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Today, my dad told me he has been dating my boyfriend's mom while I was away at college. They have gotten pretty serious, and are thinking about getting married. I might be dating my stepbrother. FML. My boyfriend and I are both 17, my mom is 42, my boyfriend's dad is like . TL;DR: My mom and my boyfriend's dad just told me they are getting married, my mom doesn't know that he's my boyfriend's dad, nor does he know that .. How's the parents dealing now that they know you two are dating?. 16 Apr While in that class she met and started dating a fellow classmate who decided to take the class because of a suggestion from his father. Yep you guessed it! My daughter and I are dating a father and son. I feel like I am in a horribly-written daytime soap opera. My daughter had met my boyfriend early in.

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Log in Login via Facebook Twitter. Her parents were shocked, too, when they found out Vicky was engaged to a man their own age. She is starting to become socially withdrawn and is afraid of going out in public because occasionally both children and their parents ask about her birthmark. It's a big world you need to ask yourself the question "why him " Did you see your daughter happy and wanted to reproduce this happiness for yourself?

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Attempts to address these things in the comment section will be removed. Message us for permission prior to making a meta post or it will be removed. Click here to message the mods. My mom is marrying my boyfriend's dad self. I wish I wasn't though. My boyfriend and I are both 17, my mom is 42, my boyfriend's dad is like This is so messed up.

I'm shaking and I don't know what to do or who to tell, so I'm posting thi shere - sorry if I'm being incoherent, this is fresh news and I'm freaking out. A year and a half ago, my mom and dad divorced. They decided that continue reading just weren't right for each other anymore, that they had outgrown their My Mom Is Dating My Boyfriends Dad and that staying together would only do more harm than good, so they left.

A week later, my dad got engaged to a woman who had barely turned I don't know if he was cheating while with my mom and to be honest I don't want to find out, I'm trying to move on and accept what it is. She's a nice lady but the circumstances are horrible.

My Mom Is Dating My Boyfriends Dad

So my dad kept the house while my mom and I moved to a rural city in Vermont, the deal being that I'd visit my dad once a month and Skype him weekly which I haven't been very good at tbh. I instantly fell in love with Vermont. The beautiful colors of the fall, the lively lakes, huge forests, rolling hills, tree-clad mountains. And this boy, Letterbox. I met Letterbox in my calculus class within the first week of moving, and we instantly clicked.

Nothing particularly movie-esque, he just asked me out and I said yes.


Then we kept going on dates. Now it's more than that, and I truly love him, every single part of him and his person is this web page. He's tall with curly hair, big brown eyes and the prettiest cheekbones i've ever seen in my life.

He's so giving and loving and fantastic. He feels the same way for what I know. My mom has known Letterbox since the beginning, as he's slept over a couple times, although we've mainly been at his place because my mom's bedroom is right next to mine which is awkward.

Letterbox's dad is very dad-like. In this entire time, my mom has been enjoying her new job as a personal shopper for a small shop, met some local friends My Mom Is Dating My Boyfriends Dad even been going on a few dates! I hadn't met the man she was seeing, but I was really happy for her.

I can imagine that my dad marrying a younger woman must've been hard she was practically my age, no fucking shit she would have felt bad. Skip to a few hours ago, I was on Skype with my dad, talking about school, Letterbox, life in general, when my mom entered my room and mouthed that she wanted to talk to me so I finished the videochat with my dad and went to the My Mom Is Dating My Boyfriends Dad to ask my mom what's up. Then I see Letterbox's dad and they watch my eyes go wide.

My mom didn't notice anything because she went on to tell me that they're getting married. My mom and my boyfriend's dadbro are getting married. So my mom then enthusiastically goes on to give me the whole story all while he and I are, hopefully not too visibly, in shock. He was helping her out because it just so happened to be in the outlet he works in, and they apparently really hit off.

So dadbro read article out my mom in his work attire and everything, real charmer this oneshe said yes and then one day they apparently decided to get married. Now it's been a couple hours, I haven't told anyone, I'm about to call Letterbox, although my mom and dadbro said they were going to announce it to him next.

