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I'm conscientious and attentive. I will remember you have a test this Friday in a class you're worried about or bring you soup when you're sick. I'm straight forward. This is a pro and a con. I'm not the most romantic because I'm generally very blunt. I'll definitely tell you my expectations for things. 15 Nov If you are one of those determined, well-intentioned souls willing to delve more deeply into your relationship psyche, you can gain the information you need by answering these five questions before embarking on a new relationship. If you fully and courageously answer them, you should recognize what. You have a special lady in your life. She is the best, and you feel so lucky to have her. Or maybe you are in the search for that special woman, the one you want to be the mother of your children, your soul mate, playmate, etc. Whatever your situation may be, it is just obvious that women can bring so many good things to any.

In reflecting on the piece, I was conscious that the other side to that coin also needed to be explored. The intention behind this second question was to provide a more rounded picture to the earlier piece — the first question explored what was desired externally, with the new question exploring the internal perspective. In asking the second question, I was also curious to know whether there was a match in the themes of what was being asked for from a boyfriend and what was being offered to the boyfriend — aka to the relationship.

The qualities the contributors felt they brought to a relationship were. This is what I think are basic rules for any relationship and every other thing shall be added, and life will be worth living.

What Do I Bring To A Relationship

It takes just two to tango, no one is perfect, but I will try my best in my own little way. In my original response to what 5 qualities I look for, I said that I no longer am looking for any specific things on a list, so to be fair to myself and the guy I get involved with I am prepared to bring my most authentic self to the equation.

With all the insecurities we seem to have, it can be the hardest thing to do to bring yourself and hope that someone will accept you fully and unconditionally.

What Do You Bring to the Dating Table?

To be honest with ourselves, so we can be honest with them. I believe at that point that if I have the proper intention, no matter the outcome it will benefit me no matter what. I am conscious that it takes more than What Do I Bring To A Relationship qualities to build a relationship. And even with an endless list of qualities met by both partners, sometimes Life gets in the way and the relationship flame simply passes out!

If I am longing for sincerity and honesty, am I being sincere and honest? I am finding that this self-inquiry is a continual process, with valuable insights, that I am still learning from each day. Nash Oct 13, I really enjoyed this second piece.

Funny thing is that my boyfriend and I went through something similar. We had a moment of truth that shed a lot of light to our relationship.

I shared this article with him and we both agree on the principles behind it. I wish more relationships even friendships rallied under the same principles. OutTales Oct 13, Without them there is a danger that one simply drifts whichever way the wind blows; compromising and selling out oneself — if i have no idea of what i want, how will i know when i find it?

OutTales Oct 20, An additional list of 5 Qualities, sent in by one of the contributors to the earlier piece: Johnny Boy Oct 08, This is a great post. Definitely think more people should make lists article source yours before entering into something serious. OutTales Oct 08, You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

What Do I Bring To A Relationship

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He was a Marine — stationed in Japan. Home Relationships Adulthood Faith. From 'Hi' to 'I Do' in a Year. I think the other problem with this exercise is that people tend to think of what they're good at from their perspective and whether they value those things for instance, you saying you're warm but thats not worth much instead of thinking from their SO's perspective about what they actually like about you and value. There is a fact of the dating world that many relationship seekers cannot come to understand and accept:

OutTales around the Fire We all have a story to tell. Home About Intention Copyright Notice. The qualities the contributors felt they brought to a relationship were, Love Spirit Romance Stability Loyalty A person of faith Intellectual Sense of Humour Playful Loyalty This is what I think are basic rules for any relationship and every other thing shall be added, and life will be worth living. Loving my partner right Honesty and faithfulness With whatever my earnings large or little, always make a little provision for who I love.

A question from a Facebook friend on my timeline caught my attention the other day. I know a place. Being loving, kind, and supportive is really all that matters. Our relationship took off from there. Afraid of "pursuing him," I had ended the email without expressing any sort of interest in him or opening any avenue for him to respond.

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The Stages of a Relationship

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