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Inside, more than a dozen bodies lay motionless on low cots and on the ground, shrouded in white sheets. Here, a wisp of gray hair peeked out. There, a knee was flung akimbo. A pallid hand reached across a blue gown.

A grand jury did not indict her; she faces wrongful-death suits. They led a flotilla of boats to the hospital to save his mother, among others. He was angered by the way patients and other article source were treated by the hospital. He was almost taken for dead and was the last patient to leave the hospital in the evacuation. He struggled with mixed feelings while leading an investigation.

Black Dude Hookup White Memorial Hospital

Within days, the grisly tableau became the focus of an investigation into what happened when the floodwaters of Hurricane Katrina marooned Memorial Medical Center in Uptown New Orleans. The hurricane knocked out power and running Black Dude Hookup White Memorial Hospital and sent the temperatures inside above degrees.

Still, investigators were surprised at the number of bodies in the makeshift morgue and were stunned when health care workers charged that a well-regarded doctor and two respected nurses had hastened the deaths of some patients by injecting them with lethal doses of drugs.

Mortuary workers eventually carried 45 corpses from Memorial, more than from any comparable-size hospital in the drowned city. Investigators pored over the evidence, and in Julynearly a year after Katrina, Louisiana Department of Justice agents arrested the doctor and the nurses in connection with the deaths of four patients.

After a New Orleans grand jury declined to indict her on second-degree murder charges, this web page case faded from view. In the four years since Katrina, Pou has helped write and pass three laws in Louisiana that offer immunity to health care professionals from most civil lawsuits — though not in cases of willful misconduct — for their work in future disasters, from hurricanes to terrorist attacks to pandemic influenza.

The laws also encourage prosecutors to await the findings of a medical panel before deciding whether to prosecute medical professionals. Pou has also been advising state and national medical organizations on disaster preparedness and legal reform; she has lectured on medicine and ethics at national conferences and addressed military medical trainees.

In her advocacy, she argues for changing the standards of medical care in emergencies.

In one study of triage, experienced rescuers were asked to categorize the same patients and came up with widely different answers. Earlier, Angela was ordered to leave her mother and go downstairs to evacuate. King was out of touch with reality, Cook told me he thought at the time. Water had stopped flowing from taps, toilets were backed up and the stench of sewage mixed with the odor of hundreds of unwashed bodies.

She has said that informed consent is impossible during disasters and that doctors need to be able to evacuate the sickest or most severely injured patients last — along with those who have Do Not Resuscitate orders — an approach that she and her colleagues used as conditions worsened after Katrina. But the story of what happened in the frantic days when Memorial was cut off from the world has not been fully told. Over the past two and a half years, I have obtained previously unavailable records and interviewed dozens of people who were involved in the events at Memorial and the investigation that followed.

The interviews and documents cast the story of Pou and her colleagues in a new Black Dude Hookup White Memorial Hospital. It is now evident that more medical professionals were involved in the decision to inject patients — and far more patients were injected — than was previously understood.

But Scott turned over and looked at him. All were seen alive the morning of Sept. Of those 13, 9 tested positive for midazolam and 4 for morphine, too. Mail Personal mail may be given to the nurse or unit clerk for mailing.

When the names on Black Dude Hookup White Memorial Hospital reports and autopsies are matched with recollections and documentation from the days after Katrina, it appears that at least 17 patients were injected with morphine or the sedative midazolam, or both, after a long-awaited rescue effort was at last emptying the hospital.

A number of these patients were extremely ill and might not have survived the evacuation. In the course of my reporting, I went to several events involving Pou, including two fund-raisers on her behalf, a conference and several of her appearances before the Louisiana Legislature. Pou also sat down with me for a long interview last year, but she has repeatedly declined to discuss any details related to patient deaths, citing three ongoing wrongful-death suits and the need for sensitivity in the cases of those who have not sued.

She has prevented journalists from attending her lectures about Katrina and filed a brief with the Louisiana Supreme Black Dude Hookup White Memorial Hospital opposing the release of a 50,page file assembled by investigators on deaths at Memorial. The full details of what Pou did, and why, may never be known. This is particularly important as health officials are now weighing, with little public discussion and insufficient scientific evidence, protocols for making the kind of agonizing decisions more info will, no doubt, arise again.

At a recent national conference for hospital disaster planners, Pou asked a question: Which patients should get a share of limited resources, and who decides? What does it mean to do the greatest good for the greatest number, and does that end justify all means? Where is the line between appropriate comfort care and mercy killing?

How, if at all, should doctors and nurses be held accountable for their actions in the most desperate of circumstances, especially when their government fails them? The esteemed community hospital sprawled across a neighborhood of double-shotgun houses. Several blocks from a housing project but a short walk to the genteel mansions of Uptown, it served a diverse clientele.

Built in read more known for decades as Southern Baptist, the hospital was renamed after being purchased in by Tenet Healthcare, a Dallas-based commercial chain.

When the storm hit, patients screamed as windows shattered under a hail of rocks from nearby rooftops. The hospital groaned and shook violently. Televisions in patient rooms flicked off. The system was designed to power only emergency lights, certain critical equipment and a handful of outlets on here floor; the air-conditioning system shut down.

