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Kelly Monaco & Val Chmerkovskiy: Are They Dating Or Not?

21 Mar Val Chmerkoviskiy has denied that he's dating his former Dancing With the Stars partner Kelly Monaco, despite rumors that the duo were dating. You'd see where they'd have trouble, considering that the two were involved in a pretty steamy public kiss in the semi-finals of DWTS. However, Val tells Teen. 18 Aug However, even if he participates in the show's upcoming 25th season, fans shouldn't get too excited that Val Chmerkovskiy might begin dating When Val danced with "General Hospital" actress Kelly Monaco, who won the first ever Mirrorball trophy on the show during Season 15's All-Stars, it was often. 6 Nov There's was the romance between Derek Hough and Shannon and Elizabeth in season six. And let's not forget about the match of Mark Ballas and Sabrina Bryan (also in season six), and the (maybe) relationship between Maksim Chmerkovskiy and Erin Andrews in season But if they gave a mirror ball.

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Kelly Monaco & Val Chmerkovskiy - Contemporary

Their chemistry and flirtatiousness has already been the talk of this all-star season of Dancing With The Stars. And Kelly Monaco and her partner Valentin Chmerkovskiy did nothing to dispel the rumours of romance during Monday night's sizzling showdown.

In behind-the-scenes rehearsal footage, the couple flirted with each other, with Val declaring that dancing with Kelly had been: Monday night's edition of Dancing with the Stars did nothing to quell the rumours romance between Kelly Monaco and partner Val Chmerkovskiy, who ended their dance with a mock proposal.

She then added later to the camera: What Val and I have, it's unexplainable. People don't know what it is, and we kind of don't know what it is - it just works. Val and Kelly discussed their 'unexplainable' relationship during rehearsals before taking to the floor in perfect synchrony.

The couple's foxtrot and cha cha cha earned them a 27 total from the judges. However, things didn't all go smoothly, with Kelly nearly suffering a serious injury as she slammed face first into the floor from over six foot during rehearsal for a group dance. The actress, who made her name on TV's General Hospital, was lucky not to end up in a ward herself as cameras caught her slamming into the ground after partner Valentin Chmerkovskiy threw her over his head during rehearsals.

Luckily she landed on a padded mat, but the nasty accident seemed to show her neck snapping back as she landed - and left her in tears, sobbing: But he actress was soon back on her feet - and amazingly escaped serious injury.

Val and Kelly said they had a great relationship but could not explain their sizzling chemistry. But they also made it clear such intense emotions are not always easy to control. But because we are respecting individuals we always deal with it in a civil manner.

Kelly went flying through the air during a practice for the group dance marathon. Kelly told Val it hurt to breathe after falling face first during practice. Val comforted Kelly after the throw went wrong Is Kelly Dating Val On Dancing With The Stars rehearsals. The judges had been impressed with their dance, with Bruno gushing: That was a flashy cha cha.

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Plenty of flash, and plenty of dash. You maintained the sophistication of the foxtrot and the cheekiness of the cha cha cha. Carrie Ann also called it 'tight and sexy and overall beautiful' as they got a 27 score.

A Look Into ‘DWTS’ Season 24 Pro Val Chmerkovskiy’s Dating Past

What is next for you? Brooke Burke quizzed the partners on their relationship, telling them: The night wasn't free of injury for the professionals, with Derek Hough having to step down for the week due to a recurring neck injury.

His partner, ex-gymnast Shawn Johnson reunited for the week with Mark Ballas, the dance pro she partnered up with on her previous season. Doctors advised Derek Hough to take a week's rest, leaving Mark Ballas to help choreograph his dance with Shawn Johnson. Bend it like Johnson: The gymnast showed off her flexibility during her dance with Mark.

I have to learn two full dances, we have the marathon dance, Derek's hurt, I have a new partner, read article not to mention I'm still dealing with my knee injury - so it's pretty crazy.

But the star - wearing a stunning long black dress with a skin-coloured patch making it look fully open at the front - stunned the trio of judges. A two man girl: Shawn told Brooke she would 'choose her' as her dance partner after being asked Is Kelly Dating Val On Dancing With The Stars professional she preferred. Meanwhile referring to the presidential election, Len Goodman said: Bruno was equally as excited: As fusions go that was flawless.

Thank you for subscribing. This week is getting a little bit more stressful. Melissa started her routine in a long black dress and knee-length black boots - then whipped off that dress behind a smoke screen t reveal a sexier super-short light dress. While it still hasn't been confirmed whether Val, Jenna, Maks or Peta will be a part of Season 25, chances seem good that at least Val would still participate.

