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4 Sep If you're on Facebook - and if we're honest, most of us are - then this is probably the first app to download on a new iPhone. It's free, it looks good (and fits in with the design aesthetic of iOS 11) and does a good job of getting out of the way and letting you find out where your ex-girlfriend has been on holiday. 27 Dec Smartphones aren't cheap these days, and that's especially true of Apple's devices — the new iPhone X starts at $ Even if you've picked up an iPhone SE, you're still out $ If you're looking for ways to save on your mobile budget. Why not start with apps? The App Store is loaded up with free options. 26 Jan The internet's collective wisdom suggests iPhone gaming is a realm of dodgy tat - doubly so when you venture into the free charts. . This gives the game a fighting chance against a raft of inferior Threes! clones (most of which have or in their names) that litter the App Store, and sucked life out of.

There are now hundreds of thousands of apps available for your iPhone X and othersand surprisingly, many of the best are free. The following list showcases our pick of the best free iPhone apps, and includes iPhone applications for social networking, travel, news, photography, productivity and more. Most of these apps are also compatible with the iPod touch as well. What's going to be interesting is how the iPhone X affects this list of best apps, because the larger screen is going to mean developers have to code their wares differently to cater for the new audience.

But no matter which phone you've got, as long as it's made by Apple and it's not too old you'll be able to enjoy these titles that have been curated by TechRadar's expert app reviewers, who parse Most Popular Free Apps For Iphone the App Store regularly to see just what's bubbling up It does this by making clever edits to wallpaper, adding curved corners that hide the notch within a black bar.

Bizarrely, you can also add the notch back in if you want to. Smiling Mind is a straightforward, approachable meditation app that wants you to slow down a bit and embrace mindfulness. It starts off with a simple exercise that introduces the concept, before getting you started with short practice sessions. As you use the app, it urges you to input how you feel, and tracks your progress over time. Also, along with continue reading programs for adults, the app offers exercises designed for children.

Most importantly, more info, everything about Smiling Mind feels calming, from the stylish interface to its lack of a price-tag. Habitica is a to-do list tracker. But before your eyes glaze over, Habitica does something very different in this particular app Most Popular Free Apps For Iphone, transforming boring lists into a game.

The idea is that you input all the things you need to sort, including one-off items and daily goals. As you check off tasks, your little on-screen avatar gets powered-up, acquiring armor, pets, skills, and quests.

Get some friends suitably invested and you can battle monsters alongside them — or just keep everyone honest. Article source short, this app makes productivity fun. JigSpace is an education app that reasons we learn things better in 3D, on the basis that this is how we experience the real world.

But being able to fiddle around with a real engine is much more helpful. These can then be explored and fiddled around with, in a manner that hints at the future of anything from repair manuals to textbooks.

Meteor is an internet speed tester designed for human beings. It eschews complex information — and even advertising — and instead provides you with straightforward, colorful buttons and readouts.

Once the tests are done, speeds are scored, and are subsequently available from the History tab. These values should perhaps be taken with a pinch of salt, but this freebie nonetheless impresses for being a no-nonsense, user-friendly, ad-free way to check internet connectivity.

Sweat Deck reimagines exercise routines as a deck of cards. If you draw a three of spades, that might mean three squats; then a nine of diamonds could mean nine push-ups. Sweat Deck could do with a way to switch cards other than tapping the screen shouting perhapsbut you can always use prodding your iPhone as an excuse to rest for a few seconds, having suitably worked up a sweat by that point.

Trips by Lonely Planet is an app for sharing travel experiences — or just reveling in the journeys made by others. Think of it more like a magazine than a website and you should be fine. When you have an adventure of your own, you can upload your own story.

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The layout options are a bit basic, but the app is really easy to work with, making for stress-free sharing. What this means is PCalc Lite is undoubtedly the best free traditional calculator for iPhone. If you want to bolt on something from the paid version, IAPs exist, such as for multi-line support, or extra conversion options. With PCalc Lite installed, that need never happen to you. Housecraft is an augmented reality AR app that wants you to have fun redesigning your home.

Once you've had enough zoo time, a cannon unceremoniously blasts you back to earth. Or maybe that's just what freelance tech writers do. It can pull game data from baseball, basketball, American football, the sport the rest of the world calls football soccer, in the U.

Waggle your iPhone about in a room with sufficient space and the app rapidly scans the floor. You can then drop virtual chairs, tables, and bookshelves into place — and then move around them using the power of AR.

The app proves to be an interesting mix of useful, elegant and fun. Street View is great for virtually scoping out a location, looking for landmarks that might prove handy during a drive.

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You can draw a route to measure the distance between two places. And best of all, you can download maps to your iPhone, transforming Google Maps into a free sat-nav equivalent that works entirely offline. Snapseed is a photo editor that marries simplicity and power. The tools menu, while a bit cluttered, offers a huge range of options for adjusting your photo.