Should I date my daughter's boyfriend's father? - relationship advice

I don't have any friends I feel close enough to talk to about this, hell, even typing it out is difficult for me because I haven't really buffered yet and i'm shaking violently. So in a few hours, I don't know what will happen. I don't know if Letterbox is going to break the silence see more my mom and dadbro go to announce their marriage to him, but I sure as hell am not going to. I don't want to ruin it for them, but I don't want them to marry either.

How the fuck am I supposed to have sex with my boyfriend, knowing that he's legally my step brother?

FML's Christmas Bingo!

What if we decide to move together, so it's me, mom, Letterbox and dadbro in a weird family relationship and then Letterbox and Link although god forbid break up and we'll still have to live together?

I don't know what to do I don't know what to say and I hope this is a dream that I'm going to wake up from, pinch me. I just can't believe this is happening. I'll update as things progress, and yeah I'm going to call Letterbox in 5 minutes if I've calmed down by then. My mom and my boyfriend's dad just told me they are getting married, my mom doesn't know that he's my boyfriend's dad, nor does he know that she's my mom. My boyfriend is about to find out. I feel like I'm in a bad chick flick jesus fucking christ oh my lord shit.

Thanks for your replies. OK, I've read the comments so far, and there doesn't seem to be a whole lot of advice, so while I have no experience with anything like this, I'll throw in my two cents. Now, that may not seem like a My Mom Is Dating My Boyfriends Dad deal, but it is something useful to remember and to defend your position in the inevitable argument this will lead to.

This situation is your parents' doing, not you and Link.

My Mom Is Dating My Boyfriends Dad

This may not seem necessary, but you still need to talk about it. If you two break up, you will still have to live in the same house as one article source and you will be expected click to see more act civilly towards one another. When the shit hits the fan, you will have to duck together.

Incest is sex with family members, but you aren't family yet, and you technically never will be by genetic relation, which is what matters in this case. This is probably more common than you think. You will want to avoid mentioning it because people are douches and incredibly judgemental, but that is their problem, not yours. This is when you will find your true friends. You aren't doing anything wrong, so don't feel think you are.

That's all the advice I can think of at the moment. Suggestions and criticism are always welcome, so feel free to correct me. It sounds like both his dad and your mom are in a hurry to stop being alone based on how quickly all of this stuff has happened since their respective divorces.

I would talk to your mom and ask her to, at the very least, hold off the marriage for a while. Say you want to see her happy but you want to make sure that your boyfriend's dad is the right person for her and that you don't want her to go through another divorce. It is a problem when you find yourself divorced in your 40s, you are so scared of being alone you just want to find that comfort again even if it isn't right. You cannot break them up, but you can advise her to move slow.

Sorry My Mom Is Dating My Boyfriends Dad only replying now, there's a lot happening! I totally get your point and that's probably what's been happening, seeing as they didn't even think to introduce their kids first what the hell. They have been seeing each other since November or December.

Big hugs, for starters. Who knows, maybe this will all work out for you 4. My grandmother met my stepgrandfather through her sister in law. Her sister in law's father So all in all it worked out.

You simply can't declare you want nothing to do with the fact that the father of your children is dead. It most likely won't last, however I'm not cupid so I can't tell if it will or not. Angry rants are not allowed. How long have they been going out before this? I instantly fell in love with Vermont.

It's weird to wrap your head around but my step granfather and grandmother were married happily for a very long read article until she passed away.

My great aunt and uncle are still very happily married too. Of course I pick on my cousins for having a grandfather who's also their uncle but that's besides the point. I'm sorry about your grandmother, but i'm glad it worked out for them all - I'm just scared that if my mom and my boyfriend's dad go through with it and get married, my boyfriend and I will be left in a very very awkward position if probably when we break up.

Truthfully, when reading the title, I came up with some preconceptions. I figured that you and boyfriend were together first, then your parents met each other because of that connection. Then one thing led to another, and their relationship bloomed.