It was just sublime. After they got their perfect tens, Derek hid any jealousy, saying: Shawn refused to compare her two dance partners. Melissa Rycroft and Tony Dovoloni's rendition of the tango and cha cha cha earned them a ten Is Kelly Dating Val On Dancing With The Stars two 9. Despite getting a perfect score of 30, the gymnast still did not end the night at the top of the leader board, as she only came third as all the competitors danced in a Swing Dance Marathon, getting seven points to winner Melissa Rycroft's Melissa Rycroft and partner Tony Dovolani ended the night top of the leader board following their dance and also winning the Swing Dance Marathon to close the show.

Tony was seen on Skype with his wife Lina Dovolani, who is still on the East Coast with their children after Superstorm Sandy and who told him: Everyone kind of in a state of shock.

Top of the pops: Melissa and Tony's determination to do well this week paid off when they ended up top of the leaderboard.

The couple were overjoyed to receive their first ten score. Melissa said hearing the conversation encouraged her to reach new heights. So probably more than ever I am determined to get this dance this week. After scoring an incredible 29 for the individual dance, Tony admitted: Melissa said she was inspired to do better after seeing partner Tony speak via video phone to his family on the east coast following the hurricane.

Their individual score ended article source highest of the night thanks also in part to an impressive combination of a tango and cha cha getting them a 10 from Carrie Ann and two 9.

Is Kelly Dating Val On Dancing With The Stars

Melissa started her routine in a long black dress and knee-length black boots - then whipped off that dress behind a smoke screen t reveal a sexier super-short light dress. The shapes in the tango were absolutely fantastic.

Is Kelly Dating Val On Dancing With The Stars

The cha cha cha - you've never been sexier. You turn me on! Carrie Ann told her that 'Tonight you are a star,' while Is Kelly Dating Val On Dancing With The Stars said: Melissa was likened to Beyonce after her energetic routine. The devastation on the east coast of America in New York and New Jersey was also on the minds of Maksim Chmerkovskiy and brother Valentin, both of whom grew up there. I want to help out as much as I can and give back.

Val, meanwhile, was clearly emotional as he was asked about the situation in New York. Scores on the board: I love you New York and I love you Brooklyn.

Maksim and partner Kirstie ended up bottom of the leaderboard, after receiving the lowest votes for their dance as well as the first to be booted out of the dance-off. Aware that she had done so much to help hurricane Sandy victims, the judges clearly found it being tricky being too harsh on her blend of quick step and Samba.

The quick step was nice but I just felt that the samba fell apart. But I love you for all that you're doing for New York.

Len said there were 'one or two incidents going on' but insisted: Bruno tried even harder to be nice, saying: You went into a stripping mode and you lost timing. But always, always entertaining to watch you. Kirstie later said it was 'very easy' to get hurricane relief ready as 'everyone wants to help'. Maksim Chmerkovskiy and Kirstie Alley put their all into their fusion but it didn't impress the judges. Kirstie 'lost timing' more info the dance, after completing a stripping move.

And even that appeared to come from a secret weapon - whipping off his shirt and showing his amazing physique. Starting his routine with a white dinner jacket, he soon whipped it off and ended by flexing his muscles in a bodybuilding-style pose. The skating champion ended his dance by stripping his white tuxedo off. It started off strong and it ended stronger. You came out and really attacked this. Emmitt Smith and Cheryl Burke performed both the rumba and samba on Monday night's show.

The football player won praise from the head judge after his energetic performance. Bruno also praised his 'muscle power', joking: Asked later by Brooke Burke Charvet why he waited seven weeks to strip off, Apolo quipped: This week is getting a little bit more stressful. He got two 9. A bright spark on the floor: Emmitt won all-round solid scores from just click for source judges w3ho praised his dancing skills.

Bruno, however, praised the 'smooth and balanced blend' of two completely different styles of dance.

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I'm telling you - that was wonderful. Len even joked that he was only wearing a pink tie because of Emmitt and Cheryl. Apolo and Peeta were hoping to up the sensuality factor during their dance. Gilles performed the salsa and the tango - the dance he was most nervous about. But I tell you what, I'm glad you didn't - because I think I could have done it as good as that.

Gilles and Peta got an impressive And while he remained clothed for the dance, viewers got to see him flex his muscles as he posed shirtless for a muscle magazine with UFC star Cheick Kongo, who he called "my dearest friend for the longest time".

Having said he wanted the judges to 'smell' the 'sensuality, the sexuality' of the dance, Bruno praised it as 'sultry and intense and exciting and erotic'.