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Love match compatibility between Cancer man and Leo woman. Read about the Cancer male love relationship with Leo female. Interpreting the Cancer-Leo cusp - your Sun Sign personality. If this is your first visit to this site I recommend reading my Leo and Cancer compatibility article on this relationship first. I also have a . I am a cusp baby ( Cancer-Leo) and I know a few Leos who are friends of mine and we're tight like glue. We were supposed to hook up after that and 4 days later I still haven't seen him.

Please note this is a visitor forum page. If this is your first visit to this site I recommend reading my Leo and Cancer compatibility article on this relationship first. I also have a Leo man guide and Cancer woman guide which contain a lot of questions and answers related to this relationship. If you would like to post your own experience or question please use the form at the bottom of this page. I'm a Cancer woman and I've been with me Leo man since I was 14!

Leo Man and Cancer Woman ⋆ Astromatcha

Leo men are very loyal and I love how he treats me! Its like im the queen! And I think this is an amazing match because cancers love making their men happy and have no problem complimenting our Leos. Leo's click also very loyal which is good for some insecure Cancers. I am Cancer Leo Cusp Hookup Leo Male Personality true Cancer woman I love my Leo man but, some days he makes me crazy and I cry a lothe says I'm to emotional I'm a Cancer women and I've been with a Leo man for almost a year we have our petty arguments from time to time but once we have made up its a beautiful thing and he hurts my feelings sometimes but I have learn that to accept him and his ways but besides that he is so sweet and passionate and I love him so much and he loves me the same but he coming around to being the person I need him to be.

I was having a relation with one Cancerian women last year, but she left me and engaged with some other person, I m a Leo man, what is the possibility of her coming back to me?

Leo Man and Cancer Woman

He has some traits I am in love with. He doesn't know I exist ,its like he's famous or something. Is there any chance if he notices me that'll feel the same way or at least close to it? I'm a Leo guy, and my biggest problem with Cancer ladies is that they're soooo intuitive that they assume you the Leo know what they're thinking!

To any Cancer ladies hoping or trying to get with a Leo. Try to be a little more obvious at least until you know for sure that he knows you're interested! I've been with my Leo boyfriend for almost 13months and yes I am a cancer.

We fight a lot and I also cry a lot but us cancers have to remember we are to emotional and I so agree about our Leo men treating us like queens! I love everything except the fighting in our relationship and he has grown to become very protective and not in a good way it's almost harsh and mean I am a Cancerian, This web page like a guy who Cancer Leo Cusp Hookup Leo Male Personality Leo.

I think I am in love with him. We went out so many times. But I am confuse if he feels same about me.

Cancer Leo Cusp Hookup Leo Male Personality

He is always busy with something. If I don't call he wont bother calling me. I don't know what to do? I am fed up with it. He totally ignores me. I am about to say enough and move on with my life. He says he does but sometimes I just don't know. I'm a Cancer women and I'm dating a Leo men I know we are very emotional but don't give up, go fix your self up and go hang out and have fun. I guaranteed u he will calling the least u expect it I am currently dating a Leo man and its been about a month and I already know that I am totally in love with him he is soo attentive and he knows how sensitive I am he already has the ability to tell when I am upset I know that I can be really clingy, I have been in my past relationships soo I have been giving him loads of space and yes it is true when I least expect it he does call and tells me how much he misses me From my personal experience, Cancer and Leo match is pretty awesome.

I am a cusp baby Cancer-Leo and I know a few Leos who are friends of mine and we're tight like glue. Its better if Cancer women have a lil' bit of link Leo's trait so the relationship is a good one.

I have a huge crush on a Leo-Virgo and Cancer Leo Cusp Hookup Leo Male Personality personally feel that he and I will progressively get a lil' closer. Its all about knowing who your partner is No statistics here, but I do think that older Cancer women are hot, and I'm a young Leo, so it can't be that uncommon: I get the feeling she likes me to but our current situation wont allow us to be together. That really all depends on what the obstacles are in your current situation. If you're both married then it's kind of different than if say you're just busy working or something.

