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Store Dog Steals Grocery Bone From

Sam the seagull stealing Doritos

7 Dec Holly Darden's dog Cato got off his leash Wednesday and bolted for the Clinton, South Carolina Dollar General where he proceeded to steal dog treats from the store. 6 Feb No bones about it, it's their dog. A Cottonwood Heights couple has come forward to pay for the bone their dog stole from a Smith's store in Murray. 25 Dec In December , the following video surfaced on the Internet. On Christmas day, a dog entered a grocery store. Without hesitation, this dog headed towards the dog food section, took a bone, and then walked out of the store. It was the strangest heist by the most unusual suspect. The dog was clearly on a.

Watch closely this surveillance video that caught this particular canine walking inside a busy grocery store all by itself on Christmas day and what the dog did afterwards had the whole staff laughing. The daring pup knew what he was after. According to a local news station, the culprit was identified as the 11 year old husky named Akira.

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His owner said, the dog often leave their house just to wander off. When he took the bone from the grocery store, he traveled almost 12 miles back and forth. The dog, along with his owners, returned to the grocery store in order to pay for the bone that he stole.

Dog thinks his leg is trying to steal his bone

Do you know of any animals that have stolen items before? Let us know in the comments below if you have any similar experience! Following Venezuela's economic crisis, the nation's currency has lost its value that bank notes are often seen scattered on the streets.

For some, it has been turned into materials that they can weave into baskets that are more profitable.

Health officials warn doctors against prescribing the drug for ailments Charity boss claims the Prince Stephen Fry blasts Oxfam and urges it to get 'its house in order' after Minnie Driver became the first to Meghan Markle's mother Doria, 61, shows off the results of her yoga practice as she goes hiking in LA 'We need a new date for our wedding! Do you know of any animals that have stolen items before?

Because the bills are no longer of value, a street seller has found a new use for it. Twenty-five-year-old Wilmer Rojas has used the bank notes and turned them into handbags, purses, baskets, and hats styled in creative origamis.

Net neutrality has recently been a hot topic — for very valid reasons. Internet users in the United States are at a risk of losing it and many are understandably furious about it.

Dog Steals Bone From Grocery Store

What is net neutrality anyway and why is it such a big deal these days? A Russian man accidentally killed himself after pulling the pin from a grenade and posing for a photo to send to his friends.

Twenty-six-year-old Alexander 'Sasha' Chechik died instantly in his car when the live grenade went off.

Dog Steals Bone From Grocery Store

According to reports, he even managed to send his friends a photo of the live grenade on his lap. You may also like.

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Tell Us What You Think. The internet as we know it will never be the same without net neutrality. Like Us On Facebook.

But a human customers soon comes up and the doors open, allowing Cato a chance to get in. Cut down in their classrooms: Health officials warn doctors against prescribing the drug for ailments