparer A Un Speed Hookup to being a 'Christmas Star' - an athlete who performs great in the middle of the winter but fades as spring comes around. He's made it more difficult - not less - to be this web page top form on that race day.

I hope you're not doing this, also. Instead of training hard, now is a good time to do some planning for Comment Se Preparer A Un Speed Hookup coming season. In this and the next five posts I'll walk you through this process.

It's also covered in greater detail in my Training Bible books. Planning is at the heart of success in nearly every endeavor in our lives. In sport the most commonly used method of planning is called periodization. This simply involves dividing the training season into periods with each having a purpose. And those purposes all point in one direction — the best possible performance in a few events within a season or series of seasons.

The basic concepts of this method have been around since the early s when Russian sport scientists developed and later refined it. If you have been training somewhat randomly or repetitively, using periodization in training has the potential to produce a higher peak of fitness for your most important races.

There are four guiding principles that are key to your success using this method:. Keeping these guiding principles in mind will point your training in the right direction, but there is still the possibility of failure.

That may serve as a starting point for the seasonal plan which you can then modify to better fit your needs. Anaerobic Endurance Objective example: This is where the art of self-coaching comes into play.

There are three common reasons for failing to succeed when using periodization. The first is a failure to be flexible with recovery. The second is failing to set aside time each week to plan the details of the coming week. Once you get a training routine established this will take only a few minutes. The third, and most likely cause of periodization breakdown, is other athletes.

Planning and purpose go out the window. In the following seven steps I will guide you through the development of a training plan for your season that is unique to your abilities, needs, race schedule and capacity for training workload.

If you refer to Comment Se Preparer A Un Speed Hookup weekly you will stay on track for a stellar season. You can use TrainingPeaks for this. Or go to TrainingBible Coaching's Free Resources where you will find a free, blank form for your sport if you're an athlete other than triathlete use this web page 'Cyclist' form.

Guidance in how to set up a training program may also be found at TrainingPeaks where a 'Virtual Coach' will quickly and painlessly create an ATP for you using the same instructions that follow you must become a member of TrainingPeaks to use this service. That may serve as a starting point for the seasonal plan which you can then modify to better fit your needs.

At the top of the ATP are spaces for three seasonal goals.

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When there are too many goals something gets neglected. Goals should be event outcomes, not vague statements about your dreams of success.

They should be well-defined by including one basic element — what exactly you want to achieve in given races. These are things that will help you to race better in some way. If you are training to race then state your goals around what you want to accomplish in those races.

Goals should also be measurable. Comment Se Preparer A Un Speed Hookup always been a firm believer that the more precisely you state your goal the easier it will be to achieve.

Of course, a goal to win the local road race or triathlon has a lot to do with who shows up that day and how fit they are. It is often better to set a performance-related goal, such as a time or click to see more that you believe will win the race.

The exception is when you know exactly who the competition is likely to be and what they are capable of doing in a race. Write your three goals for in the spaces provided at the top of the ATP. Can you achieve your goals? Since there is uncertainty about your capacity to perform at the level of the Big Goal there is obviously something lacking that stands between you and immediate success.

For example, you may have a weakness when it comes to racing on hilly courses. But if your A-priority races are all flat then this weakness is not a limiter. If we know what your limiters really are and you train in such a way as to make the limiters stronger then you will be able to achieve your goals.

The key question is, what are my limiters? Answering this question is the single most important thing you can do right now to move toward achieving your goals. Most athletes never ask this question. They train absentmindedly doing whatever seems right at the time. If they are strong believers in hill work they do lots of hills. It never dawns on them that until they improve whatever it is that is holding them back there will never be a performance breakthrough.

Continuing to focus on strengths while ignoring limiters means there will be little or no change in performance. So, what are Comment Se Preparer A Un Speed Hookup possible limiters?

Comment Se Preparer A Un Speed Hookup

They are nearly endless including everything that affects athletic development in such broad categories as training, lifestyle, nutrition, time available for training, athletic equipment, training environment, support, susceptibility to illness and injury, poor tactics and strategy, Comment Se Preparer A Un Speed Hookup of race experience, poor body composition, insufficient sleep and psychological stress.

While you need to examine yourself in terms of each of these categories, we will concern ourselves here primarily with limiters that can be strengthened with training.

Training is something we do to improve performance abilities. The power ability is seldom an issue in triathlon. The following are some examples of training objectives listed by ability. These may give you some ideas about what yours might be. Give this some thought and then list your training objectives at the top of the ATP below Goals.

Comment Se Preparer A Un Speed Hookup

There is room for five. Be sure to indicate when you need to achieve the objective. This date should be in advance of your most important race for which that improved ability is needed for success.

How many of these you schedule depends on when the previous season ended and how ready you are to start focused training again. The purpose is to rest and rejuvenate by not having a routine or workouts that must be done. The next two periods vary based on your age or, more accurately, your capacity for recovery. Management agency, and brothers are the members of money taken from foreign and commonwealth. Compte rendu de la Marmotte

Seems like when ever I say 'periodization' someone else says 'rigid' or 'inflexible. I think some people just have a lot of emotional baggage associated with planning and assume the worst.

Planning for peak performance is like planning a long car trip. You need a route drawn out on a road map.

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Along the way you may find some roads closed and so you will detour. Or you might decide to see a point of interest off the planned route. It's doubtful you will follow the planned route with no change.

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And so it is with periodization. I have never in 30 years of doing this followed a training plan without change. That doesn't mean the plan was wrong or some how bad. It just Comment Se Preparer A Un Speed Hookup that the situation has changed some how.

I wrote about this topic about a year ago. If you believe that planning your season is doomed to failure based on something you've read about its rigidity or lack of flexibility please read that post. Set Annual Training Hours. One way to determine annual hours is to look back at how much time you trained in the season. You may be able to add 10 to click the following article percent onto this number for if you successfully and easily managed that volume.

Another way of estimating annual hours is to determine what your normal training hours are for a week and multiply Comment Se Preparer A Un Speed Hookup by A third option is to base annual hours on your longest race and general goal for that event using the Annual Hours Table. It would be listed in the row marked 'Jan 25' since that row more info all the dates from January 25 through January If you have two races the same weekend list them both in that row.

Once you have listed all of your planned events designate each as 'A-priority, 'B-priority,' or 'C-priority' by writing in A, B or C in the 'Pri' column next to the race name using the accompanying Race Prioritization Table. There are two more parts to this rather long topic. I'll post the next in a day or two. Divide Year Into Periods. But there may well be differences in the way you train at any given period in the season.

For example, when training elite Ironman triathletes I often have them do Anaerobic Endurance training in Base 3 to boost aerobic capacities before starting into the Build period with a heavy emphasis on Muscular Endurance. The only hard and fast rule in periodization is that the closer in time that you get to your A-priority race, the more like the race training must become. Start with the first A-priority race of the season.

The next two periods vary based on your age or, more accurately, your capacity for recovery. If you are older than 50 or recovery relatively slowly assign three weeks to each of these periods but include two Base 3 periods and two Build 2 periods. The reason for the age or recovery differential is that older athletes or those who recover slowly typically need more frequent rest weeks. The last four to seven days of each Base and Build period is a recovery week.