One thing I've learned about Leo men is they're impatient!

They may be hurting deep inside and putting on a brave face. I am all Cancer Woman in love w. It predicts evil for Elam and the Westland, good for the king my lord. I accepted what he said and then a week or so later he told me he loved me.

That can be a good thing but it can also make them very reckless and irrational at times. What you see as a minor inconvenience she might be seeing as a major deal breaker. I am all Cancer Woman in love w. We got into a click about his insecurities. One of the problems is that he is mean and even though I tell him to stop. He continues until I hang up on him.

Zodiac Sign Leo man

He lives in a different state than mine. He says, he wants to marry me and on the last fight I said, Good bye and now he claims. He will change on his own will but not to live him. I don't believe a person can just change because they say so. He seems genuine when he says I am sorry. He was so angry he insulted my mother and I a Cancer cannot let it go so easily. I love him to death been apart is killing me too but I will not tolerate him talking about my mother.

He swears he will never do that again. Can I trust this man? I am a Cancer woman recently reconnected with an old coworker of mine Leo man. Saw him for the first time in 8 years. The chemistry was so good we had sex that very night. He had to go to work the next day so he left my house early Saturday morning. As he was leaving my house he asked when Cancer Leo Cusp Hookup Leo Male Personality go here going to see me again.

We were supposed to hook up after that and 4 days later I still haven't seen him. We made plans to see each other and he text me saying he was really tired from work and he would come the next day. I still haven't heard from him. Did he just use me for go here Why would he even make plans with me to hang out again? I am a Cancerian woman and this article fits me to a bill.

I am also in Love with my Leo Man. I say dating a Leo is the best thing ever. Yes, the Leo Man is very extravagant in taste, the problem we are having he wants a big wedding and I want a Cancer Leo Cusp Hookup Leo Male Personality intimate one. He will probably win, it is a small thing to give into since he is a great, great man. He has no problem with my shopping, and as long I am all dolled up he does not mind the upkeep.

I say if you Cancer women find a great Lion keep him. So, you have to give a few extra compliments, and dress up on the weekends while you are home. Just Do it and you will be the happiest women alive.

Cancer Leo Cusp Hookup Leo Male Personality

Hey, he pays the bills, I never need or want for anything. I always tell him daily how much I love and appreciate him, I stroke his ego, why not. He is 6 foot 4, bald and gorgeous and just sweet to me oh, by the way he treats my son like his own and treats him very well.

Leo men protect their family to a fault, no one can say or do anything to me, he hates for me to cry or be sad, and he always finds a solution to make me happy same for my child. So, Cancer ladies, we love to cook, and keep house for the most part, and are very caring and Leos love it. We are emotional and that is the price they have to pay to get and keep our affection, but if they love you they are gonna make sure you are happy.

Go ahead, spend their money, be cute and don't forget stroke their ego, flatter them, you will have a very content Leo Lion at home and ready Cancer Leo Cusp Hookup Leo Male Personality keep you happy.

All he wants to do is spoil and take care of me. Don't know how much more I can take. Many Westerners know their sun signs, but very few know their moon sign, their rising sign, their Venus sign, or any number of other signs that play into astrology in its truest form. We were supposed to hook up after that and 4 days later I still haven't seen him. How Good is Their Match?

Most Leo men love feminine, girlie women. I have to say that my Leo man is good to me!! Other then that he likes to talk to a lot of women. Sometime I think he just does it as a habit. But then he surrounds me with gift and he tells me he loves me! I thought it might have ended there but nope he called and stuff to check on me later the following day.

I'm following the advice here and not being my usual Cancer self and clinging to him i. I enjoyed his company a lot. I really hope to see more of him in the future. I have a good feeling but im going to do my best to play this by ear.