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Zeke Gold And Hookup Emily Bering Sea

Can Captain Emily Riedel Get On The Gold?

Local news matters.

18 Apr Bering Sea Gold back on tonight. Vernon is using some kind of submersible sucking/drilling tractor. Emily can't get a permit and is teaming back up with Zeke Pomrenke: Father going inland and son is going to somewhere in the middle of nowhere to dredge. Shit head is back [​IMG] His sons have their on. Did he really have sex with Emily? I'm sorry to say it but yes Peter not only Todd but the rest of them did her too. Todd and Thurber tagged up on her one night that I know of because I walked in on them. Thurb really put that mustache to work on her old sluice box. Lets just say it gets lonely in a gold camp at. On 9 Oct @DiscoveryCanada tweeted: "On tonight's #BeringSeaGold special, get.." - read what others are saying and join the conversation.

We're the Captains of Bering Sea Gold! Oh, and what's this? Check out a sneak peek of the tomorrow's premiere here!

Hoffmans went super crazy for getting 14 ounces in a week. What kind of gear did you use to get thru 8 degree nights? Just realized Shawn ain't here.

Some of us are taking a break to return in a bit and answer more, and some of us are powering through! Thank you for all of your questions! Thank you so much.

Dad and I showed up on time Attempting to bypass this rule by adding a? Retrieved March 23, There was this car, a couple of lanes behind me, circling around me, and I was being very mad at it — not that I suffer from road rage or anything like that. Just watched the season finale and I sure hope you made your way home.

Scott is a charming, intelligent person. He drinks like a crazy man. Sometimes he will be drunk for weeks. He is a bad bad, violent, out of control drunk. Very sad for him. Scott is an overgrown child who needs to be locked up. I understand his point of view. I don't understand his childish behavior. Grow up Scott Bering Sea Gold Zeke And Emily Hookup quit picking on Steve.

Steve, quit giving him ammo. Just ignore the idiot even when he is 10 feet away from your tent. Reacting only fuels his fire! Let him break the law and then have him thrown in jail.

It'll only hurt until it heals. Jk, I don't know him well. I will say though- that he could of tried visit web page hell of a lot harder. And been more respectful to the ladies. Hi everyone, Zeke here.

Thanks for the questions! Aliens have nothing to do with disappearances here and it's never been part of the discourse about disappearances. Lots of people disappear, but it's commonly blamed on drinking too much and falling in freezing water or something like that.

Getting lost in a snowstorm.

"Bering Sea Gold" Stars Emily Riedel & Zeke Tenoff On Their Relationship

Emily and I are not dating. I thought we ended things on amiable terms I mean, I am no innocent choirboy, but it is amazing how much pure hatred a woman can bring down on you if she feels you deserve it. I dont know if johns death was handled properly. I don't think anyone knew. John and I were very close for a very long time.

He was a good friend to everyone on the production team. It was just a sudden, harsh reality, and it was documented. We are all still grasping for meaning. For what its worth from an internet stranger, I'm sorry you lost your friend in such harsh circumstances. It must have been, and I would presume still is, very difficult for you.

Bering Sea Gold Zeke And Emily Hookup

The greatest moments for me, that never get on TV, are when the people around me, especially Emily, to incredible feats of courage. The crews are never around then. Example; Emily and I dredged together the first season, after Zeke fired Emily. She and I were out on a small dredge that you could drag onshore, it had wheels. The rope used to tow it was tangled and she had to dive without air, or hot water for her suit.

She was freezing cold and still dove repeatedly to get the rope untangled, what a woman!!! The first one that comes to mind is when Steve and I went river mining eighty miles link of Nome last summer.

The second morning there, i awoke in a puddle on my side of a shitty dome tent; overnight heavy rains had caused the river to raise well over six feet in wide sections, and twelve in narrow. We got up and looked at the river just in time to see two of our friends dredges being swept downstream in a big wide brown slurry of what looked more like a creek the day before.

A short time later Steve and I were in our dive suits swimming across the half mile wide torrent on a rescue mission. After a tremendous struggle, where at one point our friend Jim was being swept down stream waiving his hands for help we finally managed to get both dredges tied safely to the bank thus saving our friends mining seasons. They went on to hit a twenty ounce pay streak that included a seven ounce nugget. I would give you reddit gold to make you feel better, but that probably doesn't mean much to a gold diver, huh?

Mining is a romance all its own that generally repels love.


I've been alone most of my mining career. Emily and Zeke, what's your relationship like now? As a viewer it's obvious you are both valuable workers to a dredge but together its seems to be a recipe for disaster.

So much so it looks like you are both missing out on so much gold and the stress puts strain on your friendship.

What are your thoughts? Glad to hear you all made it through the year SAFE! All us land-lovers stuck in the lower 48 sure appreciate you laying it on the line so we can live vicariously through you! Nobody realizes the true sacrifice and risk you're taking for the show. You have true entrepreneurial spirit and cohones to take risks and not play it safe while watching life pass you by!

Total respect to all of you. Was that a question? Thanks again for everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm a little bummed I never caught this AMA but there is hardly any questions for the amount of people contributing.

Bering Sea Gold Zeke And Emily Hookup

Bering sea Gold is Real. I have been my absolute worst. Gold Rush looks fake.

Bering Sea Gold/Gold Rush

But you dont see those people at their worst, and never will. Very true, I found the bit where Scott was sobbing in the alley very sad, it was like he hit rock bottom with what was going on in his life.

BSG makes you feel like you're apart of what's happening - Gold Rush just seems fake. I get bored at the sight of old dudes covered in dirt, sitting on excavators. In fact, I'm becoming really sleepy right now, at the thought of it. Well I'd Bering Sea Gold Zeke And Emily Hookup look at you than Todd Hoffman. Especially if you keep wearing tight clothes like in that new pic.

One of the most important things I've learned as a gold miner is that nothing is as important as finding gold. All love and war is irrelevant and should be.

I don't care about my past. I only care about having a successful future. Can't think of a question, but I just wanted to say great show I binge watched what was on Netflix and Zeke and Emily are my favorite. Steve you are awesome as well. You handle people giving you shit like a champ. This show looks intense. What made you guys get into gold?

Seems like a lot read article work, is it worth it? Nome got me into gold, that and a guy named Yano that fucker. I heard about Yano having ounce seasons up here Bering Sea Gold Zeke And Emily Hookup I was in high school in the late nineties.

But mostly I just love water and hate conformity. Also, arrogantly I thought even though most miners fail and become crazy bums if they werent alreadyI figured I would succeed, because I was just smarter and more capable than others. Dredging is a bitch that I love. That's what's compelling about this career! And gold is very sexy. Only two or three times a year at the parties. I know a few of them personally. There is really no difference between us, just where we mine.

Blow hards on the beach? Old farts with beards read more square pans? Guys running big commercial ops that dont know shit?