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28 May Whoa how long do you have to listen? EVERYTHING! My patience, and understanding. My love of life & learning & love. My ability to forgive & forget. My short temper, my insecurities. My rosecoloured glasses i wear when looking at most situations. My drive, my damn stretchmarks. All my past. 3 Jul But as the date progressed, it became clear that the internal workings were not as put together as the 'on paper' made it seem. At one point as we're I started answering his follow up question, telling him what makes me unique and special and he interrupts me to ask “How did you learn that? How do you. There will always be something about you that's more unique and more interesting than your competition. You just have to highlight it. Here's how: 1. Your online dating profile should be a conversation-starter. It's your job to write your profile in a way that makes it easy for girls to. 1) find common ground with you, and 2) want.

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I have posed this question to a few on here. And for some reason it is a question most can not answer. It seems the older you are. The better the chance you know who you are.

But if you are out here looking to meet someone. Sould you not know who you are first. How can you be happy if you don't know yourself. And you can't give yourself to a relationship till you know who you are. Most never respond if you ask that question. I think you are right in that the older we get, the better we know ourselves I find that with most of my friends, once past about the age of 35, we became comfy within our own skin, and learned click here love and accept ourselves for who we are I know, I am usually joining right in As for what makes ME unique?

I am probably one of the least judgemental people you will ever meet I believe we learn from everything and everyone in our lives I let things roll off my back, but push my limits, you will get your one warning,I always give yeah that, then ,well you are on your own!!!

I know who I am,from many experiences, What Makes You Unique Answer Dating in general, not reading into the media, NOT What Makes You Unique Answer Dating up with click Jones, not believing everything I hear, make my own decisions, and not be a follower in my life, and giving people a chance.

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Respect is given, is up to YOU if you choose to keep it, or not!!!!! Is that the kind of thing you're looking for, Phat.? Or were you lookjing for more detail.?

I love to explore all of life's imponderables. A poet stuck in a factory workers life To claw my way out of a bad situation I am as gentle as The kiss of a butterfly Yet as constant and yeilding I see the world And the future of the big picture Both frightens and humbles me Or decided not to post this point We are ALL unique, no better or worse than anyone else, we all have strengths that someone else may lack and vice versa and we share click here and weaknesses with others.

If the question was "what makes you YOU"? That would be more fitting I think. So what makes me unique?

Many guys make the mistake of writing their profile description as if they were applying for a job. Cremat0rMar 27, Mar 27, 2.

We are all individuals which technically makes us all unique in our own way. Unless the question is "what makes you unique compared to so and so"? It really can't be answered. Thanks for that, incidentally First of all, it's not surprising that most can't or won't answer a question about what makes them unique.

It's a challenging question, and most people don't appreciate being challenged by something that feels like an impending judgement or arguement is attached to it. For instance, if she says she's unique because she's intelligent and witty, she could be setting herself up for an IQ test minced with a quiz on, say, Mark Twain although, I much prefer his writing nowadays, after his sex change operation link success as a Country music diva.

In other words, she might What Makes You Unique Answer Dating required to prove how she's unique, with an intensity that really might not be worth her time and trouble. Being put on the defensive ain't too fun. Secondly, it's really not specifically necessary to know yourself to the extent of feeling particularly unique in order to be happy and be in a relationship with someone. Again, the intensity of truly delving into such a What Makes You Unique Answer Dating of navel gazing isn't a prerequisite.

Not everyone feels the need for self-analysis, they simply know what makes them happy. They can also have a pretty good idea of please click for source type of person they'd like to spend time with, based on prior experiences - personal experiences, and by observing and learning from their relatives, friends and acquaintances.

What Makes a Man Attractive

Lastly, and quite frankly, the only reason that I've ever felt unique has been because others have pointed that out to me. Sometimes the comments have been nice, sometimes not-so nice. I personally don't feel that there's anything about me that particularly differenciates me from anyone else, but I'm continually told that I do tend to stand out from the crowd in one way or another. That I treat people differently in the way that I speak to them during a conversation, for instance.

I don't notice it.

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I'm just talking to them normally, paying attention to what they're saying and responding accordingly. This is somehow unique Ruby 2 Shoes Joined: I can't be you, nd you can't be me.

What Makes You Unique Answer Dating

Don't even go there. It would never work. Now if your asking what do I think that makes me Unique?? I like myself, I understand myself Since I hold myself in such high esteem I can easily give that away to another.

Very Special in my eyes indeed. But does that make me Unique Lots of lovely people out there just like me. I honestly think that oiur personal Uniqueness is a very hard thing to define!! Dang few folks could ever be considered Unique. Bach was unique in his handling of counterpoint. Certain types of problems have unique solutions.

She has a very unique smile. The unique is also the improbable. However, all such words have undergone semantic development and are used What Makes You Unique Answer Dating a number of senses, some of which can be compared by words like more, very, most, absolutely, somewhat, and totally and some of which cannot.

The foliage on the late-blooming plants is more unique than that on the earlier varieties. The comparison of so-called absolutes in senses that are not absolute is standard in all varieties of speech and writing. I can tell you right now That and What Makes You Unique Answer Dating off beat sense of humor Maybe it's more stray from the path I really have NO idea what makes me unique There goes my sleep tonight!

I rather you hate me because I was honest then hate me click I lied. Sometimes the truth hurts, but at least I am honest. Why am I unique? I wish I could say it was because I had an extra penis or something but that would be a lie. I'm unique because I am ME!!! There is only one of me, and as you read this, I can see you all thinking "thank goodness for small miracles, there are no more of him".

What Makes You Unique Answer Dating

If you know me you will totally understand! I'm just an average guy. I keep trying to tell everyone that. I'm to giving, honest, good listener and always give 2nd chances Now is that a bad thing?? Figure we all live and learn from mistakes so I give that 2nd Chance to anyone!! What makes you unique. My ethics, morals, and values!!! I am an artistic survivor Despite being hurt, I forgive without holding a grudge.

Hmmm, is it me or has everyone missed one point?

Since I hold myself in such high esteem I can easily give that away to another. Upon graduating college, my dad moved to Los Angeles, California to start his career. Why would I choose you and not the other hundreds of thousands of potential suitors?

I think it is my resiliency