You can crop, adjust perspective, edit curves, and add all kinds of filters and effects.

Most Popular Free Apps For Iphone

The stack is where your edits live, each of which can be updated at any time. Furthermore, you can save any combination of edits as a custom look — and use stacks to deconstruct pre-loaded ones.

Google Earth simply gives you our planet in the palm of your hand, and encourages you to explore. You source manually rotate and zoom, search for specific locations, or take your chances with the dice icon, to check out somewhere random.

This free, straightforward note-making app outrivals most competing apps thanks to its strong search capabilities and effortless organization. Typing this way is faster and easier than doing individual key presses. It's one of the best personal finance apps you'll find.

Wherever you end up, Google Earth provides local photography and information, becoming something of a virtual tour guide. Places others have explored nearby are provided as cards, which prove genuinely useful for giving crowdsourced points of interest or recommendations.

Arty initially resembles yet another filter app — and, to be fair, it does have a bunch of filters lurking that can turn a photo sepia, or make it so vibrant that your eyes hurt. Sticky AI is all about selfies.

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Shoot one or a short video, by holding the shutter button in the app, and Sticky AI will instantly remove its background — often with a frightening degree of accuracy.

You can then get to work, resizing and rotating your beautiful face, slapping on a text label, mucking about with colors and filters, and then sharing the result to your social networks of choice.

Lingvist is a language-learning app that claims to be able to teach you at light speed. Will Lingvist make you fluent in hours? Bricks Camera is a novelty camera app that will strike a chord with anyone who has an affinity for plastic building blocks. Hold down the shutter source you get a short video rather than a still.

Your blocky masterpiece can be saved or shared — unfortunately only with a three-brick-wide watermark. But what it lacks in letters, it makes up for with beautiful satellite imagery, which you can save to Photos and later apply to your home or lock screens.

Tap the eye icon and you can load a realistic-looking home or lock screen to see how your wallpaper would look. Swipe to get the next one. Mood wants to add some visual style to your writing.

Think Twitter if you were armed with your own personal graphic designer. Using the app is very straightforward. You start typing, and Mood reformats your text on the fly. Open the styles draw and you can flick between all kinds of appearances. Green Riding Hood subverts a much-loved fairy tale, re-imagining Grandma as a hip yoga teacher, and having the Big Bad Wolf gradually learn how tasty healthy food is.

Each little scene in the book is interactive, so you can tap animals to make them Most Popular Free Apps For Iphone, have the wolf angrily lob a bone into the forest, or — our favorite — fashion a cacophony as the animals try to wake a dozing granny with whatever objects article source have to hand.

Beyond the book, you get some recipes and stickers for free.

Most Popular Free Apps For Iphone

If all that takes your fancy, IAPs unlock exercise and dance routines — but, really, just the fairy tale bit alone makes this one very much worth a download. Today Weather provides a sleek, elegant take on weather forecasting, marrying modern design, usability, and a slew of data. Set a location and you get current conditions below a supposedly representative photo. The photo learn more here, frankly, a bit rubbish but can fortunately be disabled.

Also, Hello Weather has a trump card in its data source menu, which lists conditions and temperatures from five different providers. If one regularly seems better than the others, you can switch with a tap. ClippyCam is a camera app that makes use of both iPhone cameras. At first, you might end up with what looks like a screengrab from Skype, but play around with the various options and you can get a bit more creative.

For example, take a snap on holiday and then add a video of your family waving to a loved one; or load a movie poster and unsubtly insert your head into the scene. Three options are available: Gradient, Blur, and Mask. Gradient has you choose two colors and decide on the direction of the gradient.

Blur has you take a photo or picture and assign a blur level. Click Mask allows you to overlay a color-to-transparent gradient atop an image. It would be good to have positioning options for imported images Clarity just crops as it sees fitbut otherwise this is Most Popular Free Apps For Iphone great freebie for quickly creating sleek and effective wallpaper for iPhone.

Steller is an app about stories. On first opening the app, you get a scrolling pane of photos to explore, each with a title overlaid. It kind of resembles a minimal virtual bookstore. Tapping a picture allows you to delve into a story, which is presented as a little flick book. Depending on the author, you might just get a few pages of photos; some also add a little commentary — although text content is typically succinct in Steller stories, because pictures do the talking.

Creating a story yourself is simple, too. Pick a theme, import up to 20 photos and videos, choose a template for each page, and then share with the world.

What this really means is the app rifles through all the DRM-free music on your iPhone, throws it Most Popular Free Apps For Iphone in the air, and plays the result. The theory is that Infinite Music figures out the dynamics of songs and then has everything flow together, potentially forever.

And sometimes it works. This app is one for perfectionists who also happen to spend a lot of time on Twitter. Often, people post links to articles, but want to highlight something, and so they take and attach a screen grab.

With OneShot for Screenshotsthese screen grabs becomes a whole lot more useful.