By that night, the flooding receded from the surrounding streets. Memorial had sustained damage but remained functional. The hospital seemed to have weathered one more storm. Anna Pou Black Dude Hookup White Memorial Hospital a year-old head- and neck-cancer surgeon whose strong work ethic earned respect from doctors and nurses alike. Tiny and passionate, with coiffed cinnamon hair and a penchant for pearls, Pou was funny and sociable, and she had put her patients at the center of her life.

The morning after Katrina hit, Tuesday, Aug. Other staff members gaped at the dark pool of water rimmed with garbage crawling up South Claiborne Avenue in the direction of the hospital.

Black Dude Hookup White Memorial Hospital

Senior administrators quickly grasped the danger posed by the advancing waters and counseled L. Fixing the problem would be costly; a few less-expensive improvements were made. But the page document offered no guidance for dealing with a more info power failure or for how to evacuate the hospital if the streets were flooded.

The conversation turned to how the hospital should be emptied. The doctors quickly agreed that babies in the neonatal intensive-care unit, pregnant mothers and critically ill adult I. He suggested that all patients with Do Not Resuscitate orders should go last. A patient whose heartbeat or breathing has stopped should not be revived. Black Dude Hookup White Memorial Hospital Deichmann had a different understanding, he told me not long ago.

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He said that patients with D. There was an important party missing from the conversation. For years, a health care company known as LifeCare Hospitals of New Orleans had been leasing the seventh floor at Memorial. LifeCare was known for helping to rehabilitate patients on ventilators until they could breathe on their own.

The bed unit credentialed its own doctors, most of whom also worked at Memorial. It had its own administrators, nurses, pharmacists and supply chain. It also had its own philosophy: LifeCare deployed the full array of modern technology to keep alive its often elderly and debilitated patients. Horace Baltz, one of the longest-serving doctors at Memorial, told me of spirited debates among doctors over coffee about what some of his colleagues considered to be excessive resources being poured into hopeless cases.

Many of the 52 Black Dude Hookup White Memorial Hospital at LifeCare were bedbound or required electric ventilators to breathe, and clearly, they would be at significant risk if the hospital lost read article in its elevators.

The doctors I spoke to who attended the meeting with Deichmann did not recall discussing evacuating LifeCare patients specifically, despite the fact that some of the doctors at the meeting worked with both Memorial and LifeCare patients. In the afternoon, helicopters from the Coast Guard and private ambulance companies began landing on a long-unused helipad atop an eight-story parking garage adjacent to the hospital.

The pilots were impatient — thousands of people needed help across the city.

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The intensive-care unit on the eighth floor rang out with shouts for patients: A crew of doctors, nurses and family members carried Memorial patients down flights of source and wheeled them to the hospital wing where the last working elevator brought them to the second floor.

Each patient was then maneuvered onto a stretcher and passed through a roughly three-by-three-foot opening in the machine-room wall that offered a shortcut to the parking garage. Many patients were placed in the back of a pickup truck, which drove to the top of the garage.

Two flights of metal steps led to the helipad. At LifeCare that afternoon, confusion reigned. According to the messages, Robichaux asked Memorial administrators to add her 52 patients to transport plans being organized with the Coast Guard.

A Tenet spokesman, David Matthews, wrote Black Dude Hookup White Memorial Hospital in an e-mail message that LifeCare staff members turned down several offers of evacuation assistance from Memorial staff members on Tuesday afternoon. The doctors had now spent days on duty, under stress and sleeping little. When Cook found out, he was furious and thought that the junior doctor did not understand the circumstances.

He directed the nurse to reinstate his instructions. It was dark when the last of the Memorial patients who had been chosen for immediate evacuation were finally gone.

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Later that night, Black Dude Hookup White Memorial Hospital Coast Guard offered to evacuate more patients, but those in charge at Memorial declined. The helipad had minimal lighting and no guard rail, and the staff needed rest. Memorial had shaved its patient census from to about On the seventh floor, all 52 LifeCare patients remained, including seven on ventilators. Maybe in the morning.

At about 2 a. In LifeCare on the seventh floor, critically ill patients began suffering the consequences. Alarm bells clanged as life-support monitors and ventilators switched to brief battery reserves while continuing to force air into the lungs of seven patients. In about a half-hour, the batteries failed and the regular hiss of mechanical breaths ceased. A Memorial nurse appeared and announced that the Coast Guard could evacuate some critical patients if they were brought to the helipad immediately.

Volunteers began carrying the LifeCare patients who relied on ventilators down five flights of stairs in the dark. Black Dude Hookup White Memorial Hospital LifeCare nurse navigated the staircase alongside an year-old man on a stretcher, manually read article air into his lungs with an Ambu bag.

As he waited for evacuation on the second floor, she bagged him for nearly an hour. Finally a physician stopped by the stretcher and told her that there was no oxygen for the patient and that he was already too far gone. She hugged the man and stroked his hair as he died. Anna Pou began bagging another patient on the second floor to relieve a nurse whose hands were growing tired.